From Simon:

Hi Guys,

The police rescue guys will be holding a training day on Wednesday the 5th of december up at the lost world, and it would be great if you could come along. We recently had a training/chin-wag evening in their shed in North Hobart. This day session will be slightly different as numbers will mostly be made up of Police themselves. There will also be cavers attending.

As some of those attending have very limited experience in vertical rescue techniques, we would be seeking that many of the climbers carry an instructor role into the event. We plan on running a circuit in the morning, covering off a few basic skills, then a group exercise in the afternoon to combine all the skills we have worked on. Included within that will be skills such as:

Cliff Edge safety - how to approach cliff-tops in a safe manner
Basic Rope Skills - ascending/descending, perhaps things like passing knots etc
Basic Hauling Skills - Hauling within a vertical rescue environment, whats appropriate, standards legislation etc.
Vertical Rescue Equipment - SKED familiarisation, tripods?, mirrored raising systems
OH&S Considerations - whats appropriate, what should be documented, why we do what we do (AS1891/AS4488, NFPA1983 etc)

I'd love to see a good turn-out from the climbers. The session we held last year was great, be good to keep building on those skills. It is a weekday so get the time off work/wife now! If you RSVP to me that'd be great.


Simon Young
0407 356 556