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Green Valley and Apsley Edge?

I went for a drive down Green Valley Road behind Bagdad on the weekend, and saw quite a bit of sandstone cliffs and boulders. Has anyone done any routes or problems out there? Unfortunately it all looks like its on private land. Its part of the same sandstone band as elderslie.

Also, I could see a little cliff between a gap in the hills north of kempton, looking west. Is this Apsley Edge? Or is it actually closer to apsley? Apparantly there was actually a guide produced for it a fair while back. Anyone know if the cliff is any good, and its current status?




Saw your query regarding Apsley Edge and the response from Noel Ward. To get there is easy. Follow the Lake Hwy from Melton Mowbray for 6km then take RH turn to Lower Marshes. About 5km along here the road crosses the Jordan River and then a side stream (Spring Hill Creek). The "edge' is sandstone escarpment that is hidden is situated mid-way between the creek and top of the hill to your right. Access is through farmland. A walk of about 15 or so minutes. The crag is very obvious from the Lake Highway heading past the turnoff towards Bothwell.

As Noel suggests, Peter Jackson has done a route guide to the area. Likewise I have a copy of it somewhere. The routes are all fairly short and the carrots are worth being mindful about.


Al Adams

Does anyone out there have decent slides of any of the following climbs, they would be willing to lend for a Rock magazine article:

Harlequin at Coles Bay
Ghost Rider at Hillwood
Blue Eyed Blonde at Alchemy Wall
Skyrocket on the Pipes
Aqualung at Stacks Bluff

Gerry Narkowicz