well we all love to do a bit of web surfing. so here is some stuff to waste a bit more time to aviod actually doing it.

on friday after trying to do some uni cr#p and not very keen to venture out due to the weather i decided to have the strongest coffee know to man. read a bit of a book called Extream alpinism by mark twight.

after reading a few short stories the coffee was making me shake in anger about the weather outside...... next thing i was packing my bag and heading up to the pipes to get cold.

i ended up solo aiding second coming. it is a easy aid (i have only aided once before!!) it took 3 hours from car to car.

i have uploaded 4 short clips, i would have liked to put them into one but i don't have the software.

enjoy and maybe when it is snowing i might see you out there!!!!
(I have also added two pic's in attachments up the top. Note pic2 the Rope)

vid 1


vid 2


vid 3


vid 4


bring on the summer.......................

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  1. Too much caffeine makes you do mad things...
    So next stop Alaska?

    The pics:

  2. next stop moonflower buttress on Mt Hunter!