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  <header access="" acknowledgement="by Michael Fox, originally published in Craglets. " history="" intro="The climbing in the North Esk provides great entertainment, especially on those hot northern afternoons when a refreshing dip can add to the completeness of the experience and the rich tapestry of life. Not to mention those times when you head up towards Ben Lomond only to discover the mountain crags wet and horrible. Just bail out and slum it down in the lowlands. In summary, good climbing all year round. There are seven main crags in the vicinity, which are described in the order they are approached: Corra Linn Gorge, Crystal Palace, Riverbend, Hidden Crag, Grap Fureau, Dogs Head Crag and Castile Crag. Most (but not all) of these crags are described in this section." name="North Esk" rock="Vertical dolerite buttresses, up to 25m high. Mostly trad but with some sport and mixed routes." sun="All day sun" walk="5-30 mins" id="1" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="2">
    <point code="NES000" description="Riverbend Parking (gate)" easting="519706" height="0" northing="5406972" zone="55G" latitude="-41.48862" longitude="147.23606" pid="0"/>
    <point code="NES010" description="Crystal Palace" easting="519565" height="0" northing="5407100" zone="55G" latitude="-41.48747" longitude="147.23437" pid="1"/>
    <point code="NES020" description="Riverbend - Descent Between Jesus Freak and Claire" easting="520240" height="0" northing="5407764" zone="55G" latitude="-41.48148" longitude="147.24243" pid="2"/>
    <point code="NES030" description="Riverbend - Descent to Bullfrog Buttress" easting="520250" height="0" northing="5407764" zone="55G" latitude="-41.48148" longitude="147.24255" pid="3"/>
    <point pid="1" latitude="-41.48228" longitude="147.24085" easting="520107" northing="5407674" zone="55G" code="NES040" description="Riverbend - Descent to Second Drop Buttress"/>
  <text id="235" class="heading2">Access Notes - Private Land</text>
  <text id="255" class="Discussion">Riverbend, Crystal Palace and Lead Shed will be CLOSED annually between June - October for the lambing season. Please adhere to the land owners wishes and climb elsewhere during this period. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Grap Fureau is currently CLOSED completely for climbing and/or public access on request from a separate land owner to that of Riverbend and Crystal Palace - and unfortunately may be more long term in nature. Please adhere to the land owners wishes, so any future access relations/discussions are not further compromised. If you have any additional information or updates, please contact the NCCT.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;ACCESS - Amelia (the owner of the Riverbend and Crystal Palace properties) is very supportive of climbers climbing at those crags but has a few requests for us when we visit. This is a working farm and I think these points are worth keeping in mind for any farm property that we cross:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Don't block the gate with your car. Park on the far (south) side of the gate. This means that she can get her ute/trailer in if she needs to. Consider parking at the bridge and walking up. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climb that gate on the hinge end to protect the gate and use that gate for access to both Riverbend and Crystal Palace cliffs.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;When you get to the second gate (for Riverbend access) open and then close it rather than climbing over it.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;NO DOGS!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;When you walk to the cliffs stick to the edge of the cropped paddocks. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Stay away from all livestock. The cliffs will be closed annually for lambing season (June - August)&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;If you've been to other farms clean your shoes before you go. Biosecurity is a big issue for farmers and they don't need us tracking weeds and diseases through their farms.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Thanks for thinking about these things next time you go to Riverbend/Crystal Palace or any of our crags. Let other climbers know if they are not aware of how to behave when on private land.</text>
  <text id="236" class="text">All Crags in the North Esk Area are on private land or accessed via private land including those around Corra Linn Bridge.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;In addition to the below details please refer to specific crag info regarding access.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;- Do not park in front of gates or access tracks.&lt;br/&gt;- Leave all gates as you find them&lt;br/&gt;- No dogs&lt;br/&gt;- No fires&lt;br/&gt;- Carry out all rubbish (including finger tape)&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;If you must answer a call of nature at the crag, follow leave no trace principles by going at least 50 m away from the rock or the river, dig a hole at least 15 cm deep, and carry out any toilet paper in ziplock bag.</text>
  <text class="heading2" id="3">Corra Linn Gorge</text>
  <text class="text" id="4">To get to the Corra Linn bridge, a great little swimming spot, head for Ben Lomond. Soon after leaving the city bounds, the North Esk river will be crossed at a bridge, a mere ten minutes drive from the city.&lt;br/&gt;The climbs either side of the gorge, downstream and underneath the Corra Linn bridge. Access to downstream climbs is either via, swim, small boat or a walk over the bridge and downstream across the paddock to the end of the cliff then back along the base of the cliff.&lt;br/&gt;An extensive guide to these routes can be found in the North Esk rock climbing guide book.</text>
  <text id="261" class="heading3">Circuit Board</text>
  <climb id="263" stars="**" extra="" number="1." name="Circuit Breaker " length="13m" grade="18" fa="Steve Postle and Patrick Munnings 21/2/21">Around the second bend in the river, 150m downstream from the bridge is a short featured face on the eastern shore. Climb the central line using face and crack holds with good protection in the crack. A beautiful climb.</climb>
  <text id="259" class="heading3">Main Face</text>
  <climb id="265" stars="" extra="" number="2." name="Game Set and Match" length="20m" grade="20" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Norm Selby - January 2000">Abseil from the top of the cliff and set up a hanging belay. Climbs the crack on the right-hand side of the main face and finishes easily up the hand/fist crack. The first ascensionists stood on their belay partner to establish themselves on the first hold.</climb>
  <climb id="264" stars="**" extra="DWS" number="3." name="Kondor 2000" length="20m" grade="25" fa="Patrick Munnings 21/2/21">One of the more exciting climbs in Launceston. 150m downstream from the bridge and opposite the diving board block, the main face becomes cleaner and more solid. The climb takes the central line just right of the ledge at water level and continues up via the finger, then hand crack to the right of the rooflet. The climbing is committing however the crux is in the first 5m and the climbing becomes easier as the fall into the water becomes more intimidating. Named after the K-Mart raft used to transport the first ascentionist across the river.</climb>
  <text id="266" class="heading3">Below the Bridge</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="14m" name="Roland the Headless Thomson Gunner" id="6" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, Oct 1984." number="4.">Climb the corner and surmount the roof directly. Nice face climbing leads to the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="14m" name="Thin Lizzy" stars=" * " id="7" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Oct 1984." number="5.">Start off the platform directly below the bridge and climb the very thin crack up the guts of the crag. Absolute class. Can be a bit wet at high river levels (ie. underwater).</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="13m" name="Balbec" id="8" fa="McMahon, Power, Foken, 1984." number="6.">Downstream from Thin Lizzy, up to flake, over the small roof on the big spike and up.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="13m" name="Combray" number="7." stars="" id="9" fa="McMahon, Ling, Prall, 1984.">Bridge up the thin corner R of Balbec then up either finger crack above.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="11">Lead Shed</text>
  <text class="text" id="12">Access: Private Land - Although Not Fenced this crag is on the same land title as The Crystal Palace and Riverbend.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;50m upstream from the bridge. Step over the steel barrier.</text>
  <image id="251" src="IMG_0511.jpg" height="563" width="700" legend="true" legendx="531" legendy="424">
      <path id="93848" points="56.0,488.0, 94.0,318.0, 91.0,247.0, 131.0,63.0," d="M56.0,488.0C71.2,420.0 89.9,346.1 94.0,318.0C98.1,289.9 86.9,275.1 91.0,247.0C95.1,218.9 115.0,136.6 131.0,63.0" linkedTo="13"/>
      <path id="40463" points="106.0,498.0, 155.0,258.0, 176.0,133.0, 171.0,36.0," d="M106.0,498.0C125.6,402.0 145.5,307.8 155.0,258.0C164.5,208.2 173.2,171.8 176.0,133.0C178.8,94.2 173.0,74.8 171.0,36.0" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="9140" points="165.0,501.0, 199.0,288.0, 207.0,153.0, 202.0,41.0," d="M165.0,501.0C178.6,415.8 192.5,341.7 199.0,288.0C205.5,234.3 206.5,197.8 207.0,153.0C207.5,108.2 204.0,85.8 202.0,41.0" linkedTo="16"/>
      <path id="4786" points="224.0,458.0, 233.0,276.0, 231.0,165.0, 236.0,66.0," d="M224.0,458.0C227.6,385.2 231.9,320.4 233.0,276.0C234.1,231.6 230.4,204.6 231.0,165.0C231.6,125.4 234.0,105.6 236.0,66.0" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="56127" points="264.0,454.0, 283.0,222.0, 298.0,160.0, 300.0,90.0, 301.0,44.0," d="M264.0,454.0C271.6,361.2 280.1,247.3 283.0,222.0C285.9,196.7 294.7,185.3 298.0,160.0C301.3,134.7 299.5,108.4 300.0,90.0C300.5,71.6 300.6,62.4 301.0,44.0" linkedTo="17"/>
      <path id="97979" points="309.0,452.0, 325.0,303.0, 334.0,238.0, 337.0,203.0, 345.0,110.0, 346.0,49.0," d="M309.0,452.0C315.4,392.4 322.0,329.1 325.0,303.0C328.0,276.9 332.3,252.0 334.0,238.0C335.7,224.0 335.8,217.0 337.0,203.0C338.2,189.0 343.6,134.4 345.0,110.0C346.4,85.6 345.6,73.4 346.0,49.0" linkedTo="18"/>
      <path id="82646" points="365.0,466.0, 380.0,325.0, 378.0,221.0, 396.0,96.0, 400.0,62.0," d="M365.0,466.0C371.0,409.6 377.8,366.5 380.0,325.0C382.2,283.5 375.1,262.5 378.0,221.0C380.9,179.5 394.1,109.6 396.0,96.0C397.9,82.4 398.4,75.6 400.0,62.0" linkedTo="19"/>
      <path id="16607" points="406.0,473.0, 435.0,312.0, 444.0,221.0, 437.0,83.0," d="M406.0,473.0C417.6,408.6 429.5,348.2 435.0,312.0C440.5,275.8 443.7,257.6 444.0,221.0C444.3,184.4 439.8,138.2 437.0,83.0" linkedTo="17"/>
      <path id="71499" points="494.0,505.0, 500.0,348.0, 515.0,289.0, 526.0,124.0," d="M494.0,505.0C496.4,442.2 497.6,372.2 500.0,348.0C502.4,323.8 512.2,313.2 515.0,289.0C517.8,264.8 521.6,190.0 526.0,124.0" linkedTo="21"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="15" length="13m" name="Taken" id="13" fa="McMahon, 1984." number="8." stars="">Up to ledge then Jam up the corner.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="14m" name="The Boys are Back In Town" number="9." stars="" id="15" fa="G.Narkowicz, Oct 1984.">Start just L of the orange wall, at a bottomless blank groove just right of the arête . Layaways lead to some underclings on the arête . Continue up, using further layaways off the arête to reach the jugs and the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="3Þ" grade="22" length="10m" name="Persistence of Time" number="10." stars="*" id="16" fa="Selby, 1999.">The arête with 3 bolts. Features on the cover of McMahons North Esk guide.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="13" length="13m" name="Ricky Organ" id="14" fa="Tierney, 1984." number="11." stars="">Corner to the right of POT past small tree near top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="13m" name="Whiteline Warriors" number="12." stars="*" id="17" fa="Narkowicz, Oct 1984.">Start about 5m R of The Boys are Back In Town at the orange wall. Climb straight up the wall.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="13m" name="Gange Redatti" number="13." stars="" id="18" fa="R.McMahon, Oct 1984.">The nice finger crack/corner to the R of Whiteline Warriors.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="13m" name="The Doctors Organ" number="14." stars="" id="19" fa="McMahon, Holmes, 1999.">The corner and off-width just R of GR.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="13m" name="The Firmament" id="20" fa="McMahon, Selby, 1999." number="15.">Up blocky crack to ledge then face above past 2 BR.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="12" length="7m" name="Prall&apos;s Solo" id="21" fa="Prall, 1984." number="16.">Short face to ledge and crack above.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="22">The Crystal Palace</text>
  <text class="text" id="23">Access - This Crag is on private land. The land owner has given permission to access the crag for climbing. Lets keep it this way. See the note at the start of the North Esk guide for details&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The Crystal Palace is a few hundred meters upstream of the Lead Shed. It is best approached by walking from the parking space for Riverbend (see Riverbend below) through the gate (GPS NES000) and turning immediately L back parallel to the road, heading towards the bridge. At the end of the roadside guardrail, head towards the river and you should find yourself above the climbs, about 100m in total distance (GPS NES010).&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <image id="245" width="700" height="623" src="Crystal_1.1.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="2346" points="285.0,497.0, 279.0,365.0, 274.0,300.0, 272.0,271.0, 267.0,247.0, 278.0,204.0, 300.0,183.0, 307.0,161.0, 309.0,103.0, 308.0,55.0," d="M285.0,497.0C282.6,444.2 280.5,391.0 279.0,365.0C277.5,339.0 274.9,311.6 274.0,300.0C273.1,288.4 273.3,280.7 272.0,271.0C270.7,261.3 266.1,256.8 267.0,247.0C267.9,237.2 272.4,214.8 278.0,204.0C283.6,193.2 294.8,190.7 300.0,183.0C305.2,175.3 306.0,170.2 307.0,161.0C308.0,151.8 308.8,122.2 309.0,103.0C309.2,83.8 308.4,74.2 308.0,55.0" linkedTo="26"/>
      <path id="5618" points="257.0,500.0, 277.0,472.0, 274.0,388.0, 266.0,322.0, 257.0,264.0, 237.0,259.0, 249.0,158.0, 250.0,64.0, 251.0,43.0," d="M257.0,500.0C265.0,488.8 274.9,485.6 277.0,472.0C279.1,458.4 275.9,414.5 274.0,388.0C272.1,361.5 269.2,345.3 266.0,322.0C262.8,298.7 260.4,271.5 257.0,264.0C253.6,256.5 237.6,267.2 237.0,259.0C236.4,250.8 246.5,195.5 249.0,158.0C251.5,120.5 249.9,72.4 250.0,64.0C250.1,55.6 250.6,51.4 251.0,43.0" linkedTo="25"/>
      <path id="44310" points="492.0,531.0, 487.0,432.0, 482.0,410.0, 470.0,340.0, 462.0,262.0, 477.0,197.0, 467.0,147.0, 466.0,84.0, 459.0,50.0," d="M492.0,531.0C490.0,491.4 487.7,441.0 487.0,432.0C486.3,423.0 483.6,418.9 482.0,410.0C480.4,401.1 473.8,368.2 470.0,340.0C466.2,311.8 460.7,288.7 462.0,262.0C463.3,235.3 476.1,217.4 477.0,197.0C477.9,176.6 469.0,167.3 467.0,147.0C465.0,126.7 467.1,97.8 466.0,84.0C464.9,70.2 461.8,63.6 459.0,50.0" linkedTo="30"/>
      <path id="27915" points="387.0,502.0, 382.0,388.0, 386.0,311.0, 398.0,250.0, 383.0,169.0, 383.0,116.0, 399.0,93.0, 415.0,81.0," d="M387.0,502.0C385.0,456.4 382.2,418.8 382.0,388.0C381.8,357.2 383.1,335.7 386.0,311.0C388.9,286.3 398.5,274.9 398.0,250.0C397.5,225.1 385.4,190.1 383.0,169.0C380.6,147.9 380.7,127.0 383.0,116.0C385.3,105.0 393.6,98.9 399.0,93.0C404.4,87.1 408.6,85.8 415.0,81.0" linkedTo="29"/>
      <path id="57638" points="317.0,484.0, 319.0,380.0, 324.0,216.0, 326.0,151.0, 327.0,115.0, 323.0,63.0," d="M317.0,484.0C317.8,442.4 317.9,421.6 319.0,380.0C320.1,338.4 323.2,242.0 324.0,216.0C324.8,190.0 325.6,165.4 326.0,151.0C326.4,136.6 327.5,129.4 327.0,115.0C326.5,100.6 324.6,83.8 323.0,63.0" lineStyle="dashed" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="58032" points="657.0,534.0, 660.0,379.0, 660.0,259.0, 657.0,228.0, 657.0,117.0, 637.0,81.0," d="M657.0,534.0C658.2,472.0 659.5,427.0 660.0,379.0C660.5,331.0 660.2,271.5 660.0,259.0C659.8,246.5 657.3,240.5 657.0,228.0C656.7,215.5 659.2,133.3 657.0,117.0C654.8,100.7 645.0,95.4 637.0,81.0" linkedTo="32"/>
      <path id="38206" points="610.0,535.0, 613.0,361.0, 614.0,212.0, 590.0,144.0, 587.0,72.0," d="M610.0,535.0C611.2,465.4 612.3,420.6 613.0,361.0C613.7,301.4 617.0,240.7 614.0,212.0C611.0,183.3 595.5,172.3 590.0,144.0C584.5,115.7 588.2,100.8 587.0,72.0" linkedTo="31"/>
  <climb id="238" stars="" extra="" number="17." name="Pensioners Road" length="13" grade="17" fa="Kearnes, Webb  08/01/2019">The gully left of Crystal Laces. Climb up the left wall in the chimney then up through the roof to a ramp then up the headwall to the top. Trad gear to about half height. Two FH and DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="239" stars="" extra="" number="18." name="Ready or Knot" length="13" grade="21" fa="Fox, Kearnes, Webb. 02/02/2019">Go up the gully left of Crystal Laces. Climb up the blocky face to an overhang, clip the bolts and pull through the roof (crux) onto a slabby finish. Natural gear, 4 FH and DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="15" length="13m" name="Crystal Laces" number="19." stars="" id="25" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, Smith, 1982.">On the downstream end of the buttress is a crack that ascends a blocky face to a ledge. Begins as a finger crack, then hand crack. Mantle onto ledge and follow the twin cracks to the top.</climb>
  <image id="249" src="Crystal_2.1.jpg" height="800" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="95166" points="284.0,772.0, 287.0,772.0, 288.0,534.0, 269.0,434.0, 268.0,352.0, 280.0,275.0, 319.0,217.0, 331.0,52.0," d="M284.0,772.0C284.0,770.8 287.0,773.2 287.0,772.0C287.0,770.8 290.2,574.7 288.0,534.0C285.8,493.3 272.6,466.6 269.0,434.0C265.4,401.4 265.8,383.1 268.0,352.0C270.2,320.9 270.1,301.2 280.0,275.0C289.9,248.8 312.8,244.3 319.0,217.0C325.2,189.7 329.7,91.2 331.0,52.0" linkedTo="26"/>
      <path id="67185" points="360.0,725.0, 373.0,534.0, 378.0,435.0, 378.0,346.0, 350.0,303.0, 343.0,210.0, 347.0,147.0, 344.0,49.0," d="M360.0,725.0C363.6,648.5 370.5,573.6 373.0,534.0C375.5,494.4 377.1,470.6 378.0,435.0C378.9,399.4 382.3,366.1 378.0,346.0C373.7,325.9 355.1,322.9 350.0,303.0C344.9,283.1 343.5,235.2 343.0,210.0C342.5,184.8 346.8,172.3 347.0,147.0C347.2,121.7 342.7,88.2 344.0,49.0" linkedTo="27"/>
      <path id="58857" points="373.0,724.0, 388.0,323.0, 382.0,77.0, 379.0,55.0," d="M373.0,724.0C376.6,647.5 386.6,421.4 388.0,323.0C389.4,224.6 382.3,85.9 382.0,77.0C381.7,68.1 380.2,63.8 379.0,55.0" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="83159" points="459.0,718.0, 480.0,367.0, 451.0,103.0," d="M459.0,718.0C467.4,577.6 481.4,473.2 480.0,367.0C478.6,260.8 462.6,208.6 451.0,103.0" labelText="?"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="13m" name="Jesus Christ Pose" number="20." stars="**" id="26" fa="Bissett, Vincent, 1998.">Even better than the song. Up Crystal Laces to the main ledge, step R to arête and then up.</climb>
  <climb id="256" stars="**" extra="" number="21." name="Affecting crucifixion" length="13m" grade="20" fa="H Jackson and S Joseph 2013/14">Climbs the blocky wall between Crystal laces and Stanley pub, with bouldery start, then joinging JCP for the last few metres.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="13m" name="Saved by the Salvos" number="22." stars="" id="27" fa="Baxter, 2007">Climbs up Stanley Pub and hand traverses L to join JSP finish.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="12m" name="Stanley Pub" number="23." stars="" id="28" fa="Ling, Smith, McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">Pleasant corner R of JSP. Steep, but easy.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="10m" name="Schemata" number="24." stars="*" id="29" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Smith, 1982.">Hand jam the corner, with thinner sections higher. Good face holds on blocky sections.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="12m" name="Southern Pacific" number="25." stars="" id="30" fa="Narkowicz, Smith, McMahon, 1982.">Corner to roof and bolt. Past this and up corner to the top. Retrobolted, 1997.</climb>
  <image id="246" width="700" height="807" src="Crystal_3.1.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="52688" points="324.0,682.0, 317.0,464.0, 326.0,358.0, 342.0,256.0, 352.0,86.0," d="M324.0,682.0C321.2,594.8 316.7,506.6 317.0,464.0C317.3,421.4 321.1,399.0 326.0,358.0C330.9,317.0 338.1,297.1 342.0,256.0C345.9,214.9 348.0,154.0 352.0,86.0" linkedTo="31"/>
      <path id="27647" points="380.0,694.0, 398.0,410.0, 434.0,256.0, 451.0,95.0," d="M380.0,694.0C387.2,580.4 390.3,472.8 398.0,410.0C405.7,347.2 423.5,318.4 434.0,256.0C444.5,193.6 444.2,159.4 451.0,95.0" linkedTo="32"/>
      <path id="9700" points="408.0,688.0, 454.0,534.0, 462.0,347.0, 467.0,285.0, 481.0,273.0, 491.0,104.0, 507.0,83.0," d="M408.0,688.0C426.4,626.4 443.9,597.5 454.0,534.0C464.1,470.5 460.7,371.8 462.0,347.0C463.3,322.2 465.2,292.1 467.0,285.0C468.8,277.9 480.0,280.3 481.0,273.0C482.0,265.7 489.6,114.5 491.0,104.0C492.4,93.5 500.6,91.4 507.0,83.0" linkedTo="33"/>
      <path id="28891" points="198.0,665.0, 215.0,412.0, 208.0,272.0, 213.0,110.0," d="M198.0,665.0C204.8,563.8 213.6,468.1 215.0,412.0C216.4,355.9 208.4,328.1 208.0,272.0C207.6,215.9 211.0,174.8 213.0,110.0" linkedTo="30"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="12m" name="Crystal Nacht" number="26." stars="" id="31" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, Smith, 1982.">Line around the corner from SP. Up to a tree, finish up off-width.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="12m" name="The Great Exhibition" number="27." stars="*" id="32" fa="Narkowicz, Smith, McMahon, 1982.">Face and crack climbing up the side of the pillar. Up the flake to a ledge, then up chimney to top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="12m" name="Hurts So Good" number="28." stars="" id="33" fa="Narkowicz, Smith, Ling, McMahon, 1982.">Start on the R where the ledge ends. Follow the line up the face , then onto arête to finish.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" guide.action="submit" guide.id="194" guide.page="0" guide.type="climb" length="6m" name="Short But Sharp" number="29." stars="" id="34" fa="Dennis Kearnes 1995.">From top of cliff drop down short gully on western side, climb the R trending diagonal crack on the wall facing downstream.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="35">Riverbend</text>
  <text class="text" id="36">Access - This Crag is on private land. The land owner has given permission to access the crag for climbing. Lets keep it this way. See the notes at the start of the North Esk guide for details&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The cliffs at Riverbend are about thirty minutes from Launceston (ten minutes drive and twenty minutes walk). There is a great variety of climbs and some are excellent. Most routes are on natural gear, with a few modern sporty ones for the hard boys and girls. Drive to Corra Linn bridge on the C401, and park 200m further on at the first gate on the L (the farmer has asked that climbers park past the gate so they can access the gate. The cliffs are approximately 1 km walk across the paddocks, on a bearing of about Mag 20. From the gate (GPS NES000), head across the field (roughly MB 40º), striking the first saddle at a clearing, about the fifth major tree from the R. A faint 4wd track descends into the next paddock and past the dry creek. Walk on the edge of the paddock. Keep on that bearing, to the only gate at the top R end of the field, about 5 minutes walk from the car. Follow a track up, trending L, through the light bush to the next crest and a big dead tree on the ground. You are heading for a big cairn at the top of the gully between Jesus Freak and Claire (GPS NES020). A second descent gully lies a further 60m or so upstream, descending steeply by Bullfrog Buttress. The Guide describes the climbs L to R, starting at Home Buttress, the furthest L crag (as you face the cliff), about 60m L from Bullfrog Buttress.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="37">Home Buttress</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="7m" name="Going to my Hometown" number="30." stars="" id="38" fa="McMahon, Ling, Mohlar, 1982.">About 30m left of Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter is a small buttress. This is the L most line.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="8m" name="Secret Agent" id="39" fa="McMahon, Ling, 1982." number="31.">The middle line.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="7m" name="Tenderness of the Rock" number="32." stars="" id="40" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, Sep 1984.">Towards the R of this buttress is a thin corner. Layaway up the corner using face holds on the L.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="41">Reculer Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="42">About 30m left of Bullfrog Buttress is a buttress with a 1m roof at ground level. Slightly uphill is a free-standing pinnacle. There are a couple of gross looking choss-buckets on the R of this, but some class up L. This is Reculer Buttress. There is a DBB above Only Boomerangs Come Back.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="12" length="12m" name="Eyeful Tower" id="43" fa="D.Gray (solo), Dec 1996." number="33.">Climb the corner directly opposite the chimney. Avoid bridging unless you feel you're about to die.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="12m" name="Vortex" number="34." stars="" id="44" fa="Ng, 1986.">Climb up the arête , past the single bolt and up to the U at the top. Beware the "dinnerplate" rock for the final move. Rap off the final bolt.</climb>
  <image id="253" src="IMG_0527.jpg" height="800" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="5953" points="350.0,570.0, 350.0,331.0, 342.0,212.0, 334.0,111.0, 354.0,42.0," d="M350.0,570.0C350.0,474.4 351.1,378.7 350.0,331.0C348.9,283.3 344.9,252.4 342.0,212.0C339.1,171.6 332.0,139.7 334.0,111.0C336.0,82.3 346.0,69.6 354.0,42.0" linkedTo="45"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="12m" name="Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter" number="35." stars="***" id="45" fa="McMahon, Ling, 1982.">The most striking line in the vicinity. Follow the finger crack until it fuses, then move R and up. Rap station.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="13m" name="Rock of Salvation" number="36." stars="" id="46" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, Apr 1983.">Start as for Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter. Climb this for 4m to the horizontal break, traverse R for 2m, then climb up the extremely thin seam using face holds on the L wall.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="13m" name="Right Variant/Direct start" number="37." stars="" id="47" fa="Ng,1996.">Start 2m to the R. Up past a carrot to join the above climb.</climb>
  <climb id="267" stars="" extra="" number="38." name="Southern Stratospheric Warming Event" length="14" grade="17" fa="Jeroen Jansen, Shelly Napier, 5 December 2019">Climb the offwidth facing the river with big gear, trend left after, over some musical flakes with small gear and nice faceclimbing, mantle into the dihedral to climb to the DBB of OBCB</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="12m" name="Only Boomerangs Come Back" stars=" * " id="48" fa="M.Perchard, Dec 1996." number="39.">Layback up the face (or use the offwidth if you're masochistic) to good gear, then launch straight up past the 2 bolts to a bouldery finish up the blank v-corner. DBB which can also be used for rapping off the previous climbs.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="12" length="12m" name="Stretching the Limits of Possibility" number="40." stars="" id="49" fa="Ling, McMahon, 1982.">The chimney R of the above climb. Looks shithouse, but its been done!</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="12m" name="Who Done It" number="41." stars="*" id="50" fa="Ng, 1986.">Climbs the LH edge of the pinnacle, just R of the deep chimney. Climb straight up the steep arête , past a lone bolt.</climb>
  <climb extra="3Þ" grade="19" length="12m" name="Eiffel Tower" number="42." stars="**" id="51" fa="Designed by Dave Grey, soloed by Marc Tierney (1997) and bolted by Fox.">Climb the R sided of the pinnacle past 3 FH. Great moves and an "out there" feel for a small climb. DBB.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="52">Bullfrog Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="53">The most obvious buttress in the area is Bullfrog Buttress, which has a good range of routes up the bulging overhanging wall, and the steep classics further R. The descent into the area generally accesses this buttress first, and is the best place to get bearings from.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="15m" name="Spit Chips and Get Crook" number="43." stars="" id="54" fa="Narkowicz, Sep 1984.">On the extreme L of Bullfrog Buttress is a micro-thin crack through a roof followed by a finger crack. Climb to the roof, then reach over this for a layaway. Two successive dyno's on flat holds lead to the finger crack.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="15m" name="Bullfrogs" number="44." stars="" id="55" fa="Ling, McMahon, 1982.">Nominated "best name of the year" in 1982 for the full version Don't You Hate Them Mornings When You Wake Up With Them Bullfrogs On Your Mind, it is (obviously) generally abbreviated to Bullfrogs. About 4m L of PMOUF is an easy looking line, where the angle of the roof eases. Climb it.</climb>
  <climb extra="3Þ" grade="26" length="15m" name="Sedating the Freaks" number="45." stars="" id="56" fa="Grant Rowbottom, 1997.">The line of 3 bolts 2m R of Bullfrogs (same start as PMOUF). Not so hard if you trend L a bit.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="15m" name="Pink Mountains of Unwilling Flesh" number="46." stars="*" id="57" fa="Narkowicz, Smith, Oct 1982.">Takes the easier of the two obvious parallel lines through the roof. To access this climb a bouldery start (obvious) to horizontal. Traverse R 2m to the peapod then up crack through roof.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="15m" name="Eureka I&apos;ve Discovered Dolerite" number="47." stars="" id="58" fa="Smith, McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">Same start as PMOUF but keep traversing another R to the next crack. Up past a twenty-year old piton.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="25" length="15m" name="Sophie&apos;s Choice" number="48." stars="***" id="59" fa="John Fisher,  1997,">Start directly beneath the 5 FH and crank away to glory. DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="15m" name="King of  Kings" number="49." stars="**" id="60" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, 1984. ">Start on the block, move L and follow the crack system to the top. Sustained and tricky for the gear, but a great climb. A direct start has been added by Gerry at 26.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="15m" name="Rip Your Lungs Out Jim" number="50." stars="" id="61" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, Sep 1984.">Takes in the most impressive bright orange wall on the crag. Start as for Kickstart Corner. After climbing that for 3m, traverse L across the overhanging orange wall leftwards to the arête, then follow the crack to the top. Reachy and committing.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="12m" name="Inertia" number="51." stars="" id="62" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">The corner L of Kickstart. Climb up the steep corner for 3m to the block. Move up over this, then finish up the hand crack and steep face.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="11m" name="Kickstart" number="52." stars="**" id="63" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Oct 1982.">Start off the block and (with great difficulty) gain the crack, with good pro. Continue jamming straight up the steep crack. A brilliant route. Descend by down-climbing the easy chimney behind Initial Resistance.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Initial Resistance" stars=" * " id="64" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, Oct 1982." number="53.">The route to the right of Kickstart. Another problematic (unprotected) start leads to easier jamming, palming, laybacking; the only way this rock hasn't been ascended is blindfolded!</climb>
  <text class="text" id="65">Cross another gully, to the buttress about 30m right of Bullfrog Buttress.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="66">Northern Girls Buttress</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="15m" name="Northern Girls" number="54." stars="**" id="67" fa="E.Peacock, J.Kennedy, 1984.">The first obvious line, taking in the searing finger crack up the steepish wall. Start off the block. Finger jam to the small roof where the crack thins. Layaway over this (crux), heading L for a good hold, some poxy fingerlocks before collapsing on the finishing ledge.&lt;br/&gt;A direct start has bee done by Isaac Lethborg which goes up past 1 bolt to the ledge where Northern Girls usually starts from. Add a grade for the direct version</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="15m" name="Life Support" number="55." stars="" id="68" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">Just R and around the corner from Northern Girls are four good looking lines. This is the L most one. Jam up the hand crack, then finish up the easy offwidth/chimney.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="69">The next two lines are very close parallel cracks - Full House and Royal Flush. They are probably best climbed as one.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Full House" number="56." stars="" id="70" fa="Ling, McMahon, 1982.">The L most of the twin cracks right of Life Support.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Royal Flush" number="57." stars="" id="71" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982.">The thin crack/corner 1m R of FH. From the ledge go over the block on the R and up the face and arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ" grade="23" length="10m" name="The Last Minute" number="58." stars="" id="72" fa="Narkowicz, 2001.">Start at base of Royal Flush then aim for the first bolt. After the large ledge at half height slab moves past two more bolts. DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ" grade="24" length="12m" name="The Final Quest" number="59." stars="" id="73" fa="Narkowicz, 2001.">Two bolts on the arête 3m R of The Last Minute lead to the large ledge at half height then two more protect the top arête. Same DBB as TLM.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="15m" name="As the Crow Flies" number="60." stars="**" id="74" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">4m R of Royal Flush go up wide crack to ledge then up hand crack in corner.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ" grade="25" length="12m" name="Born Again With Two Heads" number="61." stars="" id="75" fa="Narkowicz, 2001.">The face with 3 FH and some natural gear. Difficult to avoid going right at the top. You may want to stick-clip the first bolt which is a ridiculously high placement for shorter folk.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ   " grade="25" length="6m" name="Judas Freak" number="62." stars="**" id="76" fa=" Gerry Narkowicz, 2002,">The blank looking corner to the R. Originally soloed to the halfway ledge, in 1985, and then later retro bolted to include the 'impossible' upper corner.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="77">Claire Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="78">Go R for 30m to another small crag, bright orange in colour on the L and R, and black stained in the middle (where the bolted line goes up). On the L of the face is a thin crack.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="10m" name="Claire" number="63." stars="**" id="79" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">Start just R of the black face. Another easy jam, climb the leaning corner with the tree at the top. Rap station.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="12m" name="Scary Hairy Bear" number="64." stars="" id="80" fa="Narkowicz, 1984.">The blank looking face R of Claire. Climb the seams on the RH side of the face to a horizontal seam, traverse L along this to gain the top as soon as you can. Run out.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="13m" name="In Your Town" id="81" fa="Mohler, McMahon, 1982." number="65." stars="">Climb the thin rightwards trending crack up the steepish corner. DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ" grade="23" length="10m" name="Ankle Biter" number="66." stars="*" id="82" fa="Ng, 1986.">The line of 3FH 5m to the right of "In Your Town". Take a cam (#3 ish) for the horizontal break then over the top to the DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="12m" name="An Hours Knee Tremble with a Friend" number="67." stars="" id="83" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Smith, 1982.">The easy crack just R of Ankle Biter which goes through a small roof at 3m. A bit problematic through this, but eases after that before a sharp finish!</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="12m" name="Illicit Lust" number="68." stars="" id="84" fa="McMahon, Mohler, Narkowicz, 1982.">Alternate start to the above. Crack 1m R .</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="10m" name="I Like it Better When There&apos;s Not Much Choice" number="69." stars="" id="85" fa="McMahon, Mohler, Ling, 1982.">Next corner, uphill and R.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="86">Powderfinger Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="87">Cross another dead-tree filled gully to the last of the buttresses, 30m to the R.</text>
  <climb id="240" stars="*" extra="2FH" number="70." name="Waiting for the Sun" length="10m" grade="16" fa="Fox, DeCesare, 2019">The first climb that you come to after the gully. Climb the blunt arete past 2FH to ledge then small cams on the face above. DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="241" stars="*" extra="2FH" number="71." name="My Happiness" length="10m" grade="16" fa="DeCesare, Fox, 2019">2m right of "Waiting for the Sun". Climb past 2FH to horizontal break and small cams above. Shares same DBB as "Waiting for the Sun"</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="10m" name="Ramrod" number="72." stars="" id="88" fa="Narkowicz, Kearnes, 1984.">Twin cracks past several horizontal breaks on the LH end of this buttress.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="15m" name="Slowhand" number="73." stars="" id="89" fa="Bill Baxter and John Gale, 25 Apr 2008.">Start in the chossy gully, 6m L of Powderfinger. Ease up past the large flake (at the time of this ascent it felt well stuck on) heading R for the small L facing corner. Straight up above this to the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="15m" name="No Nukes" number="74." stars="" id="90" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1985.">Poorly protected. Face and thin seams L of Powder Finger.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="17m" name="Powderfinger" number="75." stars="**" id="91" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982.">Intermittent crack and face climbing. Start at the block, and follow easy hand jamming to the bulge at half height with the difficulty increasing towards the top. A great route. DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="242" stars="**" extra="2FH" number="76." name="Odyssey Number 5" length="16m" grade="20" fa="Fox, Decesare, 2019">Start from the same block as "Drive All Night" but clip the bolt and move left up the face to a second FH and a tricky mantle. Continue straight up the face past small cams and wires to DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="17m" name="Drive All Night" number="77." stars="" id="92" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, April ,1983.">Climbs the face 5m to the R of "Powderfinger". Less than average protection. Start from the block and layaway up the edge until it runs out, then go directly up the blank face. Claimed to be one of the best climbs at Riverbend, but tread with caution.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Sticky Finger" number="78." stars="" id="93" fa="McMahon, Mohler, Ling, 1982.">Next line R of Drive All Night.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="94">Drop down the gully and along for another 20m for 3 more worthwhile climbs.</text>
  <climb id="237" stars="*" extra="" number="79." name="Wry Staggers" length="15" grade="24" fa="Fox, DeCesare, Kearnes 2002">Bouldery climbing past 3FH to same DBB as Possum Prostanthera</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ" grade="18" length="15m" name="Possum Prostanthera" number="80." stars="" id="95" fa="Kearnes, DeCesare, Hyland, 2002.">Climb the sharp arête past 2 FH on the detached block 2m L of "Too Much Alcohol". Give yourself an extra 2 grades if you avoid bridging across the chimney. DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="17m" name="Too Much Alcohol" number="81." stars="***" id="96" fa="Smith, Narkowicz, Ling, McMahon, 1982.">Climb straight up the finger/hand jam crack in the back of the corner to the hanging block. Good protection and a few good rests.</climb>
  <climb id="214" stars="" extra="" number="82." name="Split Fingers" length="7m" grade="17" fa="M.Koch, P.Koch, Nov 2013">Uphill from Too Much Alcohol 50m or access via decent gully downstream of Powderfinger rap bolts.&lt;br/&gt;Off-width and thin finger crack side by side. Climb the finger crack, has good protection, little rest.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <text id="216" class="heading3">Second Drop Buttress</text>
  <climb id="217" stars="" extra="" number="83." name="Until it Sleeps" length="9m" grade="17" fa="M.Koch, P.Koch, Nov 2013">Start in corner crack with solid hand jams to the roof, continue past small roof into off-width to finish on top.</climb>
  <climb id="218" stars="" extra="" number="84." name="Two Worlds Colliding" length="9m" grade="17" fa="M.Koch, P.Koch, Nov 2013">Right of “Until it Sleeps”. Start on obvious crack, the move to the lip is fingers and provides good jamming then face hold on top to top out.</climb>
  <climb id="219" stars="" extra="" number="85." name="Shark Fin" length="9m" grade="16" fa="M.Koch, P.Koch, Nov 2013">First crack on the buttress from decent gully. Climb thin crack, at the ledge head left towards shark fin flake and over the top to finish.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="97">Riverbend North Bank</text>
  <text class="text" id="98">From the top of Riverbend a ragtag collection of buttresses is visible on the other side of the river. Being largely south facing these cliffs are better in summer. Access either by crossing the river from Riverbend or by walking up from the Corra Linn bridge on the Launceston side of the river and dropping down when you are opposite the downstream end of Riverbend.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="9m" name="Gone a Gutser" number="86." stars="**" id="99" fa="Selby, McMahon, Narkowicz, 1999.">An isolated pinnacle on the most downstream end of the cliffs. Opposite Powderfinger. Climb the thin crack in the middle of the face and traverse R at the roof.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="100">50m upstream from Gone a Gutser is another small buttress called Marengo.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="8m" name="Triple Bogey" number="87." stars="*" id="101" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Selby, 1999.">The thin corner on the far L.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="9m" name="Camless Cammo" number="88." stars="" id="102" fa="Evans, Selby, 1999.">The hand crack on the L side of the pillar.</climb>
  <climb extra="2Þ" grade="22" length="9m" name="Babes in Bikinis" number="89." stars="*" id="103" fa="Selby, Evans, 1999.">Up the face of the pillar R of Camless Cammo past 2 bolts.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="9m" name="Messiah" number="90." stars="" id="104" fa="Evans, Selby, 1999.">The hand crack on the R of the pillar.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="9m" name="Marengo" id="105" fa="McMahon, 1999." number="91.">The hand crack on the far right.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="106">Continue up river on the top of the hill for 200m until you come to a dead tree. Drop down hill here to the next lot of climbs on Funny Geraniums Buttress.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="9m" name="Lannes" id="107" fa="McMahon and co. 1999." number="92.">The off-width in the corner on the downstream end of the cliff.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="9m" name="Straight and Narrow" number="93." stars="*" id="108" fa="Evans, McMahon, Narkowicz, 1999.">The thin corner to the R of Lannes.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="8m" name="Alpha and Omega" id="109" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1999." number="94.">McMahon displays his knowledge of Greek. The finger crack through the overlap.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Funny Geraniums" id="110" fa="McMahon, Evans, Firth, 1999." number="95.">The main corner crack system on the upstream end of the crag.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="15m" name="The Brink of Eternity" number="96." stars="" id="111" fa="Narkowicz and co., 1999.">Up the arête right of Funny Geraniums past hollow block to thin crack on the L .</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="112">Hidden Crag</text>
  <text class="text" id="113">Access - Crag is on private property and access arrangements are not clear. If you have any information please pass on to CCT so we can update details and clarify with property owner in the future.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Drive and park as for Grap Fureau, and follow the trail as for that crag. At the T-junction turn left and follow the pipeline downstream for 20 minutes. This brings you to a concrete tower. Follow the overflow creek from the pipeline downhill on the left side for 300m to a cairn, then contour left for another 200m to a tree possibly still marked with 3 tapes. Down hill leads to Slit Skirt Buttress, Little Black Buttress, The Burma Face and Klingsor. Straight ahead leads to the Pillars. Alternatively and definitely quicker access is to drive along the highway and park at the gate (which gets locked at 3pm) to the Water Treatment Plant. Walk 1.3km along the road to a farm gate on the right just before a cattle grid. Follow the 4wd track across the paddock for 150m to a junction with a footpad. Turn right and walk another 150m to arrive at the concrete tower and overflow creek.</text>
  <text id="209">The Pillars From the three tapes junction contour downstream for 150m to an alcove shaped series of pillars.</text>
  <climb id="210" stars="*" name="I Saw the Glory in His Eye" length="15m" grade="23" fa="Neale Smith &amp; Gerry Narkowicz,  Sep 1983," number="97.">The slabby arete on the left of the crag.</climb>
  <climb id="211" stars="**" name="No Pies China" length="15m" grade="22" fa="Nik Deka, Mick Ling &amp; Neale Smith,  Sept 1983," number="98.">A superb finger crack at the back of the alcove.</climb>
  <climb id="212" name="Exquisitely Bored" length="15m" grade="17" fa="Bob McMahon, Neale Smith &amp; Gerry Narkowicz  Sept 1983," number="99.">Chimney offwidth at the back right of the alcove.</climb>
  <climb id="213" stars="***" name="Unhinged" length="15m" grade="24" fa="Nick Hancock,  Jan 2012," extra="4Þ   " number="100.">The freestanding pillar on the right. Climb right past the first bolt, then blast up the frantic arete past three more to a DBB.</climb>
  <text id="208">Slit Skirt Buttress 30m downhill from the 3 tapes junction turn left at the rock cairn and follow your nose for another 30m.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="13m" name="Slit Skirt" id="114" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1983." number="101.">The classic jam crack in the middle of the buttress becoming off-width towards the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="13m" name="I Don&apos;t Wear No Rip Shirts" number="102." stars="" id="115" fa="Smith, Deka, 1983.">The thinner right hand crack around the arête and 4m right of Slit Skirt.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="116">The next 2 climbs are on the Little Black Buttress which is 30m downhill from the rock cairn turn-off to Slit Skirt Buttress.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="7m" name="Irish Super Hero" id="117" fa="Deka, Ling, 1983." number="103.">The thin corner on the left hand side of the black face.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="8m" name="Superman" id="118" fa="Narkowicz, Smith, McMahon, 1983." number="104.">The next route right.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="119">Another 30m downhill and down stream from Superman is a pair of pinnacles with 2 excellent routes on them, not to mention some of the longest routes in the North Esk. The first pinnacle is easily visible from the trees with double tape markers on them.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="25m" name="The Annointing" stars="**" id="120" fa="Narkowicz, Kuylaars, 1999." number="105.">The thin seam on the middle of the upstream pillar. Start at the very bottom of the buttress in the thin cracks just right of the corner.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="25m" name="Klingsor" stars=" ** " id="121" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, Ling, 1983." number="106.">The companion route on the downstream pillar. Climb up the intermittent crack system starting in the left trending slot.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="122">To get to the Burma Face head downhill 50m and upstream 50m from the Little Black Buttress. This should bring you to the top of this cliff which is right above the river. Rap in.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="20m" name="Boy Bastard&apos;s Cobber" id="123" fa="Ling, McMahon, 1983." number="107.">The left most route with a small roof at half height.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="20m" name="Boy Bastard" id="124" fa="McMahon, Haye, Alanvale college, 1983." number="108.">Climb the face to traverse right at the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="20m" name="Weary Dunlop" id="125" fa="McMahon, without Alanvale college, 1983." number="109.">The corner right of BB.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="126">If you continue downstream from Klingsor for 60m you'll get to The Prows. The name for which becomes obvious from the downstream side.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="25m" name="The Glass Bead Game" id="127" fa="Ling, Narkowicz, 1983." number="110.">Climb the right hand prow which looks like a stack of blocks.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="128">Another 30m downhill from The Glass Bead Game and around the corner for the final 2 climbs.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="25m" name="Demian" id="129" fa="McMahon, Tierney, Cassidy, 1983." number="111.">The corner with two cracks in it, to the left of the smooth face, with a snaking crack at the very top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="25m" name="Bladerunner" id="130" fa="Kuylaars, Narkowicz, 1999." number="112.">Up the smooth face with the thin seam using arête. Original ascent used a piton in one of the horizontal breaks.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="131">Peyton Place</text>
  <text class="text" id="132">Access - Crag is on private property and access arrangements are not clear. If you have any information please pass on to CCT so we can update details and clarify with property owner in the future.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;If you're going to walk from Hidden Crag to Grap Furoh or vice-versa then this place is well worth a visit. Access: From the t-junction above Grap Furoh follow the pipeline towards Hidden Crags for 500m. A rock cairn and some orange tags mark the way.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="12m" name="Devastating Candour" id="133" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1983." number="113.">The left hand crack.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="10" length="12m" name="High Hopes" id="134" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1983." number="114.">The stepped corner useful for reference.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="12m" name="Corruption and Kindness" number="115." stars="*" id="135" fa="Narkowicz and McMahon, 1983.">The arête with a large flake at 5m height.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="12m" name="Innermost Secrets" stars=" * " id="136" fa="McMahon, Smith, Narkowicz, 1983." number="116.">The fused corner with a FH.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="12m" name="Brute Force and Ignorance" id="137" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1983." number="117.">The thin corner with a stump sticking out at 2/3rds height.</climb>
  <climb extra="2Þ" grade="22" length="12m" name="The Second Chapter" number="118." stars="*" id="138" fa="Narkowicz, 1999.">The arête and face with 2 FH which are reachy to clip.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="139">Grap Fureau</text>
  <text class="text" id="140">Access - Grap Fureau is currently closed for climbing and/or public access on request from the land owner. This is separate closure to that of Riverbend and Crystal Palace - and thus may be more long term in nature. Please adhere to the land owners wishes - so any future access relations/discussions are not further compromised. If you have any additional information or updates, please contact the NCCT. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;This crag has a very different feel to it from your typical dolerite cliff. Stunning orange rock with black faces make a great visual contrast. There are two sections of the crag separated by about 100m of casuarina. Some of the rock on the upstream cliff has a strong resemblance to Arapiles. September/October can be difficult to climb here unless you can have rational conversations with screaming falcons. To get there take the road to Ben Lomond, until 7 km past the Corra Linn bridge where there's a sign for the water treatment plant. 400m past this is a locked gate on the left with a dirt road behind it. Don't park here if you want to be able to drive your car home. Park further up the road. Follow the track for about 10 minutes until you come to a large concrete water pipe. Turn left for another 50m to a cairn, and orange tape. Follow this dropping down the gully on the right hand (upstream) side to emerge at the bottom of the downstream cliff. About 20 minutes walk all up and easy to find.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="141">Upstream Section</text>
  <text class="Discussion" id="142">The climbs on the upstream section are about 100m upstream and slightly uphill from the end of the downstream buttress. As per the editors (read despot) instructions climbs are described left to right even though you will be walking past them right to left. So the easiest way to read this is to go to the end of the descriptions and work back to the start.</text>
  <image noPrint="false" src="grap fureau 2.png" width="500" id="143" height="403"/>
  <image id="220" src="FullSizeRender.jpg" height="800" width="600"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="10m" name="Swing Low Sweet Chariot" number="119." stars="" id="144" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982.">30m from the end of the main buttress is a small orange crag. Climb the finger crack in the scoop and up to arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Orinoco" id="145" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="120.">The orange corner 2m left of Class of '82, just right of the orange roof 2m off the ground.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="18m" name="Class of &apos;82" id="146" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="121.">40m uphill from Lay Down Sally is a thin crack passing through an overlap.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="20m" name="Montezuma" id="147" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="122.">30m left of Lay Down Sally is a strange looking conglomeration of blocks sticking out to form little roofs. Climb up these.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="20m" name="Ata Hualpa" id="148" fa="McMahon and Narkowicz, 1982." number="123.">2m right of Montezuma. Through the little roof low down to the off-width/chimney above.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="15m" name="Unforgettable Season" number="124." stars="**" id="149" fa="Andrew Geeves, Ben Veltkamp, May 2008.">Start in the corner of Ruling Class for a couple of metres until it is possible to traverse left onto the clean orange face. Climb the face past good horizontal cracks. There are 2 bright orange protruding blocks near the top that move a little but seem solid.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="15m" name="Ruling Class" id="150" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982." number="125.">Up the orange corner 5m left of Warlencourt. Currently has a fallen tree on the top of it.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="11" length="20m" name="Warlencourt" stars=" * " id="151" fa="McMahon, Johnson and Lewandowski, 1983." number="126.">Off-width crack 10m left of Lay Down Sally. Most of the off-widthing can be avoided. Starts of the ledge with the she-oak on it or add some extra distance by climbing the groove beneath it.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="30m" name="Just Like Birds" stars=" ** " id="152" fa="Smith, Ling, 1982." number="127.">7m left of Lay Down Sally on the wall right of Wallencourt. Blast straight up the face past the intermittent cracks. Excellent.</climb>
  <image id="230" src="LDS_Area.jpg" height="752" width="600">
      <path id="33038" points="227.0,744.0, 229.0,699.0, 224.0,472.0, 230.0,296.0, 238.0,272.0," d="M227.0,744.0C227.8,726.0 229.2,717.0 229.0,699.0C228.8,681.0 223.8,542.4 224.0,472.0C224.2,401.6 229.3,306.1 230.0,296.0C230.7,285.9 234.8,281.6 238.0,272.0" linkedTo="154"/>
      <path id="41118" points="127.0,665.0, 145.0,506.0, 166.0,375.0, 151.0,337.0, 170.0,235.0, 166.0,190.0," d="M127.0,665.0C134.2,601.4 137.9,558.6 145.0,506.0C152.1,453.4 165.4,391.3 166.0,375.0C166.6,358.7 150.5,353.3 151.0,337.0C151.5,320.7 168.2,253.0 170.0,235.0C171.8,217.0 167.6,208.0 166.0,190.0" linkedTo="153"/>
      <path id="21201" points="329.0,743.0, 290.0,541.0, 291.0,424.0, 311.0,381.0, 304.0,314.0," d="M329.0,743.0C313.4,662.2 295.5,587.5 290.0,541.0C284.5,494.5 288.5,442.8 291.0,424.0C293.5,405.2 308.8,399.8 311.0,381.0C313.2,362.2 306.8,340.8 304.0,314.0" linkedTo="155"/>
      <path id="69191" points="470.0,771.0, 412.0,608.0, 386.0,512.0, 361.0,439.0, 372.0,374.0, 376.0,338.0, 362.0,309.0," d="M470.0,771.0C446.8,705.8 424.3,645.8 412.0,608.0C399.7,570.2 394.9,541.5 386.0,512.0C377.1,482.5 363.7,465.2 361.0,439.0C358.3,412.8 369.9,388.3 372.0,374.0C374.1,359.7 378.0,350.7 376.0,338.0C374.0,325.3 367.6,320.6 362.0,309.0" linkedTo="229"/>
      <path id="26229" points="45.0,486.0, 74.0,340.0, 99.0,263.0, 103.0,207.0, 115.0,102.0," d="M45.0,486.0C56.6,427.6 66.4,371.5 74.0,340.0C81.6,308.5 94.2,284.9 99.0,263.0C103.8,241.1 100.8,229.3 103.0,207.0C105.2,184.7 110.2,144.0 115.0,102.0" linkedTo="152"/>
      <path id="73412" points="9.0,320.0, 26.0,248.0, 40.0,192.0, 52.0,155.0, 71.0,87.0," d="M9.0,320.0C15.8,291.2 20.6,270.4 26.0,248.0C31.4,225.6 35.8,207.0 40.0,192.0C44.2,177.0 47.6,169.9 52.0,155.0C56.4,140.1 63.4,114.2 71.0,87.0" linkedTo="151"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="25m" name="Rambling On My Mind" id="153" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="128.">The big corner 2m left of Lay Down Sally. Goes up just left of the roof 2m off the ground.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="16m" name="Lay Down Sally" stars=" *** " id="154" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="129.">Just right of the roof. Layback the hand and finger crack in the corner, 25m left of Flesh in the Sewer. Good climbing.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="15" length="16m" name="Rio Negro" id="155" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, 1982." number="130.">The left slanting crack starting 3m right of Lay Down Sally.</climb>
  <climb id="229" stars="" extra="" number="131." name="Probably Done Before" length="16m" grade="14" fa="April 2019">Up the prow through the bulges 3m right of Rio Negro. As the name suggests probably done before but never recorded.</climb>
  <image id="233" width="600" height="800" src="flesh.jpeg">
      <path id="45577" points="280.0,723.0, 283.0,723.0, 263.0,458.0, 268.0,339.0, 251.0,149.0, 233.0,37.0, 236.0,3.0," d="M280.0,723.0C281.2,723.0 283.1,724.2 283.0,723.0C282.9,721.8 264.9,505.6 263.0,458.0C261.1,410.4 269.8,386.6 268.0,339.0C266.2,291.4 256.2,194.1 251.0,149.0C245.8,103.9 234.4,50.6 233.0,37.0C231.6,23.4 236.9,8.3 236.0,3.0" linkedTo="156"/>
      <path id="80199" points="330.0,683.0, 326.0,582.0, 324.0,350.0, 293.0,215.0, 260.0,12.0, 250.0,3.0," d="M330.0,683.0C328.4,642.6 326.7,622.4 326.0,582.0C325.3,541.6 329.0,405.2 324.0,350.0C319.0,294.8 303.3,269.4 293.0,215.0C282.7,160.6 261.1,17.3 260.0,12.0C258.9,6.7 250.9,8.3 250.0,3.0" lineStyle="dotted" linkedTo="157"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="20m" name="Flesh in the Sewer" number="132." stars="" id="156" fa="Tierney, Narkowicz, 1984.">More bulging baby bottom style climbing on the blunt arête 8m left of Rory Jack Thompson 3.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="20m" name="Rory Jack Thompson 3" id="157" fa="Tierney, Narkowicz, 1984." number="133.">Up through bulges in the first corner of the buttress on Arapelisian style rock.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="158">As you walk across to the upstream cliff from the downstream cliff you will see a fantastic looking orange face. The next two climbs are on this.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="20m" name="Moe the Sleaze" stars=" ** " id="159" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1984." number="134.">Good climbing up the prow on the left. Same start as Pioneer Chicken Stand then move 3m left at the ledge.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="20m" name="Pioneer Chicken Stand" id="160" fa="McMahon, Smith and Ling, 1982." number="135.">Cracked face to ledge then thin crack above.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="161">As you walk across from the downstream cliff to the upstream cliff a small buttress is visible up the hill about half way across.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="20m" name="Southern Suckers" id="162" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1984." number="136.">Up finger crack in the corner going around roof on the right.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="163">Downstream Section</text>
  <text class="text" id="164">The remaining climbs are on the downstream section.</text>
  <image noPrint="false" src="grap fureau 1.png" width="" id="165" height="414"/>
  <image id="222" src="Untitled_Panorama3.jpg" height="714" width="800"/>
  <image id="223" src="Untitled_Panorama1.jpg" height="341" width="800"/>
  <image id="224" src="IMG_0948.JPG" height="533" width="400"/>
  <image id="227" src="Untitled_Panorama4.jpg" height="453" width="800"/>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="23m" name="Cat Scratch Fever" number="137." stars="" id="166" fa="Narkowicz, Fry, 1984.">Starts just left of Blues Power. Traverse left to the middle of the face then goes straight up.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="15m" name="Blues Power" id="167" fa="Narkowicz, Ling, Smith, McMahon, 1982." number="138.">On the left hand end of the buttress are 2 corners close enough together to look like they could be the one climb. Blues Power takes the left hand corner and continues up the hand crack on the left.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="20m" name="Mac the Knife" stars=" * " id="168" fa="McMahon, Narkowicz, Smith, Ling, 1982." number="139.">The grey and black corner 1m right of Blues Power. which then finishes up the right finger and hand crack.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="22m" name="Brecht" id="169" fa="Ling, McMahon, Smith, Narkowicz, 1982." number="140.">The face 5m right of Mac The Knife. Looks loose but is apparently solid.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="21m" name="Down to the River" id="170" fa="Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="141.">In the middle of this crag, 2m left of NPFW, the crack going through several bulges and overlaps.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="30m" name="No Place For Whimps" id="171" fa="Smith, Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="142.">The corner capped by a large block at half height, 15m left of Peregrination.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="30m" name="The Smell of Napalm in the Morning" id="172" fa="McMahon, Smith, 1982." number="143.">The corner just right of No Place For Whimps finishing up the same corner.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="25m" name="Agent Orange" id="173" fa="McMahon, Smith, 1982." number="144.">The next line right of TSONITM.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="20m" name="The Heretic" number="145." stars="" id="174" fa="Narkowicz, 1984.">The blunt arête 2m left of Peregrination. Carry a rack only if you need the weight.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="20m" name="Peregrination" id="175" fa="McMahon, Mohler, Smith, 1982." number="146.">The twin corner with a tree on the ledge just above the base.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="176">Second Amphitheatre</text>
  <text class="text" id="177">The next series of climbs are around the corner from Peregrination. In what is sometimes called the Second Amphitheatre.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="25m" name="Courage and Stupidity" id="178" fa="Narkowicz, 1984." number="147.">On the very end of the amphitheatre. Goes up orange wall to corner, over small roof with bush, then up off-width.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="35m" name="The Breaker" id="179" fa="McMahon, Fry, 1982." number="148.">15m left of Shooting Rabbits is a series of corners, go left at the roof and climb the chimney.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="20m" name="Stone Free" number="149." stars="" id="180" fa="Narkowicz, 1985.">Climb the first corner of Shooting Rabbits to the ledge then continue up the blank arête above. Good runners but difficult to place. A bit reachy.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="30m" name="Shooting Rabbits" stars=" * " id="181" fa="Smith, McMahon, Mohler, 1982." number="150.">The corner 1m left of Pocahontas. Climbs up a series of 4 corners.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="20m" name="Set Free" number="151." stars="**" id="182" fa="Narkowicz, 1999.">From the ledge after the twin cracks of Pocahontas continue straight up the arête. Initially done with pre-placed wires. Add a grade for placing them as you go.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="30m" name="Pocahontas" stars=" * " id="183" fa="Moon, McMahon, 1985." number="152.">The orange face with a thin crack that becomes 2 further up. 2m left of The Code. Climb the thin cracks to the ledge, continue up the fused corner (originally protected with a piton). Finish up the finger/hand crack with an overlap at the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="32m" name="The Code" stars=" * " id="184" fa="McMahon, Fry, Mohler, 1982." number="153.">The corner 1m left of Rat's Castle with pig face (don't you wish you'd paid attention in botany class now) growing out of the ledge 6m up. Continue up the next corner with a hand crack. Finish up the final crack of Pocahontas for a bit of extra spice.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="13" length="18m" name="Rat&apos;s Castle" stars=" * " id="185" fa="Mohler, Smith, McMahon, 1982." number="154.">The big blocky chimney.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="18m" name="Stuffed Quail" id="186" fa="Ling, Deka, 1982." number="155.">Twin cracks in black corner eventually becoming hand and off-hand crack.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="15m" name="Shout for Jimmy" number="156." stars="*" id="187" fa="Narkowicz, Cameron, 1985.">Bold but excellent climbing up blunt arête 3m left of Wages of Sin to thin crack/face at the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="15m" name="Wages of Sin" id="188" fa="McMahon, Ling, 1982." number="157.">Difficult start to piton runner and then up crack system above. Apparently it is cheating to bridge across to Estimation corner (add 2 grades if you avoid it) but it's self-flagellation if you don't.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="15m" name="Estimation" stars=" * " id="189" fa="Smith, Mohler, McMahon, 1982." number="158.">The thin crack in the black corner left of the off-width up to ledge and continue up corner above.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="15m" name="Abracadabra" id="190" fa="Hans and Thomas Mohler, 1982." number="159.">The glaring off-width to the same ledge as Stuck in the S Bend.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="15m" name="Stuck In The S Bend" id="191" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1984." number="160.">The first climb in the next amphitheatre. A thin "S" shaped crack leading to a small ledge and then find your way to the top.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="192">First Amphitheatre</text>
  <text class="text" id="193">The next series of climbs are around the arête in the First Amphitheatre.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="15m" name="A Fine Line, I&apos;d Hate To See It Go" stars=" ** " id="194" fa="McMahon, Smith, 1982." number="161.">Climb finger and hand crack in corner to ledge then continue up through bulge and off-width.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="15m" name="Shake the Disease" stars=" ** " id="195" fa="Ng, 91." number="162.">4m left of Inheritors is a face with 2 carrots to ledge and then 2 more up the final wall. Excellent climbing.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="15m" name="Inheritors" stars=" ** " id="196" fa="Smith, Narkowicz, McMahon, 1982." number="163.">Thin crack in right angled corner 15m left of D-Day.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="8m" name="Chunder Crack" id="197" fa="Smith,  McMahon, 1982" number="164.">The flaring off-width just right of Inheritors.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="8m" name="D-Day" id="198" fa="Smith, McMahon, 1982." number="165.">Thin seam in face half covered by a dead she-oak at the top. Hopefully some kind soul has removed the she-oak. 2m left of Hans Solo.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="10" length="8m" name="Hans Solo" id="199" fa="Hans Mohler, 1982." number="166.">The easy corner.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="10m" name="Foot and Mouth" id="200" fa="Mohler, Smith, McMahon, 1982." number="167.">The hand to off-hand crack up the arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="10m" name="Rory Jack Thompson 2" id="201" fa="Tierney, Narkowicz, 1984." number="168.">Climb the arête right of the off-width.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="202">The next 2 climbs are on the tier above Foot and Mouth. Access by scrambling across and up from the descent track.</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="12m" name="Rory Jack Thompson 1" id="203" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1984." number="169.">Climb the left hand crack to the chimney.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="12m" name="Pig Bastard" id="204" fa="Narkowicz, Tierney, 1984." number="170.">The right hand crack to the overlap then the face above.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="205">Castile Crag</text>
  <text class="text" id="206">The furthermost crag upstream in the North Esk is that of Castile Crag. The climbs are not described here so take yourself off for a bit of an adventure or get McMahon's "North Esk" guide. From the Grap Furoh carpark continue driving another 2 km to Forest Rd., a dirt road on your right. Park here. On the left side of the highway is a fire-trail heading north past a small dam. Follow this for about ten minutes until you get to a cairn of rocks on the left side of the road. Follow the orange tags downhill and downstream for another 10 minutes. The new landowners of the property near Castille Crag request a phone call several days prior to visits by climbers. Phone John Adams on 0409 393748 or 0407 393448 to arrange access.</text>