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At the Cluan Tier yesterday, I noticed that a new bolt had appeared; a single bolt with a red tag to mark a potential project. This behaviour is unacceptable. It looks as if someone has placed the bolt off the ground 2m up the line, red tagged it and claimed it as their project. The route has not been cleaned and there are no other bolts. To stake your claim on a project, I would have thought that abseiling and cleaning the line, then top-roping it to see if it goes, then placing all the bolts would be the minimum requirment. The red tag has been removed, and next time I'm up there, I'll clean it and bolt it myself.
Gerry Narkowicz


Garry saves the world !!!


I thought I'd find you lot down here at th pub !!! My dad reckons youz r a bit queer 4 drinkin warm piss n that !!! (big grin)

Anyway , I got an e-mail from my god-father ( dalia, he's a regular on Austalia's Cockstone armchair-climbing website) and he told me about the Tote falln dwn n that!!! :O

I couldn't believe it... nearly cried (sad)
cos I was planning to go out there with dalia , M10 , and Mousey , all piled on the back of me mighty Honda XR250 !!!

Anyway , me n Travis (me best mate ) finally found the thread down in the damp, dark vaults of UKC , an reckoned use humourless poms could at least have a bit of a larf about it down the pub , so we brought it in to pin up on the wall, t hlp uz see th bgger piktr n that .

Anyway , seems theres plenty of Ben Hills on this 4rum ho found it a bit of a tickle , an apparently th yanks on SuperT and RC thought it was the best thing since 911, so lets preserve it down the pub , hey ! what r pbs 4 ???, not as good as ours in Aus of course !!! (big grin)

So Moderator Mike, cheers 4 bein a good sport towards the Aussie sheila Sally, I sent her an e-mail about the Tote and she sendz me one back with a digi of her tz !!! (big grin)

Anyway lets hava drink to celebrate that we climbers around the world can still (AN AREN'T WE ALL KEEN NOW !!! (big grin) )go an climb the Tote .... unless something like this happens :

Topic - Tasmania's Totem Pole collapses into sea.

by - sallyj

Yesterday afternoon, I was at Cape Hauy ( Location of the now world famous Totem Pole ) . Two young Californians, Peter Drummond & Casey Giles , were standing on the big belay ledge at the top of the first pitch, when I heard a LOUD !!! cracking sound. I turn around just as the top 40 odd metres of the Totem Pole began to fall over and crash spectacularly into the chasm , between Cape Hauy and the Candle Stick .

From my view point on top of the cape , I saw a mass of sea spray and pulverised rock dust billowing evertwhere.

I thought the two guys must be dead for sure .

However , before long, I was much relieved to hear my two new friends yelling that they were OK .

Amazingly, their trail rope was still intact, between the cape and the ledge, since the top half of the Tote had fallen/collapsed towards the south, and not against the cape.

After finally retreating to my position on the cape , we all survey the chaos below !!! A stub of rock sticking up about 20 metres above the kelp is all that remains !!!

Feeling lucky to be alive, and being towards the end of their world climbing tour, anyway, Peter and Casey decided to fly out to the States ASAP , to appreciate family and friends again , before heading over to Hawii to watch the Pipeline Masters in December.

R.I.P. The Totem Pole !!!

Sally Jamison.


Coles Bay and Bicheno


Does anyone regularly climb/boulder around Coles bay? I've just started work in the area and am keen to have a go at some of the routes but struggling to find a partner. Also keen on the bouldering, but would like a spot for the harder problems. If anyone is keen please contact me on I'm avaialble most daytimes. Cheers guys.


Time Wasters

well we all love to do a bit of web surfing. so here is some stuff to waste a bit more time to aviod actually doing it.

on friday after trying to do some uni cr#p and not very keen to venture out due to the weather i decided to have the strongest coffee know to man. read a bit of a book called Extream alpinism by mark twight.

after reading a few short stories the coffee was making me shake in anger about the weather outside...... next thing i was packing my bag and heading up to the pipes to get cold.

i ended up solo aiding second coming. it is a easy aid (i have only aided once before!!) it took 3 hours from car to car.

i have uploaded 4 short clips, i would have liked to put them into one but i don't have the software.

enjoy and maybe when it is snowing i might see you out there!!!!
(I have also added two pic's in attachments up the top. Note pic2 the Rope)

vid 1

vid 2

vid 3

vid 4

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