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<guide guidestars="*">
  <header id="39" name="Rocky Tom" walk="30m" sun="Sunny" rock="Sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="Rocky Tom has a couple of great boulders on good rock. The downside is the uphill walk for access." history="" access="Access to Rocky Tom requires a 10 minute drive and a half hour walk. The traditional access was via Flagstaff Gully, but the quarry owner now discourages this. Today the best approach is via Geilston Bay. Turn right off the East Derwent Highway on to Golf Links Rd, then left onto Fairfield Rd. Follow this to the end, then right on to Geilston Creek Rd. Follow this to the end where there is a sign for &quot;Pilchers Hill Bushland Reserver&quot;. Park back down the road a bit where there is room, take care not to block the road or driveways.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;From the sign take the well made track, following the signs for the &quot;Geilston Gully Circuit Track&quot;. After about 800m of walking along tracks and fire-trails, a new, well-made, walking track heads up to the left, just before the fire-trail goes over the second of two little bridges. This was not sign posted at the time of writing, but I&apos;m sure it will be.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Follow the walking track up the hill until it hits a fire trail. Follow this steeply up the hill for a minute to where it flattens out at a saddle between two hills (Seager Saddle). The hill up to the right is where the Rocky Tom cliffs are (marked on the map as Caves Hill). Keep going for another 100m to the next little rise, before the track heads down hill.  For the Ark turn right and head straight up the hill for a couple of hundred metres to find a distinctive yellow overhanging boulder. (See the topo for what you are looking for). For the Menagerie, keep following the fire trail down and rightward around the hill for another couple of hundred metres to where there is a small rock to the right of the track. Keep going another 20m to another chunk of rock, then head straight up the hill. You first get to a low, lichenous boulder, the Menagerie is another 30m or so above this. " camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <gps new="true" id="3">
    <point pid="4" latitude="-42.83256" longitude="147.36106" easting="529509" northing="5257715" zone="55G" code="RTB000" description="Rocky Tom - parking"/>
    <point code="RTB010" description="Rocky Tom - Point in gully where walking trail heads up hill" easting="530128" height="0" northing="5258040" zone="55G" latitude="-42.82961" longitude="147.36861" pid="0"/>
    <point code="RTB050" description="Rocky Tom - The Menagerie" easting="530798" height="0" northing="5258798" zone="55G" latitude="-42.82276" longitude="147.37677" pid="2"/>
    <point code="RTB060" description="Rocky Tom - The Ark" easting="530745" height="0" northing="5258737" zone="55G" latitude="-42.82331" longitude="147.37612" pid="3"/>
    <polyline pid="5">-42.8325240,147.3610030 -42.8325240,147.3610030 -42.8325628,147.3610969 -42.8325602,147.3612328 -42.8325009,147.3613368 -42.8324501,147.3614396 -42.8324234,147.3615638 -42.8323907,147.3616860 -42.8323497,147.3618111 -42.8323172,147.3619275 -42.8322774,147.3620580 -42.8322118,147.3621535 -42.8321363,147.3622324 -42.8320704,147.3623288 -42.8320704,147.3623288 -42.8320704,147.3623288 -42.8320464,147.3624888 -42.8319910,147.3625857 -42.8319249,147.3626716 -42.8319249,147.3626716 -42.8319249,147.3626716 -42.8318803,147.3628313 -42.8318945,147.3629661 -42.8319442,147.3630861 -42.8319940,147.3631918 -42.8320454,147.3633023 -42.8319893,147.3634109 -42.8319107,147.3634893 -42.8318050,147.3635006 -42.8317064,147.3634965 -42.8316071,147.3634874 -42.8315146,147.3635084 -42.8314277,147.3635624 -42.8313343,147.3636116 -42.8312590,147.3636975 -42.8311777,147.3637678 -42.8310968,147.3638537 -42.8310246,147.3639525 -42.8309352,147.3639880 -42.8308509,147.3640740 -42.8307549,147.3641092 -42.8306520,147.3641323 -42.8305826,147.3642149 -42.8305120,147.3643115 -42.8304483,147.3644128 -42.8304532,147.3645357 -42.8303857,147.3646311 -42.8303962,147.3647674 -42.8303915,147.3648995 -42.8303308,147.3649909 -42.8302695,147.3651069 -42.8302004,147.3651981 -42.8301204,147.3652834 -42.8301054,147.3654180 -42.8301148,147.3655451 -42.8301030,147.3656719 -42.8300905,147.3657939 -42.8300471,147.3659089 -42.8300224,147.3660395 -42.8299788,147.3661559 -42.8299147,147.3662600 -42.8298464,147.3663612 -42.8298045,147.3664775 -42.8297754,147.3666003 -42.8297252,147.3667081 -42.8296881,147.3668251 -42.8296881,147.3668251 -42.8296881,147.3668251 -42.8296200,147.3670196 -42.8296392,147.3671488 -42.8296526,147.3672702 -42.8296455,147.3674034 -42.8296747,147.3675213 -42.8296855,147.3676457 -42.8296873,147.3677866 -42.8296536,147.3679107 -42.8296578,147.3680373 -42.8296626,147.3681652 -42.8296498,147.3682885 -42.8296228,147.3684101 -42.8296228,147.3684101 -42.8296228,147.3684101 -42.8295053,147.3685910 -42.8294534,147.3686915 -42.8294042,147.3688016 -42.8293765,147.3689364 -42.8293460,147.3690630 -42.8293460,147.3690630 -42.8293460,147.3690630 -42.8292910,147.3691821 -42.8292476,147.3693021 -42.8292151,147.3694237 -42.8291586,147.3695218 -42.8291033,147.3696308 -42.8290187,147.3696974 -42.8289368,147.3697685 -42.8288689,147.3698710 -42.8287974,147.3699539 -42.8287380,147.3700549 -42.8286623,147.3701230 -42.8285745,147.3701916 -42.8284790,147.3702246 -42.8284139,147.3703199 -42.8283446,147.3704020 -42.8282716,147.3704844 -42.8281981,147.3705699 -42.8281254,147.3706650 -42.8280332,147.3707034 -42.8279463,147.3707705 -42.8278660,147.3708405 -42.8277734,147.3708981 -42.8276775,147.3709199 -42.8275941,147.3709842 -42.8275038,147.3710024 -42.8274087,147.3710259 -42.8273258,147.3710734 -42.8272346,147.3711132 -42.8271444,147.3711654 -42.8270554,147.3712055 -42.8269620,147.3712393 -42.8268749,147.3712901 -42.8267855,147.3713150 -42.8266917,147.3713245 -42.8265998,147.3713297 -42.8265086,147.3713171 -42.8264094,147.3713585 -42.8263990,147.3714843 -42.8264102,147.3716193 -42.8263941,147.3717447 -42.8263358,147.3718433 -42.8262711,147.3719379 -42.8262291,147.3720462 -42.8261793,147.3721510 -42.8261200,147.3722583 -42.8260282,147.3723257 -42.8259454,147.3723955 -42.8258553,147.3724441 -42.8257635,147.3724921 -42.8256714,147.3725296 -42.8255798,147.3725842 -42.8254904,147.3726052 -42.8253977,147.3726015 -42.8252971,147.3726099 -42.8253142,147.3727310 -42.8253953,147.3728016 -42.8254461,147.3729043 -42.8255044,147.3729993 -42.8255492,147.3731144 -42.8255633,147.3732358 -42.8255633,147.3732358 -42.8255633,147.3732358 -42.8254739,147.3734474 -42.8253913,147.3733968 -42.8252921,147.3734271 -42.8251948,147.3734400 -42.8251019,147.3734398 -42.8250054,147.3734398 -42.8249121,147.3734406 -42.8248177,147.3734141 -42.8247206,147.3734142 -42.8246285,147.3734180 -42.8245368,147.3734571 -42.8244614,147.3735410 -42.8243737,147.3735920 -42.8242866,147.3736397 -42.8241998,147.3736912 -42.8241175,147.3737437 -42.8240245,147.3737862 -42.8240245,147.3737862 -42.8240245,147.3737862 -42.8238717,147.3738698 -42.8237835,147.3739360 -42.8236960,147.3739910 -42.8236027,147.3740054 -42.8235065,147.3740392 -42.8234183,147.3741037 -42.8234183,147.3741037 -42.8234183,147.3741037 -42.8233433,147.3742707 -42.8232575,147.3743174 -42.8232575,147.3743174 -42.8232575,147.3743174 -42.8231705,147.3745704 -42.8231850,147.3747056 -42.8231590,147.3748251 -42.8232059,147.3749330 -42.8231964,147.3750548 -42.8232044,147.3751865 -42.8232197,147.3753077 -42.8231764,147.3754210 -42.8232314,147.3755265 -42.8232472,147.3756493 -42.8232472,147.3756493 -42.8232472,147.3756493 -42.8232928,147.3757580 -42.8232166,147.3758399 -42.8232166,147.3758399 -42.8232166,147.3758399 -42.8233121,147.3758287 -42.8233321,147.3759546 -42.8233277,147.3760803 -42.8233277,147.3760803 -42.8233277,147.3760803 -42.8233277,147.3760803 -42.8233277,147.3760803 -42.8232954,147.3761979 -42.8232954,147.3761979 -42.8232954,147.3761979 </polyline>
  <text class="heading2" id="4">The Ark Front</text>
  <text class="text" new="false" number="null." id="5">The Ark is 50m or so down and right from the base of Lone Tower. It faces down the hill and can be hard to find. Best accessed from The Menagerie boulder as it is more prominent when approached from downhill.</text>
  <image src="Rocky TomArk-Front.jpg" id="6" height="375"/>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V6" name="       " number="1." stars="       " id="7">L-R traverse along lip to finish up 4 or 6.</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V3" name="       " number="2." stars="       " id="8">Sit start on slopers below large jug at chest height. Up to jug and up onto slab.</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V4" name="       " number="3." stars="       " id="9">Sit start on two handed edge. Up past slopers to good hold over lip. Pull onto slab.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="10">The Ark Side</text>
  <text class="text" new="false" number="null." id="11">The Ark is 50m or so down and right from the base of Lone Tower. It faces down the hill and can be hard to find. Best accessed from The Menagerie boulder as it is more prominent when approached from downhill.</text>
  <image src="Rocky TomArk-Side.jpg" id="12" height="375"/>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" name="Vampiros Lesbos" new="false" number="4." stars="*" id="13">Sit start 3m right of 3 on small edges. Up to good holds at head height. Dyno for lip then pull onto slab and into groove. Probably better as a V4 stand start, as the sit is pretty awkward.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V4" name="       " number="5." stars="       " id="14">Start as for 4, move right on small holds, dyno for lip, mantle onto slab.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" name="Victory in Thebes" new="false" number="6." stars="**" id="15">Start 2m right and down from 4 on lip of low overhang. Up powerfully through the bulge to finish up the highest part of the boulder. A great problem.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" name="" new="false" number="7." stars="*" id="16">Sit start on the flake in the cave to the right of Victory in Thebes. Up through bulge.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="17">The Menagerie Front</text>
  <text class="text" id="18">The Menagerie boulder is directly below Excalibur buttress 100 metres or so and is clearly visible from this area. Many eliminates / variants exist on this boulder so only the main problems have been documented.</text>
  <image src="Rocky TomMenagerie-Front.jpg" id="19" height="375"/>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" name="" new="false" number="" stars="" id="20">Up around left from the bottom face is a bit of a bulge. Sit start, then follow the lichen free holds to the top.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V4/5" name="" new="false" number="" stars="*" id="21">The line just right of the arete, starting at the big flat hold, up to the highest part of the boulder. Keep on the R face. Starting to the R at the flake and moving left is an alternative start.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" name="Achey Breaky Flakey" new="false" number="1." stars="" id="22">No longer extant, the loose flake broke. Start as for 2, move left onto loose flake, dyno for lip.</problem>
  <problem extra="" grade="V1" name="Orang-Utan" new="false" number="2." stars="*" id="23">Undercling to large slot then straight up and onto slab.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V4" name="       " number="3." stars="       " id="24">Straight up on small holds to finish right of 2. No holds on 2.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V6/7" name="Jack Jumper Arete" new="false" number="4." stars="**" id="25">Arete behind tree from sitting start to hard mantle. A great problem, but the landing is a little dicey, bring a couple of mats. Follow the arete directly - a bit easier if you pike and move right to top out.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="26">The Menagerie Side</text>
  <image src="Rocky TomMenagerie-Side.jpg" id="27" height="375"/>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" name="" new="false" number="5." stars="*" id="28">Sit start with feet on hanging pedestal. Pull up for small edges dyno for good holds and pull onto slab. Variation finsh: Traverse the lip to finsh for 7.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V4" name="Rhinocerous" number="6." stars="**" id="29">Start as for 5. Traverse right to incut edges, up to large slot then up onto slab (ie. finish as for 7). Many variants / eliminates exist.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" name="Rhino Direct " number="7." stars="" id="30" length="" fa="">Sit start under small cave on good holds. Straight up to slot via good holds. Mantle onto slab.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" name="Rhino-Utan" new="false" number="" stars="**" id="31" length="" fa="E. Robson, 2012?">There is a problem starting as for Orang-Utan but climbing up through the roof to finish as for Rhinocerous, avoid ledge below on the uphill side, feet in the roof and downhill.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V9" name="Virgin Buster" new="false" number="8." stars="*" id="32">Start as for 5. Move left and around arete to finish as for 3. Crux is past arete.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="33">Seams Roof</text>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V?" name="       " number="1." stars="       " id="34">Start on huge hold at rear left of roof. Climb out to lip then right past holds on Seams Direct (climb) to large jug. Move down and right to finish on Slavery (climb)</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V?" name="       " number="2." stars="       " id="35">The reverse of 1. Starting form Slavery (climb). Quite different to 1.</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V?" name="       " number="3." stars="       " id="36">Start on holds just right of 1. Move right then straight out to lip along thin crack. Jump off or finish as for 1.</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V?" name="       " number="4." stars="       " id="37">Start as for 3. Traverse right at a lower level than 1 past underclings to small holds. Dyno to large jug on 1 to finish.</problem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V?" name="       " number="5." stars="       " id="38">Start on undercling at rear of roof. Move out to small holds to finish as for 4. Keep feet well of the cave floor on problems 4 and 5. They should be on the white rock.</problem>