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Does anyone out there have decent slides of any of the following climbs, they would be willing to lend for a Rock magazine article:

Harlequin at Coles Bay
Ghost Rider at Hillwood
Blue Eyed Blonde at Alchemy Wall
Skyrocket on the Pipes
Aqualung at Stacks Bluff

Gerry Narkowicz

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  1. Hi Gerry,

    I could probably find my photo's of Simon Parsons on the 1st ascent of Skyrocket, if your interested.

    I might also have photo's of Simon on Harlequin if your interested in photo's from pre-history??

    Noel Ward

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Noel, I would apreciate the slides of Skyrocket and Harlequin very much. PLease mail to 9 Upper McEwans Rd Legana, 7277. Give me a ring on 03 63301435 as it would be good to catch up.

  2. Anonymous

    >...they would be willing to lend for a Rock magazine article...

    ...more like a Rock magazine advert for a certain climbing guide ...

    1. Anonymous

      Rock magazine approached me to write this article. Identify yourself you critical sod.

  3. Anonymous

    wasnt me!

    gerry, i might have a pic of ghost rider at hillwood, ill email you if i can find something suitable... but i didnt realise ROCK had officially changed the term from 'license' to 'lend'. of course it wont make much difference to their payrates!

    your good mate,

  4. Anonymous

    Is that you Anonymous?
    I've been looking everywhere for your email! How have you been?
    Have you seen the latest cool thing about town??
    I hear it's available at
    Hope to see you soon, and give your wife my best... or maybe give her your best nd I'll give her my best myself when I see her?? Whatever...

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Gerry
    I've got a few good ones of Ghost Rider at Hillwood...just call 6331 7116 and ask for Andrew