<header autonumber="true" camping="Decent camping spots can be found at Lake Plimsol, closest facilities being in Tullah.  " access="Access will vary depending on which area you wish to climb but there should be no major issues. The start of the road is about 1.5 - 2 hours from Burnie, 10 min from Tullah. Simply head towards Queenstown from Tullah via the &apos;Anthony Link Road&apos;.  " history="No doubt climbers have been aware of these boulders for years, potentially climbing a few, maybe as warm up&apos;s before committing to climbing in the Tyndalls. Since 2014 a few easy and easily accessible boulders have been climbed while driving through. In March 2019 the first concerted effort was made to put up a few problems on boulders in the one area, with John Weiss. " intro="The Anthony link road is the alternate route from Tullah to Queenstown via lake Plimsol, Mount Murchison, the Tyndall ranges and  avoiding Roseberry. The road is 38km long, winding through some of the most rugged and stunning scenery Tasmainia has to offer. The whole way is a veritable smorgasbord of conglomerate rock, the large walls of the Tyndall Ranges, Mount Murchison and many more, no doubt waiting to be discovered. All the way along there is hundreds of boulders of variable size and quality just waiting to be investigated.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The boulders are all free standing, with good landings and plenty of holds. They generally don&apos;t need too much cleaning, other than knocking the loose looking pebbles away after which they are quite solid. Getting down is either a down climb or jumping off onto the mats.  &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;As with any part of the West Coast the weather is very unpredictable and receives a great deal of rain. Best climbed in summer.     " acknowledgement="By Moses Bassett " rock="Glacial conglomerate. " sun="All day in the right spots. " walk="5 - 60 min" id="1" name="Anthony Link Road"/>
  <image id="5" width="900" height="1201" src="Anthony Link Map A1.png"/>
  <text class="heading1" id="2">Area 1 (Base Of The Tyndalls)</text>
  <text class="text" id="6">The first area where multiple problems have been put up is at the base of the Tyndals. Simply head up the Northern of the two power line roads that lead to the Tyndal range walk. The first and best of the boulder's will be obvious on the southern side of the road, with the rest ranging to the north.</text>
  <image id="7" width="1200" height="292" src="Base Of The Tyndal Boulder&apos;s..PNG"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="10">First Boulder AKA Opiate</text>
  <text class="text" id="11">This is the best boulder in the area so far, with some classic hard project's waiting to be done on the other side's. Nice and high with great landing's.</text>
  <image id="12" width="900" height="675" src="BOT1.jpg">
      <path id="93012" linkedTo="14" labelText="2" arrow="true" d="M519.0,373.0C488.6,333.4 451.3,288.7 443.0,274.0C434.7,259.3 440.6,248.8 439.0,232.0" points="519.0,373.0, 443.0,274.0, 439.0,232.0,"/>
      <path id="67137" linkedTo="15" labelText="3" arrow="true" d="M551.0,377.0C551.0,333.4 551.0,311.6 551.0,268.0" points="551.0,377.0, 551.0,268.0,"/>
      <path id="41853" linkedTo="16" labelText="4" arrow="true" d="M603.0,360.0C611.0,342.8 616.9,326.8 623.0,317.0C629.1,307.2 636.7,303.0 643.0,296.0C649.3,289.0 653.0,285.2 658.0,278.0C663.0,270.8 667.2,264.3 669.0,259.0C670.8,253.7 671.1,249.7 669.0,245.0C666.9,240.3 663.4,239.5 659.0,237.0C654.6,234.5 644.0,229.8 634.0,225.0" points="603.0,360.0, 623.0,317.0, 643.0,296.0, 658.0,278.0, 669.0,259.0, 669.0,245.0, 659.0,237.0, 634.0,225.0,"/>
      <path id="63346" linkedTo="13" labelText="1" arrow="true" d="M400.0,386.0C401.2,329.6 401.8,301.4 403.0,245.0" points="400.0,386.0, 403.0,245.0,"/>
  <problem id="13" name="Sweat" fa="John Weiss 2019" grade="V1" length="" number="1." extra="(Stand)" stars="">Easy line straight in front of the tree.</problem>
  <problem id="14" name="Hush" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V2" length="" number="2." extra="(Stand)" stars="">Obvious line traversing left from the start of Part Of Me, finishing straight up.</problem>
  <problem id="15" name="Part Of Me" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V0" length="" number="3." extra="(Stand)" stars="">Line straight up to the left of the overhanging prow. Good option for getting down.</problem>
  <problem id="16" name="Cold And Ugly" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V3" length="" number="4." extra="(Stand)" stars="*">Obvious line left over the prow, best line done so far.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="24">Second Boulder</text>
  <image id="17" width="900" height="908" src="2nd Boulder.PNG">
      <path id="98296" linkedTo="18" arrow="true" d="M294.0,631.0C291.6,521.0 284.4,388.2 288.0,356.0C291.6,323.8 314.4,315.2 332.0,288.0" points="294.0,631.0, 288.0,356.0, 332.0,288.0,"/>
      <path id="69879" linkedTo="19" arrow="true" d="M419.0,646.0C413.0,526.8 404.5,360.4 404.0,348.0C403.5,335.6 404.6,329.4 405.0,317.0" points="419.0,646.0, 404.0,348.0, 405.0,317.0,"/>
  <problem id="18" name="Intolerance" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V2" length="" number="5." extra="(Stand)" stars=""/>
  <problem id="19" name="Track 2" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V3" length="" number="6." extra="(Stand)" stars=""/>
  <text class="heading3" id="25">Third Boulder</text>
  <image id="20" width="900" height="791" src="3rd Boulder.PNG">
      <path id="73048" linkedTo="21" arrow="true" d="M451.0,719.0C367.0,495.4 325.0,383.6 241.0,160.0" points="451.0,719.0, 241.0,160.0,"/>
      <path id="4886" linkedTo="22" arrow="true" d="M578.0,718.0C559.6,487.2 550.4,371.8 532.0,141.0" points="578.0,718.0, 532.0,141.0,"/>
  <problem id="21" name="Sober" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V2" length="" number="7." extra="(SDS)" stars=""/>
  <problem id="22" name="Bottom" fa="Moses Bassett 2019" grade="V2" length="" number="8." extra="(SDS)" stars=""/>
  <image id="23" height="497" src="Base Of The Tyndal Area.PNG"/>