Blog from March, 2006

From Stephen via Roger:

2006 Climbing Slide Show

Where: Deviot Hall, West Tamar.
When: Sat night, 1st of April. BBQ from 5.00 pm, slides after.
Who: Anyone is welcome.
Facilities: Camping available, or sleep in the Hall. Toilets and playground also available, so kids can come.
Features: NZ climbing trips and more. If you have slides (35mm or electronic) that you want to show please let Steve know.
Good climbing at Hillwood close by.

or ph 63 245469 (w), 63 274565 (h)

Will be down in Hobart this weekend from the hot air capital of Australia - Canberra and would like to climb on the Organ Pipes on Sunday March 19th. Experienced climber, will have a car with only my harness and boots. Email or ring Keith Bell on 02 62822142 or 0416931738. Really hanging out for a climb on the Pipes and would appreciate it if somebody could spare the time.

A video of bouldering around La Nina on the Island from the first weekend in March. The video contains snippets of everybody climbing on the day (Jon, Morgan, Aubrey, Duffy and Dave) and includes attempts/sends of La Nina, El Nino, Buzzy land, the nearby V5 and V2. See Videos

I'm looking for a climbing partner for Freycinet and The Tasman Peninsula for a few days during March. I'll be on a family holiday and plan to slip away for some climbing on some of the following dates:

Freycinet 16th to 18th March
Tasman Peninsula 20th to 22nd March

Sport or trad, grade range 23 to 29. Keen for the Star Factory, Totem Pole and Paradiso.

If you are interested, please reply with a phone number and I'll give you a call.



Climbing partners in Tas

Hi i am currently traveling around tassie doing abit of walking and climbing, i am looking for climbing partners (have own rack) , i have already climbed in the gorge and ben lomond but would love to go check out hillwood while i am still in the north. I'll be in launie until friday when i head down to hobart for a couple of weeks where i wouldn't mind having a go at the organ pipes.

Thanks in advance