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<guide version="3">
  <header autonumber="true" camping="" id="1" access="The Hazards Main Wall is about 1.5km (40 minutes walk) south of Sleepy Bay car park. From the car park follow the well-worn track down to the beach and continue further along the coast to where the Sea Level and the Skyline traverse diverge. From here the Sea Level traverse provides the quickest access to routes left of Epaminondas. Routes right of Epaminondas are best approached by a mid-level traverse. The mid level traverse is cairned, branching left from the Skyline traverse at a point halfway to the top of the hill. The Skyline Traverse is used to descend from all routes not equipped with rap stations. It is well formed and cairned.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Generally more compact, the climbs right of The Laughing Jackass are less than 140m high and well defined, but Japhlion,Trusting Rust, Pneisses and others nearby are 250m high and not well defined because they pick the nice slabs amongst the confusion. It is best to identify Full Sail, Stud City &amp; Japhlion, and work from these to locate the other climbs. The routes that do not finish at the top of the cliff, require a bit of a scramble to reach the crest. Allow enough time for route finding when setting off. Descents can be epic in the dark." acknowledgement="" history="" intro="" name="Hazards Main Wall" rock="Pink, slabby granite, up to 300m high" sun="Morning sun" walk="30 - 50 minutes"/>
  <gps id="2">
    <point pid="0" longitude="148.31812" latitude="-42.13337" zone="55G" northing="5334575" easting="608936" description="Carpark - Start of Sleepy Bay Track" code="CBH010" height="40"/>
    <point pid="1" longitude="148.31912" latitude="-42.13501" zone="55G" northing="5334391" easting="609016" description="On the way to Insomnia Wall (can see it from here)" code="CBH020" height="33"/>
    <point pid="2" longitude="148.31841" latitude="-42.13648" zone="55G" northing="5334229" easting="608955" description="Sleepy Bay" code="CBH030" height="10"/>
    <point pid="3" longitude="148.32020" latitude="-42.13817" zone="55G" northing="5334039" easting="609100" description="Underworld (top of Jaberwock)" code="CBH040" height="32"/>
    <point pid="4" longitude="148.31987" latitude="-42.14013" zone="55G" northing="5333822" easting="609069" description="Hazards Traverse Track - Access to Main Wall" code="CBH050" height="103"/>
    <point pid="5" longitude="148.32040" latitude="-42.14240" zone="55G" northing="5333569" easting="609109" description="Suzuki Complex (Luxury Leather)" code="CBH060" height="209"/>
  <image id="74" src="hmw overview.jpg" height="897" legend="true" legendx="20" legendy="28" legendTitle="Hazards Main Wall">
      <path id="81031" points="1578,844, 1497,826, 1457,815, 1421,811, 1399,806, 1368,799, 1333,789, 1299,778, 1317,803, 1338,830, 1305,834, 1192,817, 1157,806, 1067,787, 1024,778, 963,766, 943,751, 949,741, 920,733, 893,729, 891,742, 879,749, 839,745, 828,739, 811,737, 799,730, 789,718, 773,711, 749,707, 727,707, 707,703, 666,690, 627,677, 512,651, 420,615, 367,583, 283,510, 239,502, 188,515, 149,526, 136,519," d="M1578,844C1545.6,836.8 1513.1369801674264,829.867540701284 1497,826C1480.8630198325736,822.132459298716 1471.2144050801069,817.8054746868632 1457,815C1442.7855949198931,812.1945253131368 1429.9176877775315,812.3837791378928 1421,811C1412.0823122224685,809.6162208621072 1407.8016283934987,807.9928215230564 1399,806C1390.1983716065013,804.0071784769436 1380.310388377389,802.1708576123577 1368,799C1355.689611622611,795.8291423876423 1346.6747487847222,793.1618800649154 1333,789C1319.3252512152778,784.8381199350846 1308.273503982109,769.8856840156544 1299,778C1289.726496017891,786.1143159843456 1309.6065975356403,793.1421300475204 1317,803C1324.3934024643597,812.8578699524796 1342.8,817.6 1338,830C1333.2,842.4 1318.2442175877356,835.1792796482231 1305,834C1291.7557824122644,832.8207203517769 1206.4193648197609,819.7279879388736 1192,817C1177.5806351802391,814.2720120611264 1171.2699286028278,809.4247828646787 1157,806C1142.7300713971722,802.5752171353213 1084.1957677847843,790.6201616389019 1067,787C1049.8042322152157,783.3798383610981 1041.2250563799212,781.4781363844072 1024,778C1006.7749436200788,774.5218636155928 972.4868329805051,769.1622776601683 963,766C953.5131670194949,762.8377223398317 945.2792181919208,755.0700324855727 943,751C940.7207818080792,746.9299675144273 952.6735230222603,743.8749310608994 949,741C945.3264769777397,738.1250689391006 930.675524777185,735.2876124522539 920,733C909.324475222815,730.7123875477461 897.3618965214617,726.058255834363 893,729C888.6381034785383,731.941744165637 895.3618965214617,739.058255834363 891,742C886.6381034785383,744.941744165637 884.5477526888636,748.6799373448732 879,749C873.4522473111364,749.3200626551268 843.9183304162767,745.9643785129954 839,745C834.0816695837233,744.0356214870046 832.8191442127619,740.3768983465034 828,739C823.1808557872381,737.6231016534966 816.307270010793,738.647083796453 811,737C805.692729989207,735.352916203547 803.3569250805988,733.449232355474 799,730C794.6430749194012,726.550767644526 793.3569250805988,721.449232355474 789,718C784.6430749194012,714.550767644526 779.735649302642,712.8523035582266 773,711C766.264350697358,709.1476964417734 757.766917176122,707.7623406240106 749,707C740.233082823878,706.2376593759894 735.1216813447197,707.7734934614019 727,707C718.8783186552803,706.2265065385981 714.8589460119632,705.1901980689078 707,703C699.1410539880368,700.8098019310922 677.4675205400765,701.114673754228 666,690C654.5324794599235,678.885326245772 642.9406196925772,681.0369101818865 627,677C611.0593803074228,672.9630898181135 549.855532237295,662.3383719744555 512,651C474.144467762705,639.6616280255445 442.4213720081094,625.5148503210444 420,615C397.5786279918906,604.4851496789556 386.6555663237555,598.0644851386447 367,583C347.3444336762445,567.9355148613553 298.11614077467556,519.5656828339744 283,510C267.88385922532444,500.4343171660256 256.8638187994462,501.0597990105555 239,502C221.1361812005538,502.9402009894445 203.42475692947932,510.0203540621366 188,515C172.57524307052068,519.9796459378634 154.88853322393717,525.547035905851 149,526C143.11146677606283,526.452964094149 141.2,521.8 136,519" lineStyle="dotted" linkedTo="5"/>
      <rect id="56757" x="1510" y="840" width="43" height="51" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="From&lt;br/&gt;Sleepy&lt;br/&gt;Bay" arrowDirection="east"/>
      <rect id="49728" x="1065" y="815" width="108" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Sea Level Traverse" arrowDirection="north_west"/>
      <rect id="852" x="800" y="768" width="108" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Horizontal Chimney" arrowDirection="north_east"/>
      <rect id="43302" x="1060" y="442" width="101" height="37" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Hazards Main Wall&lt;br/&gt;Right Hand Side"/>
      <rect id="18448" x="683" y="500" width="101" height="37" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Hazards Main Wall&lt;br/&gt;Left Hand Side"/>
      <path id="16601" points="667,690, 682,653, 701,632, 706,619, 682,608, 667,607, 656,600, 646,593, 639,592, 624,592, 594,585, 582,582," d="M667,690C655.5324794599235,678.885326245772 676.2712895086411,662.7725061323181 682,653C687.7287104913589,643.2274938676819 697.7870930043671,636.5516182438132 701,632C704.2129069956329,627.4483817561868 710.8258276650341,621.784131345212 706,619C701.1741723349659,616.215868654788 686.9847334500018,609.5337641384621 682,608C677.0152665499982,606.4662358615379 671.9847334500018,608.5337641384621 667,607C662.0152665499982,605.4662358615379 658.4477951803232,601.4171445780818 656,600C653.5522048196768,598.5828554219182 648.4477951803232,594.4171445780818 646,593C643.5522048196768,591.5828554219182 641.8084776432302,592.3353406141171 639,592C636.1915223567698,591.6646593858829 626.8084776432302,592.3353406141171 624,592C621.1915223567698,591.6646593858829 598.8102968972685,586.1580344382313 594,585C589.1897031027315,583.8419655617687 586.8102968972685,583.1580344382313 582,582" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="43066" points="1579,537, 1505,500, 1500,481, 1515,464, 1480,432, 1427,408, 1391,384, 1354,374, 1306,360, 1245,339, 1202,323, 1177,300, 1155,283, 1129,265, 1142,255, 1101,239, 1066,228, 1084,185, 1137,143, 1164,113, 1201,90," d="M1579,537C1549.4,522.2 1512.0896500944361,503.39070221907815 1505,500C1497.9103499055639,496.60929778092185 1497.896652960658,488.5720493416308 1500,481C1502.103347039342,473.4279506583692 1518.4270070044006,472.39616716078166 1515,464C1511.5729929955994,455.60383283921834 1496.0037936678996,442.18423233411795 1480,432C1463.9962063321004,421.81576766588205 1442.2325026318829,416.2152823183188 1427,408C1411.7674973681171,399.7847176816812 1404.8975664460577,390.472839166657 1391,384C1377.1024335539423,377.527160833343 1368.7541663588804,378.1658822660368 1354,374C1339.2458336411196,369.8341177339632 1325.042388082198,366.1145282832746 1306,360C1286.957611917802,353.8854717167254 1262.290462645104,345.1514145948928 1245,339C1227.709537354896,332.8485854051072 1213.7872057626396,329.7603091873963 1202,323C1190.2127942373604,316.2396908126037 1185.4691945601555,307.2078251575792 1177,300C1168.5308054398445,292.7921748424208 1163.985973768483,289.5522725395189 1155,283C1146.014026231517,276.4477274604811 1132.9671875848067,270.22507633120864 1129,265C1125.0328124151933,259.77492366879136 1145.9671875848067,260.22507633120864 1142,255C1138.0328124151933,249.77492366879136 1114.8284168649202,243.91272704411637 1101,239C1087.1715831350798,234.08727295588363 1070.4067399803357,241.99787993753733 1066,228C1061.5932600196643,214.00212006246267 1072.0464549390615,199.31058211520806 1084,185C1095.9535450609385,170.68941788479194 1125,153.8 1137,143C1149,132.2 1151.565776596095,123.29709125635883 1164,113C1176.434223403905,102.70290874364117 1186.2,99.2 1201,90" lineStyle="dotted" linkedTo="4"/>
      <path id="72924" points="1505,503, 1469,504, 1422,513, 1395,532, 1370,542, 1332,555, 1313,565, 1277,574, 1255,590, 1229,607, 1187,610, 1145,607, 1093,620, 1081,604, 1077,587, 1061,575, 1026,571, 988,570, 951,570, 920,570, 896,570, 865,577, 802,592, 756,611, 739,625, 706,619," d="M1505,503C1497.9103499055639,499.60929778092185 1483.3021244095758,502.276852480774 1469,504C1454.6978755904242,505.723147519226 1434.3514456992946,508.32648000567235 1422,513C1409.6485543007054,517.6735199943276 1404.4064167997103,526.7541137078539 1395,532C1385.5935832002897,537.2458862921461 1380.1171879600392,538.3064234431603 1370,542C1359.8828120399608,545.6935765568397 1339.964423275756,551.7862853448704 1332,555C1324.035576724244,558.2137146551296 1319.783780076856,564.3832927202858 1313,565C1306.216219923144,565.6167072797142 1286.9924463825405,569.6929110420084 1277,574C1267.0075536174595,578.3070889579916 1263.9665455439674,583.8354999385224 1255,590C1246.0334544560326,596.1645000614776 1240.920864329797,603.4938634324127 1229,607C1217.079135670203,610.5061365675873 1203.8428026171418,610 1187,610C1170.1571973828582,610 1161.74829618935,605.2182663628352 1145,607C1128.25170381065,608.7817336371648 1100.9912253949587,620.3745886903887 1093,620C1085.0087746050413,619.6254113096113 1084.0476756942867,610.2858311194665 1081,604C1077.9523243057133,597.7141688805335 1081.1965150130834,589.9375605091583 1077,587C1072.8034849869166,584.0624394908417 1068.6331719007019,577.3947205962986 1061,575C1053.3668280992981,572.6052794037014 1040.0581948604508,571.9628900589349 1026,571C1011.9418051395493,570.0371099410651 1002.7986846198258,570.197315794931 988,570C973.2013153801742,569.802684205069 963.4,570 951,570C938.6,570 929.6,570 920,570C910.4,570 905.5231799525468,568.7879589151304 896,570C886.4768200474532,571.2120410848696 877.3777177619991,574.1030873322981 865,577C852.6222822380009,579.8969126677019 821.0046843072804,586.0719333353437 802,592C782.9953156927196,597.9280666646563 763.8033663690994,606.9125223780908 756,611C748.1966336309006,615.0874776219092 747.698449661926,623.6082480540919 739,625C730.301550338074,626.3917519459081 710.8258276650341,621.784131345212 706,619" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="32221" points="1313,565, 1302,552, 1284,547, 1264,547, 1256,552, 1249,559, 1235,559, 1221,558, 1209,552, 1196,553, 1184,559, 1169,554, 1152,552, 1139,554, 1126,554, 1114,562, 1096,573, 1087,579, 1077,587," d="M1313,565C1306.216219923144,565.6167072797142 1307.787540264879,555.5922663713043 1302,552C1296.212459735121,548.4077336286957 1291.408757903263,547.9748365662189 1284,547C1276.591242096737,546.0251634337811 1267.6652802046212,546.102380358052 1264,547C1260.3347197953788,547.897619641948 1258.9466806459588,549.6426554832329 1256,552C1253.0533193540412,554.3573445167671 1252.6652802046212,558.102380358052 1249,559C1245.3347197953788,559.897619641948 1240.3086228449633,559.7864626436983 1235,559C1229.6913771550367,558.2135373563017 1226.3086228449633,558.7864626436983 1221,558C1215.6913771550367,557.2135373563017 1214.2111946347038,551.7915522146119 1209,552C1203.7888053652962,552.2084477853881 1201.2111946347038,552.7915522146119 1196,553C1190.7888053652962,553.2084477853881 1189.3628861581433,558.8013745867354 1184,559C1178.6371138418567,559.1986254132646 1174.2279633040264,554.5902539214223 1169,554C1163.7720366959736,553.4097460785777 1157.2279633040264,552.5902539214223 1152,552C1146.7720366959736,551.4097460785777 1144.1028314983212,552.9994448042507 1139,554C1133.8971685016788,555.0005551957493 1131.1028314983212,552.9994448042507 1126,554C1120.8971685016788,555.0005551957493 1118.8736615926414,558.9133476579938 1114,562C1109.1263384073586,565.0866523420062 1099.66136307511,570.6946973230788 1096,573C1092.33863692489,575.3053026769212 1090.483204121427,576.4334285421064 1087,579C1083.516795878573,581.5665714578936 1081.1965150130834,589.9375605091583 1077,587" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="59489" points="986,564, 997,518, 1012,516, 1025,463, 1040,459, 1057,420," d="M986,564C990.4,545.6 994.1893753202228,523.3610063336492 997,518C999.8106246797772,512.6389936663508 1009.1893753202228,521.3610063336492 1012,516C1014.8106246797772,510.63899366635076 1022.2621324592003,468.5735160651994 1025,463C1027.7378675407997,457.4264839348006 1036.29276020861,463.9816034696806 1040,459C1043.70723979139,454.0183965303194 1050.2,435.6 1057,420" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="88607" points="612,582, 640,538, 660,529, 670,525, 679,508, 694,489, 707,469, 721,454, 735,428, 755,398, 767,372, 785,342, 811,315, 831,284, 856,259, 872,245, 909,225," d="M612,582C623.2,564.4 634.1110770712875,544.5023524004534 640,538C645.8889229287125,531.4976475995466 656.0470493903941,530.7129452641625 660,529C663.9529506096059,527.2870547358375 667.1096169432991,528.1946339047747 670,525C672.8903830567009,521.8053660952253 674.7320514746093,514.401922788086 679,508C683.2679485253907,501.59807721191396 688.4353392714505,496.7507774433368 694,489C699.5646607285495,481.2492225566632 701.9869443734951,475.49840544176556 707,469C712.0130556265049,462.50159455823444 716.3713897923501,460.7776078040588 721,454C725.6286102076499,447.2223921959412 728.8699037406323,438.0966291330763 735,428C741.1300962593677,417.9033708669237 749.3170971664664,407.9450799586839 755,398C760.6829028335336,388.0549200413161 761.5910546506854,382.09669798538744 767,372C772.4089453493146,361.90330201461256 776.4487619533106,353.07774019684757 785,342C793.5512380466894,330.92225980315243 801.8302687715004,326.56183502723854 811,315C820.1697312284996,303.43816497276146 822.1414919926953,295.02392107575696 831,284C839.8585080073047,272.97607892424304 849.8382737235569,264.86115426295805 856,259C862.1617262764431,253.13884573704198 864.84213534064,249.59183770600453 872,245C879.15786465936,240.40816229399547 894.2,233 909,225" linkedTo="45"/>
      <rect id="93283" x="52" y="489" width="60" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="The Gonk" arrowDirection="east"/>
      <rect id="46871" x="310" y="333" width="95" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="The Star Factory" arrowDirection="south"/>
      <path id="25123" points="1067,227, 1022,215, 985,210, 951,213, 917,219, 881,228, 861,238, 828,250, 785,264, 749,285, 727,289, 709,289, 666,299, 646,305, 621,310, 591,314, 551,320, 521,325, 489,328, 469,332, 495,348, 509,364, 492,377, 471,387, 437,397, 412,405, 370,422, 351,425, 316,434, 296,444, 277,454, 238,474, 212,485, 175,502,lower" d="M1067,227C1049,222.2 1036.6235667275714,218.031715053277 1022,215C1007.3764332724286,211.968284946723 998.6474250358453,210.38443450805198 985,210C971.3525749641547,209.61556549194802 964.5348065486843,211.20862854502707 951,213C937.4651934513157,214.79137145497293 930.5035894053866,216.10637369884574 917,219C903.4964105946134,221.89362630115426 889.4700349885957,225.12623812886932 881,228C872.5299650114043,230.87376187113068 869.2608549721526,234.5709658606159 861,238C852.7391450278474,241.4290341393841 841.2894786122516,245.45359942212446 828,250C814.7105213877484,254.54640057787554 800.2420365615205,257.2471989917314 785,264C769.7579634384795,270.7528010082686 757.2137403299637,281.45959468536046 749,285C740.7862596700363,288.54040531463954 734.1642677695119,288.2835732230488 727,289C719.8357322304881,289.7164267769512 716.1051591887599,287.8352198051213 709,289C701.8948408112401,290.1647801948787 674.0952530469091,296.94406271824533 666,299C657.9047469530909,301.05593728175467 654.113362696222,303.01673356314575 646,305C637.886637303778,306.98326643685425 631.0641855113288,308.35313327996437 621,310C610.9358144886712,311.64686672003563 602.9845233530583,312.2879252352774 591,314C579.0154766469417,315.7120747647226 563.0180439258983,318.111450240216 551,320C538.9819560741017,321.888549759784 533.0654984910811,323.4431614850218 521,325C508.9345015089189,326.5568385149782 497.08550024443065,326.9115672747882 489,328C480.91449975556935,329.0884327252118 466.65569203889214,324.18564012964043 469,332C471.34430796110786,339.81435987035957 490.58966030025005,340.7288994139257 495,348C499.41033969974995,355.2711005860743 504.58966030025005,356.7288994139257 509,364C513.41033969975,371.2711005860743 499.3234004825266,372.5674154974181 492,377C484.6765995174734,381.4325845025819 479.7436149800702,383.82050364361083 471,387C462.2563850199298,390.17949635638917 447.0425564906193,393.93616920625175 437,397C426.9574435093807,400.06383079374825 421.8370310708771,401.3294660183294 412,405C402.1629689291229,408.6705339816706 377.31121206694837,419.6028812895251 370,422C362.68878793305163,424.3971187104749 358.5109332074689,423.3309037316736 351,425C343.4890667925311,426.6690962683264 324.45403820437406,431.0795140748526 316,434C307.54596179562594,436.9204859251474 303.6420764612277,440.08098643013966 296,444C288.3579235387723,447.91901356986034 284.6283366273266,450.05430864103795 277,454C269.3716633726734,457.94569135896205 248.19262983957842,469.1388996149703 238,474C227.80737016042158,478.8611003850297 222.3191944063418,480.41369137495917 212,485C201.6808055936582,489.58630862504083 190.42475692947932,497.0203540621366 175,502" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <rect id="64121" x="939" y="271" width="115" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="The Suzuki Complex" arrowDirection="east"/>
      <rect id="42469" x="1025" y="127" width="101" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Sky Line Traverse" arrowDirection="north_east"/>
  <climb id="4" name="Skyline Traverse" fa="Not known" stars="" length="8hrs" grade="2-3" extra="" number="1.">No gear required except possibly water: there is a fixed abseil point along the way but this can be bypassed. Can be done in either direction and involves steep technical scrambling and advanced navigation skills. The polished sections of granite can be very slippery after rain but the friction is usually phenomenal!&lt;br/&gt;Start at the Sleepy Bay car park and follow the track which heads south along the coast past Little Gravelly Beach. After the boot cleaning area, follow the slabs for about 300m to a cairned route which heads steeply up the hill before the remnants of a white dotted line begins. Follow the faint dotted line over Mt Parsons, past a massive bivvy cave, until it ceases on Mt Baudin. Navigation from here is difficult as the obvious way to Mt Dove is blocked by deep ravines and massive boulders. Either abseil in and find a way south through the boulders and scrub or scramble west down a gully till you can traverse back south. When back on the skyline, continue south, down to the col between Mt Baudin and Mt Dove and then steeply up to the summit of Dove. The difficulties aren't over here as the steep scramble down the slabs and corners to the col before Mt Amos still requires care. &lt;br/&gt;Most climbers finish on Mt Amos and walk down the tourist track but it is possible to make your way down through the scrub and over the boulders to the saddle between Mt Amos and Mt Mayson, and then on down to the Wineglass Bay tourist track on the west side of the Peninsular which takes you back to the main car parks. Allow at least a couple of hours extra for this section.&lt;br/&gt;The point where the ascent of Mt. Parsons begins is where the Sea-level Traverse diverges off left, and as you ascend from here Hazards Main Wall is to your left (south). Where this ascent relents and is level for ~200m is the top of the longer routes at the south of Hazards Main Wall (Japhlion etc.), and so this is also the quickest descent route from Hazards Main Wall. Also this point is roughly the same altitude as the foot of Wombat Crag (middle tier), part of which can be seen from here if you look west. This is the best way to reach Wombat Crag, and is the return route and one access for Flowstone. From the top of Mt. Parsons, Flowstone can be seen ~500m away to the south, the foot up to ~150m above the water. Just below the summit of Mt. Dove and to its northwest is the cliff called Windy Hill. To your left when you're in the saddle between Dove and Amos is the east face of Amos.</climb>
  <climb id="5" name="Sealevel Traverse" fa="R. Williams, L. Closs, summer 1970." stars="**" length="8hrs" grade="16" extra="" number="2.">Strictly a misnomer, as sometimes you get some distance from the sea - take water and at least a small rack and a rope (the first climbers bivvied half way). A wet suit is an optional luxury! Requires a fairly still day with low swell. &lt;br/&gt;Start at the Sleepy Bay car park (a car shuffle may be necessary if you don't want a long slog back from the other end), walk down the tourist track past Little Gravelly Beach and then follow the littoral line as closely as is reasonable south and then west to Wineglass Bay. Shortly after the route diverges down from the Skyline Traverse climb the "Horizontal Chimney". After 2km of traversing on the slabs and climbing over short steps, you round a corner and see Flowstone Wall. At this point you are at The Gonk. Just after you pass below Flowstone you must swim ~50m (unless you climb Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, or any other route on Flowstone, then drop back to sea level). Scramble and walk more easily along the coast line, finishing at the north end of Wineglass Bay Beach. Return over the tourist track to the Mt Amos car park.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="6">Main Wall Right Hand Side</text>
  <text class="Discussion" id="7">The following climbs start from the mid level traverse, a line leading left from the Skyline traverse that accesses the steeper part of the cliff. Follow the Skyline traverse halfway up the hill for approximately 200m. A series of cairns and a rough pad lead off left and traverese round and down under the cliffs. There are two variant traverse lines. The Axiom round to the Reprieve are accessed from a higher level above a slab. For routes left of Stud City take the lower level variant which traveres under the bottom of the slab, climbing back up to join the crag at Stud City. Routes are described from right to left.</text>
  <image id="69" height="543" src="Coles Bay - Hazards Main Wall Right Hand Side.jpg" width="1000" legendTitle="Hazards Main Wall RHS" legendy="1" legendx="1" legend="true">
      <path id="18330" linkedTo="19" d="M389,317C405,309 416.35802539261425,303.76612725465714 429,297C441.64197460738575,290.23387274534286 455.4147009750193,283.3560340737317 460,279C464.5852990249807,274.6439659262683 467.4147009750193,271.3560340737317 472,267C476.5852990249807,262.6439659262683 474.59192679346177,257.8481777873071 477,252C479.40807320653823,246.15182221269285 489.1388902951527,224.4647405067807 493,216C496.8611097048473,207.5352594932193 499.0055232519387,199.63510037746732 503,195C506.9944767480613,190.36489962253268 506.6,183.6 509,176" points="389,317, 429,297,label 460,279, 472,267,belay 477,252, 493,216, 503,195, 509,176,belay"/>
      <path id="49418" d="M574,162" points="574,162,lower"/>
      <path id="99954" d="M496,374" points="496,374,lower"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="76767" height="22" width="31" x="581" y="136" arrowDirection="none" text="50m"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="63986" height="22" width="31" x="503" y="348" text="30m"/>
      <path id="7700" linkedTo="20" d="M305,496C306.6,484 305.16396569075505,476.5907903755242 309,466C312.83603430924495,455.4092096244758 309.66182890360415,446.63324712515396 312,438C314.33817109639585,429.36675287484604 316.5358110852557,422.047547344255 322,418C327.4641889147443,413.952452655745 334.6235204360495,423.20446218415736 339,418C343.3764795639505,412.79553781584264 350.621096060032,391.4228002561239 359,374C367.378903939968,356.5771997438761 396.78569970311923,294.4840545437583 402,287C407.21430029688077,279.5159454562417 427.2738766430281,284.9247552709899 438,274C448.7261233569719,263.0752447290101 447.5511786301388,248.20794303606033 456,232C464.4488213698612,215.79205696393967 483.0055232519387,184.63510037746732 487,180" points="305,496, 309,466, 312,438, 322,418, 339,418, 359,374,belay 402,287, 438,274,belay 456,232, 487,180,belay"/>
      <path id="5387" linkedTo="21" d="M403,285C408.21430029688077,277.5159454562417 405.815880991328,271.3583123977639 409,263C412.184119008672,254.6416876022361 415.11148614258786,251.0547787046395 419,243C422.88851385741214,234.9452212953605 431.4895510903105,217.26519273447025 437,205C442.5104489096895,192.73480726552975 444.8,186.4 450,174" points="403,285, 409,263, 419,243,label 437,205, 450,174,belay"/>
      <path id="6060" linkedTo="28" d="M119,502C121,494.4 124.68357142333163,487.2723213958227 124,483C123.31642857666837,478.7276786041773 114.25866473060337,481.26267779903066 115,477C115.74133526939663,472.73732220096934 132.1659946119709,421.0781637932845 136,414C139.8340053880291,406.9218362067155 150.30336554926006,412.15086664241494 154,405C157.69663445073994,397.84913335758506 192.4602891119331,307.30800712118486 197,296C201.5397108880669,284.69199287881514 203.67270326546966,278.95901042531955 209,268C214.32729673453034,257.04098957468045 226.06940972364887,235.2369078920337 232,224C237.93059027635113,212.7630921079663 241.39024610678922,207.40046758942836 247,196C252.60975389321078,184.59953241057164 255.57102125190704,174.4822206909835 263,161C270.42897874809296,147.5177793090165 285.8,123.2 301,98" points="119,502, 124,483, 115,477, 136,414,lower 154,405, 197,296, 209,268,belay 232,224, 247,196, 263,161, 301,98,"/>
      <path id="45780" linkedTo="29" d="M84,512C88,481.2 91.45704260634437,444.2915750922033 94,435C96.54295739365563,425.7084249077967 105.9062365624564,424.60270352686666 110,417C114.0937634375436,409.39729647313334 111.52430604453212,403.90440076969304 115,396C118.47569395546788,388.09559923030696 168.48379002176932,283.7431432499335 172,276C175.51620997823068,268.2568567500665 178.309037254516773090372545168,248.79193532763836 186,232C193.690962745483236909627454832,215.20806467236164 213.6,179.8 232,145" points="84,512, 94,435, 110,417, 115,396, 172,276,lower 186,232, 232,145,"/>
      <path id="55221" linkedTo="24" d="M287,496C288.6,480.8 293.8718202157084,467.3334157010523 291,458C288.1281797842916,448.6665842989477 277.3759902212493,450.182778396363 271,444C264.6240097787507,437.817221603637 260.9927800159556,430.8829568681381 258,426C255.0072199840444,421.1170431318619 251.28963714580829,418.68290283353366 252,413C252.71036285419171,407.31709716646634 260.1352866642542,402.03261129244356 262,394C263.8647133357458,385.96738870755644 252.7827061510607,383.15586878789344 254,375C255.2172938489393,366.84413121210656 268.6697806895435,335.5105604600556 272,327C275.3302193104565,318.4894395399444 276.1695425008491,313.7580074986363 281,306C285.8304574991509,298.2419925013637 298.52322401934174,282.7436475738886 305,274C311.47677598065826,265.2563524261114 314.56526765538604,260.77463501538267 321,252C327.43473234461396,243.22536498461736 339.5092439254266,227.3987144582213 349,214C358.4907560745734,200.6012855417787 364.5881092025814,194.6514120414089 372,180C379.4118907974186,165.3485879585911 384,149.4 392,129" points="287,496, 291,458, 271,444, 258,426, 252,413, 262,394,belay 254,375, 272,327, 281,306, 305,274, 321,252, 349,214, 372,180, 392,129,"/>
      <path id="21727" linkedTo="23" d="M261,393C262.8647133357458,384.96738870755644 265.69335325997656,380.60590821335416 272,375C278.30664674002344,369.39409178664584 292.15111171018975,363.04163717465696 297,361C301.84888828981025,358.95836282534304 305.13858243815037,361.0116210600757 310,359C314.86141756184963,356.9883789399243 327.2160922352123,356.4485649406752 326,349" points="261,393, 272,375, 297,361,label 310,359, 326,349,"/>
      <path id="43461" linkedTo="16" d="M622,447C622.8,440.2 619.5030898181716,435.1631190976548 624,430C628.4969101818284,424.8368809023452 642.4661591119717,425.4164177503937 649,416C655.5338408880283,406.5835822496063 655.1950272430299,395.1806956046823 658,381C660.8049727569701,366.8193043953177 668.5159354034328,334.6468616582088 667,325C665.4840645965672,315.3531383417912 644.7519856810047,320.50296962120746 647,311C649.2480143189953,301.49703037879254 682.0994900289573,243.90894462744458 689,232C695.9005099710427,220.09105537255542 701,215.2 709,204" points="622,447, 624,430, 649,416, 658,381, 667,325, 647,311, 689,232, 709,204,"/>
      <path id="56000" linkedTo="9" d="M895,388C906.6,353.2 917.5783407287867,318.8986673304031 924,301C930.4216592712133,283.1013326695969 937.0012037722769,268.0910791302606 942,257C946.9987962277231,245.90892086973943 948.5310900805663,239.60288418212906 956,230" points="895,388, 924,301, 942,257, 956,230,lower"/>
      <path id="48070" linkedTo="11" d="M788,459C796.4,435.4 807.6074277574832,404.62825480601185 809,400C810.3925722425168,395.37174519398815 797.2588871976707,399.77606028167816 798,395C798.7411128023293,390.22393971832184 813.6989022752485,353.2383521195119 818,342C822.3010977247515,330.7616478804881 824.7339770187355,323.45944226280403 829,314C833.2660229812645,304.54055773719597 836.2,300.2 841,291" points="788,459, 809,400, 798,395, 818,342, 829,314, 841,291,lower"/>
      <path id="6665" linkedTo="12" d="M773,447C782.6,427.4 795.6074277574832,402.62825480601185 797,398" points="773,447, 797,398,"/>
      <path id="99107" linkedTo="14" d="M712,455C717.2,441.8 722.8161568894018,425.3750302618336 725,422C727.1838431105982,418.6249697381664 732.8161568894018,426.3750302618336 735,423C737.1838431105982,419.6249697381664 749.4479155216941,387.4197182397704 757,369C764.5520844783059,350.5802817602296 769.7602974643107,336.86600563486513 776,323C782.2397025356893,309.13399436513487 784.7985329964398,300.5211084097631 793,289C801.2014670035602,277.4788915902369 808.766039310586,274.71139439972023 818,264" points="712,455, 725,422, 735,423, 757,369, 776,323, 793,289, 818,264,"/>
      <path id="18076" linkedTo="13" d="M753,440C759,421.2 761.9788643761565,411.79324149260265 768,393C774.0211356238435,374.20675850739735 780.3375655047275,351.8841135304306 786,337C791.6624344952725,322.1158864695694 794.7199366985594,314.60296113808084 803,301C811.2800633014406,287.39703886191916 818.766039310586,278.71139439972023 828,268" points="753,440, 768,393, 786,337, 803,301, 828,268,"/>
      <path id="52666" linkedTo="30" d="M68,513C69.2,505 76.57896508031908,498.857913334335 71,493C65.42103491968092,487.142086665665 46.098747179232326,501.0102851071164 48,492C49.901252820767674,482.9897148928836 85.28845107543555,403.8219301616901 94,384C102.71154892456445,364.1780698383099 112.38518168028465,343.60601254217187 117,335C121.61481831971535,326.39398745782813 126.00523505535652,323.39120510700104 131,315C135.9947649446435,306.60879489299896 137.32599715857768,300.1044843189619 142,293C146.67400284142232,285.8955156810381 152.48379002176932,284.7431432499335 156,277C159.51620997823068,269.2568567500665 161.6930994510152,260.8933194554793 165,250C168.3069005489848,239.10668054452069 168.73234375647596,232.25109373292705 173,221C177.26765624352404,209.74890626707295 180.1479657326841,202.9073198540947 187,192C193.8520342673159,181.0926801459053 208,162.6 222,143" points="68,513, 71,493, 48,492, 94,384,belay 117,335, 131,315, 142,293,belay 156,277, 165,250, 173,221, 187,192, 222,143,"/>
      <path id="38894" linkedTo="26" d="M138,501C139.2,489.8 137.35143863968275,479.3849823805552 141,473C144.64856136031725,466.6150176194448 153.25539799368502,471.6186076390572 158,466C162.74460200631498,460.3813923609428 171.25739105878992,442.3238265412387 179,428C186.74260894121008,413.6761734587613 190.79419135102543,406.6012438413432 198,392C205.20580864897457,377.3987561586568 210.03491129500992,367.679554530371 217,351C223.96508870499008,334.320445469629 229.19302992301573,320.05951621555596 236,301C242.80697007698427,281.94048378444404 248.63696028111465,262.6855543903898 252,253C255.36303971888535,243.31444560961017 257.65225168460574,238.69085038666756 261,229C264.34774831539426,219.30914961333244 267.30375888348436,207.5046200138974 271,198C274.69624111651564,188.4953799861026 277.4392982996034,184.1214034007931 282,175C286.5607017003966,165.8785965992069 290.7661196694578,157.47600697213448 297,146C303.2338803305422,134.52399302786552 314.4,114.8 326,94" points="138,501, 141,473, 158,466, 179,428, 198,392, 217,351,belay 236,301, 252,253, 261,229,belay 271,198, 282,175, 297,146, 326,94,"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="12255" height="22" width="31" x="848" y="265" text="36m"/>
      <path id="95065" linkedTo="18" d="M476,507C476.4,497 476.6078309738065,492.0003101679345 477,482C477.3921690261935,471.9996898320655 477.6,466.4 478,456" points="476,507, 477,482, 478,456,lower"/>
      <path id="73823" d="M487,180C490.9944767480613,175.36489962253268 530.8289368040815,166.6580482841661 543,164C555.1710631959185,161.3419517158339 561.6,162.2 574,161" points="487,180, 543,164, 574,161," lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="66310" d="M487,180C490.9944767480613,175.36489962253268 493.8223986850297,169.77799835628718 490,165C486.1776013149703,160.22200164371282 469.4331050121193,164.73242004847714 467,155C464.5668949878807,145.26757995152286 475.53063587042953,136.2336751391093 481,129C486.46936412957047,121.76632486089069 490.8416589803331,119.56759857085206 498,114C505.1583410196669,108.43240142914794 512.5370251388579,106.17705083892491 517,101C521.4629748611421,95.82294916107509 519.8307769917781,90.74421670240224 523,85C526.1692230082219,79.25578329759776 530.7445163627641,75.77793509237007 533,72C535.2554836372359,68.22206490762993 530.7445163627641,64.77793509237007 533,61C535.2554836372359,57.22206490762993 554.906148934317,36.62689811958588 563,29C571.093851065683,21.373101880414122 576.2,18.799999999999997 585,12" points="487,180, 490,165, 467,155, 481,129, 498,114, 517,101, 523,85, 533,72, 533,61, 563,29, 585,12," lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="48431" linkedTo="22" d="M305,515C306.6,495.4 305.16396569075505,476.5907903755242 309,466C312.83603430924495,455.4092096244758 338.45138988251944,452.3192504115751 344,446C349.54861011748056,439.6807495884249 343.1757193198414,433.2092630607138 345,425C346.8242806801586,416.7907369392862 357.4783021317675,382.7659021133795 360,374C362.5216978682325,365.2340978866205 373.2705990309175,357.50802956887685 366,352C358.7294009690825,346.49197043112315 328.2160922352123,356.4485649406752 327,349C325.7839077647877,341.5514350593248 335.413593588174,327.1414020018617 342,313C348.586406411826,298.8585979981383 354.03954024507,289.92091950985997 361,276C367.96045975493,262.07908049014003 370.6448011971778,254.7164518214793 378,241C385.3551988028222,227.2835481785207 387.7811012042408,219.02223387736373 398,207C408.2188987957592,194.97776612263627 416.6,191.4 429,181" points="305,515, 309,466, 344,446, 345,425, 360,374, 366,352, 327,349, 342,313, 361,276,belay 378,241, 398,207, 429,181,belay"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="39954" height="22" width="31" x="177" y="248" text="40m"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="84109" height="22" width="31" x="135" y="383" text="20m"/>
      <path id="84159" points="805,379, 835,353, 860,331, 882,304, 906,273,label 927,256, 955,229," d="M805,379C817,368.6 824.9638858159555,361.75879056062075 835,353C845.0361141840445,344.24120943937925 850.7791032381185,340.6132753474934 860,331C869.2208967618815,321.3867246525066 873.3431888341004,314.91510973091687 882,304C890.6568111658996,293.08489026908313 898.6083713136971,280.88440393205633 906,273C913.3916286863029,265.11559606794367 918.9587643323338,263.2207014158635 927,256C935.0412356676662,248.77929858413648 947.5310900805663,238.60288418212906 955,229" linkedTo="73"/>
  <climb id="9" name="The Axiom" fa="Roger Parkyn, Sam Edwards (alt), Sep 1994." stars="***" length="30m" grade="24" extra="" number="3." guide.action="submit""45""0" guide.type="climb">Start at the base of the waterwashed groove 30m right of Full Sail. Follow 9 bolts up the polished groove to a large ledge and rap anchors. The crux is overcoming the two inital bulges and is technical but not strenuous.</climb>
  <text class="Discussion" id="10">Rap anchors now exist to service the next few climbs and can be found at the top of Full Sail.</text>
  <climb id="11" name="Full Sail" fa="K. Lindorff, K. Roseberry, Jan 1977." stars="**" length="40m" grade="19" extra="" number="4." guide.action="submit""44""0" guide.type="climb">On the RH end of the Main Wall there is a compact wall about 100m from sea level. At the RH end of the wall and running to the right a prominent roof splits the wall at about 15m height. Full Sail takes the line on the LH end of this roof. Climb the line to the corner of the roof, step left, then continue up past large columnar bridge to a DBB where angle eases. Instead of stepping left at the roof it is possible to continue up the crack through the roof and traverse left at the next blank wall. This makes the climb more sustained but still 19.</climb>
  <climb id="12" name="Full Sail Direct" fa="Doug Fife, L.Minami, Dec 1982." stars="**" length="36m" grade="20" extra="" number="5." guide.action="submit""43""0" guide.type="climb">A few metres left of Full Sail below a bolt at 5m. Climb via the bolt into Full Sail and up this line to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="73" stars="*" extra="" number="6." name="The smell of an oily rag" length="65m" grade="20" fa="Alex Lewis and Kate Tasker Aug 2015">Start up Full Sail Direct until 3m above roof, then traverse R into corner/ledge system and up right to arching overlap. Along this to its R end, up and over, step right to a good cam in a horizontal. Blast up the slab aiming for the anchors on The Axiom (FA went up black streak but follow your nose). A worthwhile outing and a mega single pitch tbat will fulfill your narcissistic desires. The hardest moves are the start but the top is enticingly bold.</climb>
  <climb id="13" name="Havahorror" fa="Doug Fife, L.Minami, Dec 1982." stars="*" length="45m" grade="21" extra="" number="7." guide.action="submit""42""0" guide.type="climb">The first line left of Full Sail, often a bit dirty, but cleaning it is easy if you do one of the other routes first. Up the fine left facing corner.</climb>
  <climb id="14" name="Trucks Have Wings" fa="A.Hasan, Garn Cooper, Jun 1992." stars="**" length="45m" grade="18" extra="" number="8." guide.action="submit""41""0" guide.type="climb">Excellent. The first crack left of Havahorror. Climb the slab past two bolts (crux), move right into the crack. Up this and the slab above.</climb>
  <climb id="15" name="Jack Shit" fa="Garn Cooper, P.Sullivan, Adam Potito, Mar 1993." stars="" length="45m" grade="17" extra="" number="9." guide.action="submit""39""0" guide.type="climb">A dirty adventure, which with a good cleaning effort or much traffic might become a good climb. Start as for Trucks Have Wings, clipping it's first two bolts before traversing left past the first crack to climb the second one. The direct start was done on top-rope by the second.</climb>
  <climb id="16" name="The Reprieve" fa="B. Kennedy, D. Bowman, Dec 1976." stars="" length="90m" grade="18" extra="" number="10." guide.action="submit""38""0" guide.type="climb">Surprisingly worthwhile and adventurous. Start 30m left of Full Sail at a pile of blocks on the ledge. &lt;br/&gt;1. 45m. Move up wall on good holds then friction traverse right for 6m then up to ledge and dead tree. Continue easily up wall to belay. &lt;br/&gt;2. 45m. Traverse left for 6m then straight up to ledge.</climb>
  <climb id="17" name="Leo&apos;s Retreat" fa="C. Rathbone, G. Kowalik, P. Robinson, Nov 1976." stars="" length="160m" grade="15" extra="" number="11." guide.action="submit""37""0" guide.type="climb">Loose, scrubby and indirect, found 30m left of The Reprieve. &lt;br/&gt;1. 25m. Up variety of cracks to belay on sloping ledge to the left. &lt;br/&gt;2. 42m. Move left around the corner to a large scrubby terrace. Walk 30m left to the obvious corner. &lt;br/&gt;3. 25m. Move up right to a small hollow, then trend left and up via the corner to a good ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 30m. Move right for 12m then up a wide crack to clean slabs. Belay on jammed blocks. &lt;br/&gt;5. 12m. Left up slabs to small caves. &lt;br/&gt;6. 33m. Up broken walls to the base of the overhang. &lt;br/&gt;7. 40m. Right for 12m, up grooves, then across the slab to final short wall and on to top.</climb>
  <climb id="18" name="Trouble In Paradise" fa="Roger Parkyn, C.Bye, Nov 1992." stars="" length="9m" grade="21" extra="" number="12." guide.action="submit""36""0" guide.type="climb">This is the bolted route about 20m right of Stud City, just left of a corner. The first two bolts are missing hangers, but take wires. The climbing isn't great, but there is a single bolt belay and lower off.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="70">The descent for the next few climbs is serviced by either abseil or by continuing upward to meet the Skyline Traverse. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Abseil route: From the top of Stud City scramble (roped up) right for 30m to a bigger ledge where on the edge of the slab you will see a tree with a sling on it. Rap 50m from here to a huge ledge covered in trees. From this ledge walk down about 10m towards the next drop off where you will see a tree beside a small gully. Rap 30m from here to the ground.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Alternately from the top of Stud City you can climb up to tree-filled corner above (you might want to stay roped up) and continue scrambling upwards till you meet up with the Skyline Traverse.</text>
  <climb id="20" name="Stud City" fa="B.Kennedy, T.Beaman, R.Muehlin, Jan 1977. FFA: H, Rock Daddy, Noel Baby." stars="***" length="100m" grade="19" extra="" number="13." guide.action="submit""33""0" guide.type="climb">The original classic on this part of the cliff, it is highly regarded. Well protected (full rack up to #4 BD), it takes in the enormous flake that can be seen from just before the horizontal chimney on the sea level traverse. It is much easier to approach along the higher traverse line, the route along the base of these climbs, than from sea level. The climb begins straight above the horizontal chimney by the largest gum tree on the scrubby terrace.&lt;br/&gt;1. 40m 17. Up right trending crack until the large hollow flake is reached. Traverse right, along the flake and up groove to belay on ledges.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 18. Continue up to the flake, undercling right along the flake to its end. Move 3m right across slab to belay below water runnel chimney.&lt;br/&gt;3. 30m 19. Move up chimney groove to finger crack, continue up until the climbing gets desperate, at which point it is possible to move left onto the wall, which is climbed to a small ledge and crack. Take the handcrack to top, belay on tree. (This pitch can be linked with the previous one on a full stretched 60m double rope &amp; no drag. Keep small gear for the end)</climb>
  <climb id="19" name="Continuum" fa="Hamish and Marcel Jackson Feb 1999." stars="**" length="60m" grade="17" extra="" number="14." guide.action="submit""35""0" guide.type="climb">Why>Originally wasn't this gem uncovered earlier? A mossy traverse that with some cleaning and or some traffic would be 3 starsled ground up with a large runout out through the crux; the FA team failed to subsequently repeat this route a few years on (self sand bag). As of June 2017 two bolts have been added and some brushing of the initial groove has consideriably improved the route's repeatability. Start at the belay atop the first pitch of Stud City.&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 17. Climb the second pitch of Stud City until to the initial overlap (10m below the enormous flake) then follow the diagonal overlap leading right. Initiallypast a2 bitBR runand out (crux)spaced but good natural gear. When the overlap peters out, continue traversing right then up to belay just right of the arête on a descentdecent size sloppingsloping ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 15. Step back left ontoof the arête and follow the convoluted depressions up the arête to the top with spaced gear. Great climbing for the grade.</climb> 
  <climb id="21" name="Well Hung" fa="Hamish and Marcel Jackson Feb 1999." stars="" length="50m" grade="18" extra="" number="15.">Exciting stuff following a direct continuation of Stud City's big corner. Start up S.C.'s second pitch, but instead of going right across the under-cling flake, take the cracks straight up through the roof/overlap and ultimately take the RH crack (crux, crack currently full of dirt and grass making it impossible to climb without rap cleaning it first) to the top of the slabs. Passing the overlap turns out to be relatively easy, but pretty exposed.</climb>
  <climb id="22" name="RP Freedomseeker" fa="Garn Cooper, Al Adams, B. Kennedy, Mar 1991." stars="*" length="100m" grade="17" extra="" number="16." guide.action="submit""32""0" guide.type="climb">Optional bouldery start through gum leaves to gain the ramp. Otherwise start at Stud City.&lt;br/&gt;1. 35m 17. Climb the right-leading ramp, then up into Stud City and up to belay where a big ledge leads left.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 17. Traverse left into the corner. Climb corner and clean wall on left, then up slab to belay.&lt;br/&gt;3. 35m. On to top.</climb>
  <climb id="23" name="Torstein And Back" fa="G.Cooper, M.Sands, Nov 1991." stars="" length="16m" grade="19" extra="" number="17." guide.action="submit""31""0" guide.type="climb">How can you ignore a line like this? Approx. 4m above the first belay on Hootin and Jivin (belay there). Traverse along the flake to the right. Continue up RP Freedom Seeker, or Stud City, or whatever.</climb>
  <climb id="24" name="Hootin And Jivin" fa="Garn Cooper, B. Kennedy, Feb 1988." stars="" length="90m" grade="22" extra="" number="18." guide.action="submit""29""0" guide.type="climb">Well protected at the difficult sections. Just left of Stud City, below the right hand end of the obvious traverse line. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m. Up, then traverse left, to belay on the ledge after the hard bit. &lt;br/&gt;2. 20m. Straight up the corner, stepping left at the huge diagonal to surmount the bulge. &lt;br/&gt;3. 50m. Straight up to belay (quite run-out, but easy).</climb>
  <text class="Discussion" id="25">A first rate, but solid (22,19,18,19) outing would be to climb the first pitch of Hootin and Jivin, followed by Torstein and Back, then reverse the traverse of RP Freedomseeker to finish up the last two pitches of Stud City.</text>
  <climb id="26" name="Lubricity" fa="Pitch 1: A. Potito, R. Eccleston Jul 1993. Pitch 2-3: A. Hasan, G. Cooper, A. Herington, M.Sands, Jun 1992." stars="" length="105m" grade="22" extra="" number="19." guide.action="submit""28""0" guide.type="climb">A good route which combines a very steep start with some beautiful slab climbing above. Awaits a direct third pitch which has been top-roped by seconds at grade 18. Five meters right of Kids on Skids, there's a ledge below and to the left of where a short left facing corner broaches the overhanging wall. Start here. &lt;br/&gt;1. 35m. Right along the ledge, then up the corner to a sloping hold and bolt. More desperate moves up and left onto slab, which is followed past two overlaps. Traverse left for 5m under second overlap to a weakness leading back right which is followed. Belay on the ledge above. &lt;br/&gt;2. 30m. Straight up passing a bolt in the slab, then slightly left and up to a 5 hex placement in the ocean of granite, then another bolt. Belay beneath the wall. &lt;br/&gt;3. 40m. Diagonally right along ledge to a feasible crack system (8m). Up passing a cave on the right before moving back left to a slabby corner. Belay when angle eases.</climb>
  <climb id="27" name="Tic Tac Toe" fa="Kim Robinson 12 Aug 2001." stars="" length="15m" grade="25" extra="" number="20.">Climbs the overhanging crack between Lubricity and Kids on Skids. Head right to Lubricity once topped out over lip.</climb>
  <climb id="28" name="Kids On Skids" fa="Garn Cooper, Al Adams, Jan 1988." stars="**" length="95m" grade="17" extra="" number="21." guide.action="submit""26""0" guide.type="climb">The first pitch is a psychological wrestle, the second a pleasant slab and the third finishes via a steep headwall. Start 20m right of Cosmic City Flameout &amp; 30m left of Stud City, where the overhanging wall changes to a slab, there is a small flake at 5m with some small overlaps above.&lt;br/&gt;1. 20m 17. (Stars are for this pitch) Up, traverse left to flake, then straight up through overlaps to belay at small one man cave with slot in roof. Gear is good but relatively sparse and some of the rock is a little suspect. Rap off (while you're ahead) a thread here (1.5m to 2m long threads have been replace on Sep 2013).&lt;br/&gt;2. 40m 17. (Very mossy) Step right 2m and up RP crack. When this runs out and the angle eases, go straight up to belay at small 1m wall 5m under steep headwall. (It is possilbe to rap from here by traversing 7m left to DBB)&lt;br/&gt;3. 30m. Step right a little and go up polished cracks above.</climb>
  <climb id="29" name="Don&apos;t Land On The Lunch" fa="Al Adams, Garn Cooper, Pete Steane, Jan 1990. Direct headwall finish added by Matt Perchard, J.Keane Dec 1990." stars="**" length="90m" grade="20" extra="" number="22." guide.action="submit""25""0" guide.type="climb">A triumph over self-doubt. This testpiece slab was bolted on lead, so spare a thought for the first ascentionist, who climbed it ground up, before complaining about the lack of bolts and gear. Starts at a large boulder left of Kids on Skids, below two closely positioned bolts.&lt;br/&gt;1. 47m 20. Straight up past small ledge and the 2 bolts (carrots, topmost with hanger) to reach a welcome stance with spike runner (crux). Up the slab to a big cave that is passed on its LHS and continue up to the R facing flake and gear (phew). Follow the line to belay on a sloping stance at the apex of the triangular slab (some cunning RP placements).&lt;br/&gt;2. 45m 18. Move right a touch and up slab via two overlaps for 8m towards left end of small 1m wall 5m under steep headwall. Either use the DBB at this point to rap back to the bottom (60m) or continue up the headwall via the obvious crack onto slab and up to belay. Alternatively you can traverse R from the DBB for 10m into a cave before climbing pitch 3 of Kids on Skids.</climb>
  <climb id="30" name="Cosmic City Flameout" fa="B. Kennedy, P. Cullen, Jan 1977." stars="" length="150m" grade="19" extra="" number="23." guide.action="submit""24""0" guide.type="climb">Not too sustained nor inspiring. Starts as for Don't Land on the Lunch at a large boulder left of Kids on Skids.&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 19. Move up onto ledge, diagonally left along weakness then 5m up to follow flake. Move up wall above until angle eases. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m 15. Move easily up wall and slab to belay in small cave. &lt;br/&gt;3. 45m 16. Climb fused corner until quartz veins. Traverse right then up wall to belay. &lt;br/&gt;4. 35m. Continue easily to top.</climb>
  <climb id="31" name="Auntie Helen, There&apos;s Something Furry In Your Fridge" fa="G. Cooper, P. Cullen, Feb 1988." stars="" length="143m" grade="18" extra="" number="24.">Not even a strong line. Start as for Fianchetto. &lt;br/&gt;1. 23m. As for Fianchetto. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Step right then straight up.&lt;br/&gt;3. 40m. Straight up slab. &lt;br/&gt;4. 40m. Step right, then up delightful scallops to traverse right across a dubious bridge (pons asinorum) below steep headwall.</climb>
  <climb id="32" name="Fianchetto" fa="G. Cooper, B. Kennedy, Feb 1988." stars="" length="100m" grade="18" extra="" number="25." guide.action="submit""23""0" guide.type="climb">A strong line is the best that can be said about this one. Starts 20m left of Cosmic City Flameout at a big steep left facing corner. &lt;br/&gt;1. 23m. Up corner, left under roof, then up to belay on big loose flake. &lt;br/&gt;2. 22m. Continue up, traversing left under headwall roofs, to belay where drag dictates. &lt;br/&gt;3. 55m. Continue left until roofs end, then straight up to finish below steep headwall. Exit right via pons-asinorum (Epaminondas pitch 5).</climb>
  <climb id="33" name="Epaminondas" fa="Pitches 1-4: Garn Cooper, Al Adams, Jan 1990. Fat Boy variant (pitches 5 &amp; 6): Dave Gardner, Garn Cooper, Fat Boy Buckley, Mar 1993" stars="*" length="226m" grade="17" extra="" number="26." guide.action="submit""19""0" guide.type="climb">A hoot for the grade, particularly the first pitch. Named after a foolish and dimwitted boy from a children's story. Start 7m L of Fianchetto, directly below parallel cracks and the LH end of the first big roof. &lt;br/&gt;1. 31m. Up small crack for 5m, L for 8m, up short R facing corner for 10m to stance, L for 5m to base of crack, up this for 3m to good stance and awkward semi-hanging belay on slab. &lt;br/&gt;2. 47m. Follow crack up slab for 3m, traverse L on horizontal break for 10m, up major corner for 4m, move 2m R to thin flakes and crack. Up crack and steep corner above to belay on slab near trees. &lt;br/&gt;3. 50m. Straight up slab to belay at base of groove just short of a tree covered terrace on RHS. &lt;br/&gt;4. 8m. Climb the groove to belay on the terrace. &lt;br/&gt;5. 50m. Last pitch has been separated as an exit route. See route description 'Pons asinorum'&lt;br/&gt;5a. Fat Boy variant: Traverse L off the terrace and across the cave. Climb the line leading out the top of the cave to belay at the foot of a short laid back corner. &lt;br/&gt;6. 40m. Fat Boy variant continued: Up corner then up the terraces.</climb>
  <climb id="72" name="Pons Asinorum" fa="" stars="" length="50m" grade="??" extra="" number="27.">An escape option right exists via the 'pons asinorum' (bridge of asses). Walk 10m R to the end of the terrace and belay. Step 2m down around the corner, then climb the delightfully scalloped slab to the top. Traverse R below the steep headwall across a dubious bridge (pons asinorum) to belay near scrub. To exit, walk R along the terrace system, moving up a level after 30m to access exit chimney and easier ground.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="34">Main Wall Left Hand Side</text>
  <text class="Discussion" id="35">The following climbs start downhill to the left of Epaminondas and are most quickly approached along the sealevel traverse if the swell permits this. They are described R-L to continue on from the previous section.</text>
  <image id="71" height="882" src="Coles Bay - Hazards Main Wall Left Hand Side.jpg" width="600" legendy="5" legendx="5" legend="true">
      <path id="77408" d="M560,863C512.4,861.4 462.6591781930894,859 441,859C419.3408218069106,859 402.04201454063474,865.2221157844119 387,863C371.95798545936526,860.7778842155881 365.72933161556483,854.3164966555023 353,846C340.27066838443517,837.6835033444977 328.56876632303226,822.0917230879925 312,814C295.43123367696774,805.9082769120075 284.88854381999835,808.4721359549995 267,804C249.11145618000168,799.5278640450005 219.68568987176843,797.1355462895252 192,784C164.31431012823157,770.8644537104748 134.28099508513137,766.1129688724986 130,739C125.71900491486863,711.8870311275014 164.36926556677173,704.325291112317 177,689C189.63073443322827,673.674708887683 193.8,664.4 205,648" points="560,863, 441,859, 387,863, 353,846, 312,814, 267,804, 192,784, 130,739, 177,689, 205,648," lineStyle="dotted" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="50389" linkedTo="28" d="M498,562C498.12719974560076,557.6752086495741 502.87280025439924,552.3247913504259 503,548C503.12719974560076,543.6752086495741 493.3475481392034,546.2771844207776 494,542C494.6524518607966,537.7228155792224 509.78911866035054,493.497999966873 512,489C514.2108813396494,484.502000033127 520.7867210646522,487.4968206940399 523,483C525.2132789353478,478.5031793059601 563.7852353884155,386.16483766501887 575,361C586.2147646115845,335.83516233498113 593,323.8 605,299" points="498,562, 503,548, 494,542, 512,489,lower 523,483, 575,361,belay 605,299,"/>
      <path id="27033" linkedTo="29" d="M463,567C467.8,551 472.6819132491344,535.3178406942825 475,527C477.3180867508656,518.6821593057175 477.0390431679536,512.4770930701015 480,506C482.9609568320464,499.52290692989845 488.62972250894217,498.7157862246638 491,492C493.37027749105783,485.2842137753362 488.89166585186365,479.38229360182385 492,472C495.10833414813635,464.61770639817615 502.8734355755099,462.4149549048425 507,454C511.1265644244901,445.5850450951575 536.8318345425337,385.060883180226 543,368C549.1681654574663,350.939116819774 546.1629501852441,340.3615601395782 554,324C561.8370498147559,307.6384398604218 581.6,279 600,249" points="463,567, 475,527, 480,506, 491,492, 492,472, 507,454, 543,368,lower 554,324, 600,249,"/>
      <path id="25503" linkedTo="30" d="M448,582C451.6,572.4 461.82484917382635,567.0465922009245 457,558C452.17515082617365,548.9534077990755 430.0458207734836,562.0965926703345 432,552C433.9541792265164,541.9034073296655 468.8064422591453,477.70747191658114 475,465C481.1935577408547,452.29252808341886 485.8487499819538,442.1327500397017 490,433C494.1512500180462,423.8672499602983 495.31386563635397,418.8701829026157 500,410C504.68613436364603,401.1298170973843 512.6911030696481,392.190800358586 518,380C523.3088969303519,367.809199641414 522.8762389247914,358.8717337437317 527,348C531.1237610752086,337.1282662562683 534.0176730869905,331.9705448550158 540,322C545.9823269130095,312.0294551449842 568.4293839179553,277.8190184496176 578,263C587.5706160820447,248.1809815503824 592.4,240.8 602,226" points="448,582, 457,558, 432,552, 475,465,belay 490,433, 500,410, 518,380,belay 527,348, 540,322, 578,263, 602,226,"/>
      <path id="94785" linkedTo="32" d="M379,590C380.6,566 383.39936783840386,535.6710233053346 383,530C382.60063216159614,524.3289766946654 374.4360248239021,524.6683227107268 374,519C373.5639751760979,513.3316772892732 377.8787873826255,509.0614258660127 381,504C384.1212126173745,498.9385741339873 397.39556831484634,477.6471068621994 397,464C396.60443168515366,450.3528931378006 375.3916529221728,445.3739978487532 379,435C382.6083470778272,424.6260021512468 396.62703384317393,421.99761362400926 406,411C415.37296615682607,400.00238637599074 438.37495742254043,369.24270766908955 454,347C469.62504257745957,324.75729233091045 486.76466194513375,294.1739563439262 491,290" points="379,590, 383,530, 374,519, 381,504, 397,464, 379,435, 406,411, 454,347, 491,290,"/>
      <path id="95270" linkedTo="31" d="M381,504C384.1212126173745,498.9385741339873 390.99514056644074,503.3955774270773 395,499C399.00485943355926,494.6044225729227 413.1127774977077,475.39198817089465 422,459C430.8872225022923,442.60801182910535 435.4808647323895,423.84202884673596 440,416C444.5191352676105,408.15797115326404 451.45079892771054,407.8246258443379 456,400C460.54920107228946,392.1753741556621 462.52080353857554,381.67718761498566 465,373C467.47919646142446,364.32281238501434 467.6199524812158,359.52850360897673 470,351C472.3800475187842,342.47149639102327 472.49551865132946,337.6229684362117 477,330C481.50448134867054,322.3770315637883 504.5434337713509,289.1736096427031 509,285" points="381,504, 395,499, 422,459,label 440,416, 456,400,belay 465,373, 470,351, 477,330, 509,285,"/>
      <path id="4504" linkedTo="33" d="M356,590C353.9949347161619,584.755983103808 359.0050652838381,581.244016896192 357,576C354.9949347161619,570.755983103808 343.5673131749064,576.2692526996258 342,570C340.4326868250936,563.7307473003742 350.7816938286885,552.8855864293031 350,548C349.2183061713115,543.1144135706969 340.3931467137712,549.3304559582526 338,545C335.6068532862288,540.6695440417474 342.3931467137712,533.3304559582526 340,529C337.6068532862288,524.6695440417474 326.0055996089436,531.2432020619337 327,526C327.9944003910564,520.7567979380663 344.39767860841647,486.5154552702213 351,471C357.60232139158353,455.4845447297787 363.3916529221728,442.3739978487532 367,432C370.6083470778272,421.6260021512468 376.15857303017833,415.93669452666325 382,409C387.84142696982167,402.06330547333675 395.21407909745966,398.7735524423335 399,394C402.78592090254034,389.2264475576665 401.65139634361435,385.08987755770613 405,380C408.34860365638565,374.91012244229387 417.7278175042816,363.7058242090255 424,356C430.2721824957184,348.2941757909745 433.24599840094777,344.287212251609 440,337C446.75400159905223,329.712787748391 455.644863124536,322.414326354708 462,315C468.355136875464,307.585673645292 472.5254743104816,299.82573012433113 476,295C479.4745256895184,290.17426987566887 493.7139884042031,265.12317101836385 502,245C510.2860115957969,224.87682898163612 515.6971814053697,198.19779054216548 518,193C520.3028185946303,187.80220945783452 526.6971814053697,189.19779054216548 529,184C531.3028185946303,178.80220945783452 548.2,131.20000000000002 561,96" points="356,590, 357,576, 342,570, 350,548, 338,545, 340,529,belay 327,526, 351,471, 367,432, 382,409,belay 399,394, 405,380, 424,356, 440,337, 462,315, 476,295,belay 502,245, 518,193, 529,184, 561,96,"/>
      <path id="514" linkedTo="72" d="M477,295C480.4745256895184,290.17426987566887 486.76466194513375,294.1739563439262 491,290C495.23533805486625,285.8260436560738 504.5434337713509,288.1736096427031 509,284C513.4565662286491,279.8263903572969 518.0763798148444,280.67816252845483 522,276C525.9236201851556,271.32183747154517 529.9141166205966,262.2635732981991 535,253C540.0858833794034,243.73642670180087 546.417347598484,229.09445988744687 550,225C553.582652401516,220.90554011255313 558.2762466031929,223.6992876553183 563,221C567.7237533968071,218.3007123446817 579.0237333729351,208.61721401111825 585,205C590.9762666270649,201.38278598888175 594.6,200.8 601,198" points="477,295, 491,290, 509,284, 522,276, 535,253,label 550,225, 563,221, 585,205, 601,198,"/>
      <path id="45605" linkedTo="38" d="M198,635C200.4,620.6 204.22250715485634,604.1176645616958 204,599C203.77749284514366,593.8823354383042 193.79766549672277,593.6249024568822 196,589C198.20233450327723,584.3750975431178 202.89387290244025,579.204814280757 207,573C211.10612709755975,566.795185719243 213.89387290244025,564.204814280757 218,558C222.10612709755975,551.795185719243 226.3760551736716,545.3459629731627 230,536C233.6239448263284,526.6540370268373 235.20462096196763,520.0116580999318 237,509C238.79537903803237,497.9883419000682 241.18026637532097,450.2840778986655 245,444" points="198,635, 204,599, 196,589, 207,573, 218,558, 230,536,belay 237,509, 245,444,"/>
      <path id="469" linkedTo="44" d="M125,607C127.8,599.4 127.45750444183444,594.4129349056454 132,588C136.54249555816554,581.5870650943546 139.60379155476508,573.1127942404031 140,564C140.39620844523492,554.8872057595969 133.19239285579988,551.0855803722512 134,542C134.80760714420012,532.9144196277488 138.7422813739974,527.5437927672542 144,519C149.2577186260026,510.4562072327458 169.79956031864526,483.92504920439563 174,477C178.20043968135474,470.07495079560437 177.241829778154,465.1746886053424 181,458C184.758170221846,450.8253113946576 190.61915637950403,441.24872162380177 196,435C201.38084362049597,428.75127837619823 206.79440269218176,428.39544812103384 212,422C217.20559730781824,415.60455187896616 225.65632504668312,401.3083370154552 231,392C236.34367495331688,382.6916629845448 237.41934375382868,377.1682209758529 243,368C248.58065624617132,358.8317790241471 254.97073585203992,351.57898112794476 259,346C263.0292641479601,340.42101887205524 265.6030758144092,337.98505689842193 269,332C272.3969241855908,326.01494310157807 275.19580685599635,317.1755567538308 280,309C284.80419314400365,300.8244432461692 285.9574471720667,296.0307322815234 291,288C296.0425528279333,279.9692677184766 302.2791628777946,272.9938327736376 307,266C311.7208371222054,259.0061672263624 313.79389604569724,255.31496339878737 318,248C322.20610395430276,240.68503660121263 326.16570057835924,232.00151213822028 330,226C333.83429942164076,219.99848786177972 335.78119312433586,216.84603495597386 341,212C346.21880687566414,207.15396504402614 351.76915561300626,205.51874788562301 358,200C364.23084438699374,194.48125211437699 372.05495068216806,187.34638368520794 376,181C379.94504931783194,174.65361631479206 379.83455147249214,170.38117400754987 381,163C382.16544852750786,155.61882599245013 380.22481634365556,150.81080808791558 382,143C383.77518365634444,135.18919191208442 387.05536127478206,127.077117389732 391,119C394.94463872521794,110.922882610268 399.16736338165543,104.31171619563767 403,100C406.83263661834457,95.68828380436233 411.11319347051614,96.26294909685323 415,92C418.88680652948386,87.73705090314677 425.82392545451404,75.95348205537421 434,66C442.17607454548596,56.04651794462578 450.0573149029395,47.870031291726654 461,36C471.9426850970605,24.129968708273346 479.69648309865113,15.107876946917266 493,2" points="125,607, 132,588, 140,564, 134,542, 144,519, 174,477,belay 181,458, 196,435, 212,422, 231,392, 243,368, 259,346, 269,332,belay 280,309, 291,288, 307,266, 318,248, 330,226, 341,212, 358,200,belay 376,181, 381,163, 382,143, 391,119, 403,100,belay 415,92, 434,66, 461,36, 493,2,"/>
      <path id="88962" linkedTo="45" d="M49,587C56.99999999999999,573 60.280545838962965,565.5635953616131 69,552C77.71945416103704,538.4364046383869 81.91049723145065,527.1076170687871 94,517C106.08950276854935,506.89238293121286 125.79869513222917,505.43046695146745 130,501C134.20130486777083,496.56953304853255 133.79869513222917,491.43046695146745 138,487C142.20130486777083,482.56953304853255 150.9592737556613,467.48384276017396 155,462C159.0407262443387,456.51615723982604 162.19495132547917,454.649920759137 166,449C169.80504867452083,443.350079240863 180.65233786832425,422.3515699857691 188,413C195.34766213167575,403.6484300142309 202.0165710447311,401.8150361381094 210,393C217.9834289552689,384.1849638618906 231.68298254488116,367.15006016004054 236,360C240.31701745511884,352.84993983995946 239.24083224839183,347.8833364331662 242,340C244.75916775160817,332.1166635668338 245.78448459429376,327.5146144188676 250,320C254.21551540570624,312.4853855811324 260.19580685599635,307.1755567538308 265,299C269.80419314400365,290.8244432461692 277.1813350921986,279.1189306070922 285,267C292.8186649078014,254.88106939290785 297.9531776329883,248.04637019693726 305,237C312.0468223670117,225.95362980306274 317.3061742682541,217.8661152710756 322,209C326.6938257317459,200.1338847289244 327.293458717339,194.8593718261854 332,186C336.706541282661,177.1406281738146 351.0267175365219,153.70324431108662 356,145C360.9732824634781,136.29675568891338 363.1881542629239,129.31554752991238 368,123C372.8118457370761,116.6844524700876 376.1881542629239,114.3155475299124 381,108C385.8118457370761,101.6844524700876 396.3922043604618,88.62832814230742 407,76C417.6077956395382,63.371671857692576 430.4678201334535,47.088296847363516 444,33C457.5321798665465,18.911703152636484 466.69648309865113,13.107876946917266 480,0" points="49,587, 69,552, 94,517, 130,501, 138,487,belay 155,462, 166,449, 188,413, 210,393, 236,360,belay 242,340, 250,320, 265,299, 285,267, 305,237,belay 322,209, 332,186, 356,145,belay 368,123, 381,108, 407,76,belay 444,33, 480,0,"/>
      <path id="18434" linkedTo="46" d="M74,594C80,577.6 83.48169080505329,565.8167181301988 89,553C94.51830919494671,540.1832818698012 96.91392711593377,532.2555070724742 105,522C113.08607288406623,511.74449292752576 125.79869513222917,505.43046695146745 130,501C134.20130486777083,496.56953304853255 133.79869513222917,492.43046695146745 138,488" points="74,594, 89,553, 105,522, 130,501, 138,488,"/>
      <path id="41471" linkedTo="40" d="M133,588C137.54249555816554,581.5870650943546 146.67183165239612,586.6565861209046 152,583C157.32816834760388,579.3434138790954 170.73945884197803,577.562663964224 178,568C185.26054115802197,558.437336035776 188.85684971397527,538.5139006567975 193,529C197.14315028602473,519.4860993432025 201.12136198051903,515.624768418712 205,506C208.87863801948097,496.37523158128795 211.81046333664708,478.6940555060656 220,462" points="133,588, 152,583, 178,568,label 193,529, 205,506, 220,462,"/>
      <path id="60640" linkedTo="41" d="M152,583C157.32816834760388,579.3434138790954 155.1556170143376,573.8025412907514 158,568C160.8443829856624,562.1974587092486 170.38491281475683,542.0120238479357 177,532" points="152,583, 158,568,label 177,532,"/>
      <path id="44818" linkedTo="42" d="M140,563C145.52068003286263,558.1418015710809 147.47931996713737,554.8581984289191 153,550C158.52068003286263,545.1418015710809 170.38491281475683,542.0120238479357 177,532C183.61508718524317,521.9879761520643 199.81046333664708,490.6940555060656 208,474C216.18953666335292,457.3059444939344 241.18026637532097,450.2840778986655 245,444C248.81973362467903,437.7159221013345 256.56924375412945,441.95851657231657 262,437C267.43075624587055,432.04148342768343 277.80122987370737,414.5040980143825 291,402C304.19877012629263,389.4959019856175 317.7429046448072,377.73303136612117 338,365C358.2570953551928,352.26696863387883 372.6873948502976,347.37200251204996 396,336C419.3126051497024,324.62799748795004 449.46328010731156,314.37358491280935 461,305C472.53671989268844,295.62641508719065 476.3596175614972,279.09139513368757 476,271C475.6403824385028,262.90860486631243 462.9979000012368,267.04391904979826 459,260C455.0020999987632,252.95608095020177 454.47453855927785,244.50922881444276 455,234C455.52546144072215,223.49077118555724 456.39129620842795,212.70206446914852 462,200C467.60870379157205,187.29793553085148 477.0759609225236,173.44072054621745 489,157C500.9240390774764,140.55927945378255 512.4,128.2 528,109" points="140,563, 153,550,label 177,532, 208,474,belay 245,444, 262,437, 291,402,label 338,365,belay 396,336, 461,305, 476,271, 459,260, 455,234, 462,200, 489,157, 528,109,"/>
      <path id="56170" linkedTo="39" d="M163,622C164.2,614.4 162.19713232216696,609.1268423698422 166,603C169.80286767783304,596.8731576301578 178.79766549672277,597.6249024568822 181,593C183.20233450327723,588.3750975431178 187.86186192539807,576.6432860116754 193,566C198.13813807460193,555.3567139883246 204.58729108143308,548.2381267557007 209,535C213.41270891856692,521.7618732442993 221.81046333664708,471.6940555060656 230,455" points="163,622, 166,603, 181,593, 193,566, 209,535, 230,455,"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="55038" height="22" width="32" x="546" y="340" text="40m"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="56239" height="22" width="32" x="513" y="457" text="20m"/>
  <text class="text" id="37">About 100-150m past the horizontal chimney on the Sea Level Traverse, the base of the wall reaches its lowest point at about 70m above sea level. About 40m left of this low point is a right-facing corner, about 45m high and 2m deep. The wall's low point and the right-facing corner are both clear reference points, and Japhlion starts between them at the most obvious easy line.</text>
  <climb id="38" name="The Laughing Jackass" fa="G. Cooper, R.Sellers, Jan 1990." stars="" length="65m" grade="19" extra="" number="28." guide.action="submit""16""0" guide.type="climb">Feeling mortal? Then stay ground-bound. About 40m right of the corner near the left margin of the cliff, at the easiest place to breach the overhang until you reach Epaminondas, moving right. Near the lowest point of the cliff. &lt;br/&gt;1. 35m. Surmount bulge and climb to just above the tree at 10m. Step left 3m climb up to belay at first opportunity. &lt;br/&gt;2. 30m. Pick your way up to the strong diagonal ramp 20m below the major headwall. Traverse 20m down the ramp to the left and either abseil off (a single rope will get you low enough to downclimb at about grade 6) or continue up Griphon or Trusting Rust.</climb>
  <climb id="39" name="The Artistic Fibber" fa="A. Adams G. Cooper, 1991." stars="" length="53m" grade="20" extra="" number="29.">Start 12m right of Japhlion, at the 2m tall tea tree growing at the foot of the cliff. Carefully preserving the necessary tree, climb up it and onto the cliff. Up and then a tricky, reachy move right, then up trickily to a good little ledge on the slab. Traverse right and then follow the obvious line to the top passing three bolts. Take a swag of RP's.</climb>
  <climb id="40" name="What A Crafty Snail" fa="G. Cooper, A. Adams Jul 1991." stars="*" length="50m" grade="17" extra="" number="30.">Start as for Japhlion. Up this for 5m, then traverse right 12m past 2 bolts, to the line. Climb up passing 3 bolts to the top. To exit, traverse left and abseil off tea tree. According to Garn, the route is quite secure and a good route to get your confidence up on.</climb>
  <climb id="41" name="Trusting Rust (Direct Start)" fa="G. Cooper, A. Adams, Jul 1991." stars="*" length="50m" grade="18" extra="" number="31." guide.action="submit""13""0" guide.type="climb">Up Japhlion for 5m, then traverse right to the second bolt, then left slightly and straight up passing 2 bolts, friend pocket and wire placement to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="42" name="Trusting Rust" fa="E. Peacock, J. Kennedy Jun 1984." stars="" length="230m" grade="18" extra="" number="32." guide.action="submit""12""0" guide.type="climb">An adventure of rare difficulty and deviation, this route has a strong rightward trend due to the first and third pitches.&lt;br/&gt;1. 50m. Start as for Japhlion for 10m then move diagonally right for 10m past an inverted pocket and good wire placement. Continue up the excellent slab to good holds and belay. &lt;br/&gt;2. 50m. Traverse right until you can move up onto the slab via a detached block. Keep ~15m right of the small broken overlap then head straight up the slab to belay at flake in 8m polished water streak, approx. 3m below large overlap (a ropestretcher). &lt;br/&gt;3. 50m. Move to the right-hand end of the overlap and belay in the scrubby chute (another ropestretcher). &lt;br/&gt;4. 25m. Move up about 8m, then left below roof then across cave to blocks and belay. &lt;br/&gt;5. 30m. Step left on face holds then up crack to corner. Up corner to belay. &lt;br/&gt;6. 25m. Continue easily to top.</climb>
  <climb id="43" name="Griphon" fa="D. Hain, B. Kennedy, Dec 1975." stars="" length="280m" grade="19" extra="" number="33." guide.action="submit""11""0" guide.type="climb">Start as for Japhlion. &lt;br/&gt;1. 50m. Up flake to where Japhlion heads left whereupon this climb goes up to recess at 35m. Up left to ramp then back to right hand end of wall. &lt;br/&gt;2. 10m. Up wall to belay below small overlap above stacked blocks. &lt;br/&gt;3. 40m. Up easy slabs moving left near top. Belay on water streak below weakness in large overlap. &lt;br/&gt;4. 45m. Surmount overlap, step right, then up to overlap. Up to bushy ledge. &lt;br/&gt;5. 40m. Bash up scrub to slab below wall. Walk right to end of slab and shattered blocks. &lt;br/&gt;6. 20m. Climb slanting corner with difficulty. &lt;br/&gt;7. 75m. Scramble easily to top.</climb>
  <climb id="44" name="Japhlion" fa="B. Kennedy, D. Hain, Jan 1974" stars="**" length="250m" grade="16" extra="" number="34." guide.action="submit""10""0" guide.type="climb">A classic slab that has challenged many fresh-faced aspirants. Start 25m left of the lowest point of the wall at the left hand end of an access terrace where a patch of scrub has grown up against the slab. The route starts up the slab immediately next to the scrub and just left of a small vegetated corner. Take a few slings and RPs.&lt;br/&gt;1. 50m. Ascend the slab under the overhanging arch of scrub keeping left of the vegetated corner. Continue up to a thin vertical flake with wire placements at 20m. Head left 2m, then up thin slab moves until the angle eases. Belay on a small ledge that has a frontage of small trees.&lt;br/&gt;2. 50m. Climb left then up past a small clump of trees and through the bulge. Climb the slab above using an edge on the right for security, then continue straight up the centre of the slab and up a steep and bold section. Belay in a tiny cave 3m above where the slab steepens for a second time.&lt;br/&gt;3. 60m. Climb the flakes above and up the slab just left of a vegetated crack/gully which is the source of sling protection. Continue up the slab slinging bushes as you go to belay in a group of trees on a ledge below a steep headwall and corner. &lt;br/&gt;4. 5m. Scramble up to the base of the steep corner. Belay just above the final tree. &lt;br/&gt;5. 10m. An out of character pitch on which you may elect to haul your daypack. Layback and jam the corner and wriggle up the awkward short chimney to the ledge and belay.&lt;br/&gt;6. 35m. Climb the crack just left of the corner to a ledge. Bridge and layaway up the small crack/groove in the steep wall on the right to where you can step right onto the slab and into easier territory. Up the final bulge then easily follow a rising traverse right avoiding small bushes to belay below the final slab.&lt;br/&gt;7. 40m. Taking the easiest line climb straight up the slab to meet the Skyline crest and belay. The rock steepens slightly just before the top.</climb>
  <climb id="46" name="Pneisses (Direct Start)" fa="A. Herington, B. Kennedy Jun 1984." stars="" length="35m" grade="19" extra="" number="35." guide.action="submit""7""0" guide.type="climb">Ten metres left of Japhlion, and a few metres right of the main right facing corner. &lt;br/&gt;1. 35m. Up slab on thin holds following fused crack. &lt;br/&gt;2. Continue as for Pneisses.</climb>
  <climb id="45" name="Pneisses" fa="B. Kennedy, D. Hain, Jan 1975." stars="***" length="240m" grade="15" extra="" number="36." guide.action="submit""8""0" guide.type="climb">A slab climber's dream day out. Easy to follow but don't forget your small wires (RP's). After the first pitch this route has a leftward trend, due mainly to the second pitch, and keeps well to the left of Japhlion. Begin at the first scrubby crack 8m left of the right-facing corner. &lt;br/&gt;1. 45m. Up the crack for about 10m until confident enough to move right onto the slab, then head boldly towards the top righthand corner of slab. Drop off the edge of slab into the gully and go up a couple of metres to tree belay. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Up the gully for 3m, step out right onto slab, up past the tree and continue up the slab carefully, trending left, but staying right of the vegetation. Belay in the gully on the right. &lt;br/&gt;3. 35m. Move diagonally out left and up to a hollow sounding stance. Up the LH line of weakness in the steeper slab above to a bush belay. &lt;br/&gt;4. 45m. Up the slab trending slightly left, to a bush belay below steeper headwall. &lt;br/&gt;5. 30m. Up RHS of the short headwall and slab above to another 2m wall. Over this an up to finish on a large ledge with a tree belay. &lt;br/&gt;6. 45m. Step across a gutter onto the wall behind and follow the slab above to the top, keeping to the left of the thin crack.</climb>
  <climb id="47" name="Pooch Slab" fa="J. Foden, S. Karpiniec Jan 1974" stars="" length="350m" grade="9" extra="" number="37." guide.action="submit""6""0" guide.type="climb">Left of Japhlion at a corner. &lt;br/&gt;1. Move up crack and onto the slab. Up slab to a small wall belay. &lt;br/&gt;2. Up corner 3m and across easy slabs to next wall. &lt;br/&gt;3. Up crack onto next slab. Follow this up to gulley to the left of the steep slab. &lt;br/&gt;4. Move left out of gulley onto easy angled slabs and straight up slab. Belay on scrub. &lt;br/&gt;5. Continue up slab to easy angled scrubby section above. Walk to base of next vertical section. &lt;br/&gt;6. Up a 15m wall. Move right from top of wall to gully in corner at head of the gully. &lt;br/&gt;7. Easy scramble up gully to top of the cliff.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="48">The Suzuki Complex</text>
  <text class="Discussion" id="49">The Suzuki Complex is situated above Hazards Main Wall ~10m on the seaward side of the Skyline traverse track 30 minutes walk from Sleepy Bay. The cliff faces towards the sea and is just below the walk-off route for the longer Hazards Main Wall routes.</text>
  <climb id="50" name="Luxury Leather Goods" fa="Roger Parkyn Jan 1991." stars="" length="15m" grade="19" number="38.">Ascends the steep curving crack initally on fingers then widening to hands. The route is 2m left of the arete that is left of The Bullshit Factor.</climb>
  <climb id="51" name="The Bullshit Factor" fa="Jack Keane Jan 1991" stars="" length="15m" grade="20" number="39.">The uncompromising dihedral whose left wall is slightly overhanging. Sustained.</climb>
  <climb id="52" name="Osmotic Tension" fa="Roger Parkyn Jan 1991" stars="" length="15m" grade="21" number="40.">Take the crack straight above the base of the leaning gum tree, 20m right of The Bullshit Factor. Good wires protect the face above.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="53">The Underworld</text>
  <text class="Discussion" id="54">This crag is found by heading down towards the water where the Skyline Traverse leaves the Sea-level Traverse. There is an ampitheatre of steep pink granite undercut by a large cave.</text>
  <climb id="55" name="Corner Part-2" fa="Roxanne Wells, Pete Steane, Apr 1994." stars="" length="12m" grade="18" extra="" number="41." guide.action="submit""53""0" guide.type="climb">As you traverse down the southern side of the crag you pass a series of short easy corners. This is the closest to the sea with a small roof at the top, starts off a terrace 12m above the ocean.</climb>
  <climb id="56" name="The Wind Below" fa="Gordon Poultney, Donna Bridge 1997." stars="" length="12m" grade="26" extra="Þ" number="42." guide.action="submit""54""0" guide.type="climb">The arête just right of Corner Part-2 (with rusty carrots).</climb>
  <climb id="57" name="Jabberwock" fa="Pete Steane, Roxanne Wells, Apr 1994." stars="**" length="27m" grade="22" extra="" number="43." guide.action="submit""55""0" guide.type="climb">Steep, strenuous and well protected. Starts left of the caves entrance. Step R then steeply to horizontal, left 3m to flake, up this to thinner flake above.</climb>
  <climb id="58" name="Slithy Tove" fa="Pete Steane, Roxanne Wells, Apr 1994. FFA R. Parkyn 1997." stars="*" length="24m" grade="24" extra="" number="44." guide.action="submit""56""0" guide.type="climb">First half as for Jabberwock, but rather than traversing left to flake, traverse right 2m past a hole to another crack, follow this through overlap with good pro.</climb>
  <climb id="59" name="Via Magna" fa="John Fisher, Mar 1995." stars="***" length="20m" grade="26" extra="Þ" number="45.">Out the left side of the cave past many bits of glue and metal.</climb>
  <climb id="60" name="Travels by Dragonfly" fa="Dave Jones, Gordon Poultney, 22 Feb 1995." stars="" length="20m" grade="27" extra="Þ" number="46." guide.action="submit""58""0" guide.type="climb">Right of the cave. Follow the line of bolts from the hanging belay.</climb>
  <climb id="61" name="Nunc Dimitis" fa="John Fisher Mar 1995" stars="***" length="16m" grade="24" extra="Þ" number="47.">The wall with 4 bolts right of Travels by Dragonfly. A boulder problem start out of a slot and exit right avoiding the final wall at the top. No anchor. Superb.</climb>
  <climb id="62" name="Waters of Oblivion" fa="John Fisher Mar 1995." stars="" length="20m" grade="22" extra="" number="48." guide.action="submit""60""0" guide.type="climb">The sculpted arête on the right edge of the Underworld provides a struggle, with a final harder move well left of the arête. The rock and the climbing aren't that good. Originally climbed with a long sling protecting the hard upper moves, the first ascentionist planned to return and place a bolt. He never did, but feel free.</climb>
  <climb id="63" name="Superbrinkmanslip" fa="Nick Hancock Feb 2003." stars="**" length="15m" grade="22" number="49.">A wonderful deep-water solo, on the seaward side of the huge fish shaped boulder, at the northern entrance to the Underworld. Abseil to a stance on a ledge below the mouth and get a friend to pull up the rope. Climb small pockets to a L leading traverse. Follow this and finish straight up to the ridge.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="64">Insomnia Wall</text>
  <text class="text" id="65">At the last gulch on the track to Sleepy Bay, descend to the very steep north facing wall by the sea.</text>
  <climb id="66" name="Insomnia" fa="Nick Hancock Apr 2004." stars="**" length="10m" grade="25" extra="5Þ" number="50.">Left-hand line with a sloper start. Lower off.</climb>
  <climb id="67" name="Project" stars="" length="10m" grade="" extra="4Þ" number="51."/>
  <climb id="68" name="Weffy" fa="Doug McConnell Apr 2004." stars="*" length="10m" grade="22" extra="5Þ" number="52.">From cairn climb right then up to lower off.</climb>