<header id="1" name="Swansea Castle" walk="short" sun="good, all day really" rock="dolerite" acknowledgement="" intro="The coast south of swansea is lined with dolerite. Much of it dubious quality suggesting limited potential. Worth a look though..." history="" access="Park at Spiky Beach car park. Follow the coast south for 5-10 minutes. Careful. Its easy to walk past." camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <image id="5" src="DSC_2240b.jpg" height="531"/>
  <image id="3" src="DSC_2239.jpg" height="900" legendTitle="Swansea Castle" legend="true">
      <path id="97632" points="255,756, 309,390, 315,109," d="M255,756C276.59999999999997,609.6 298.61867475175086,501.94529059362014 309,390C319.38132524824914,278.05470940637986 312.6,221.39999999999998 315,109" linkedTo="4" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="49952" points="116,747, 119,490, 142,341, 159,181," d="M116,747C117.19999999999997,644.2 115.14594139864948,550.1826073903196 119,490C122.85405860135052,429.8173926096804 134.25801046545476,400.8068691543621 142,341C149.74198953454524,281.1931308456379 152.2,245 159,181" linkedTo="6" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="97648" points="462,714, 482,508, 479,320, 488,184, 488,110," d="M462,714C470,631.6 478.7579333086067,583.1396633181741 482,508C485.2420666913933,432.86033668182586 477.9905621912422,374.509641672921 479,320C480.0094378087578,265.490358327079 486.7325919835913,213.572853716203 488,184C489.2674080164087,154.427146283797 488,139.6 488,110" arrow="true" linkedTo="7"/>
  <problem id="6" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="1." name="Life&apos;s a ledge, then you top out." length="" grade="V0" fa="">Climb the arete left of Castellan.</problem>
  <problem id="4" stars="**" extra="(Stand)" number="2." name="Castellan" length="" grade="V0" fa="TUCC siege, circa 2002">Hand crack on East face (facing ocean). Be Alert but not Alarmed at the flake on left side that forms part of the crack at the top. Your jamming will keep it secure. Descend towards road.</problem>
  <problem id="7" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="3." name="Your Mother Was a Hamster!" length="" grade="V3" fa="M Hitchcock 2016">Climb the arete right of Castellan.</problem>
  <problem id="8" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4." name="&apos;Round the Ramparts" length="" grade="V2/3" fa="">Traverse the entire castle in either direction. Slightly harder from R to L.</problem>
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