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Hi there! My name is Eric and I’m an avid climber back in the USA but have yet to get out on the rock here in Taz. I’m around visiting with some family until the 29th and have a pretty flexible schedule and would love the chance to get back on some rock with any local (or traveling) Taz climbers! I could possibly do up to a 3 day trip though that would depend on the timing....  


i am comfortable leading sport up to 22/23 and trad up to 19/20 and also have years of mountaineering skills. Any and all climbing would be amazing, my only caveat is that I haven’t been traveling with any gear so would need to borrow a harness and shoes (though I could probably find some at the gym if sizes didn’t match). I’m around a European size 40.


if outside doesn’t work I’d also be psyched to meet up and climb at the local gym here in Hobart.


my #: 416 149 093




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