Accidents do happen, and this part of thesarvo is to assist in providing a search and rescue capability for climbers, as well as the general community. As we all know the situations that climbers get themselves into are by nature difficult and the locations challenging. As a consequence it is best if climbers respond to climbing or cliff accidents as they have the required expertise and local knowledge. Having the assistance from police with equipment, helicopters and communications may be critical to success, but this will require a little liaison and communication and the occasional practice. This site details what is going on in that space and shows what has gone on in the recent past.

The page will detail upcoming SAR training, self rescue techniques, technical matters, photographs and any other relevant material. Contributions are welcome.

It opens with some photographs taken by wilderness paramedic Richard Bugg of the last two SAREX's held on the Acropolis in August 2012 and Coles Bay August 2013. The link for 2013 is at the end of this page.

It is intended to hold a number of training events during the year so as to increase the number of experienced climbers/rescuers who can assist Police SAR. 

If you are in the poo dial 000

Police - phone (03) 62302267 or 000
Paul Steane

CCT SAR contacts are:

Stu Scott
Emlyn Jones
Alex Wilson
Garry Phillips
Roger Parkyn

Enquiries re SAR group, training etc

Stu Scott
Alex Wilson

Emlyn Jones



Training Days

SAR Training Day 5th Dec