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  1. MindBeast has no stars ??? WTF ???!!!

    Me and my gf did this on a road-trip a couple of summers ago ... its a fkn classic !!! Wierd and wonderful !!! Thought provoking, exposed , and the gf loved the view up my hot-pants as I struggled, cross-eyed, on the spacey traverse out to the lip !!!

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. Will re-climb it one evening and remind my self - it has kind of got lost among the more recent climbs, weird and exposed is as I remember it. Tony

  2. I can't work out this crag: it seems to have heaps more routes than indicated in the guide?

    "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Phoenix" are fun steepness, that close to Hobart... but surely each should lose a grade?

    1. Hi Ben

      There's quite a lot of old projects and random bolts at sphinx. One linkup that isn't mentioned in the guide is 'Rambo-Trooper' which starts up Rambo then traverses into the jump of Storm Trooper (linkup is 27 or 28 from memory). Other than that there are a couple of old projects (and a new one I think?) left of Pharos. Hope that helps. As to the grade of those climbs, I though Pheonix was 24 and WLAE probably 21. Cheers