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  <header access="There are three areas which have been climbed on. The southernmost of them is Double Zawn which is reached by driving 5km south of Blackmans Bay towards Tinderbox, and parking at an unfenced paddock opposite Block 267, from where a scramble leads down to Fishermans Haul Beach. Traverse north to twin narrow zawns. To get to the main area, Pinnacle Zawn, drive to Blackmans Bay and kayak south for about 2km until you spot a square pinnacle in the entrance of a deep zawn. Haul the boats out on the ledge at the northern entrance to the zawn. Alternatively, this area can be reached by driving down Fossil Cove Drv to the coast and then traversing south (possibly some short swims). To get to Soldiers Rocks, drive south out of Blackmans Bay for 1 km on Tinderbox Road then turn left on Suncoast Drive. From the driveway of numbers 47-59 head south behind the gardens of number 63 to steps leading down to the marine reserve, then scramble south to a long south facing wall." acknowledgement="by Nick Hancock, originally published in Craglets 6." history="" intro="This climbing area is unique in Tasmania in that it consists solely of deep-water solos, a distinct sub-sport developed in sunny south-west England. As a result no ropes are necessary, but a kayak is useful to access the central and most extensive of the three areas. The rock is excellent dolerite rarely more than five metres high with, usually, good deep water to crater into. Deep water soloing is not without risks however, so keep an eye on the waves and weather and the odd rock lurking just below the surface!" name="Blackmans Bay" rock="Short dolerite buttresses straight above the sea. Prepare to get wet!" sun="Morning sun" walk="No walk if you'&apos;ve got a kayak." id="1"/><image>
  <image noPrint="false" src="blackmans bay map.png" width="" id="2"/><text  height="1056"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="3">Double Zawn</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="15m" name="Traverse" stars=" ** " id="4">Traverse the south-facing wall of the first zawn, just below a small roof.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="5m" name="Up" stars=" * " id="5">From a short way along the traverse pull over the roof.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="10m" name="Twin Cracks" stars=" * " id="6">Climb the cracks on the left side of the south-facing wall of the second zawn.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="10m" name="Wall" stars=" * " id="7">The intimidating wall to the right.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="10m" name="Scoopy Arête" number="" stars="**" id="8">You guessed it, climb the scoopy arête, just inside the zawn.</climb><textclimb>
  <text class="heading2" id="9">Pinnacle Zawn</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="24" length="5m" name="Al'&apos;s Wall" stars=" * " id="10">The blankish wall just left.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="5m" name="Fingerin'&apos; the Groove" stars=" * " id="11">The shallow groove in the north-facing wall past Stuck in the Pipe.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="30m" name="Stuck In the Pipe" stars=" ** " id="12">About 70m south again, traverse above a narrow seacave in an exciting position.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="25m" name="Fatman'&apos;s Splash" stars=" *** " id="13">About 100 m south of Pinnacle Zawn traverse the big buttress via an amazing handrail just above the water.  Easier from left to right.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="25m" name="Fat-boy Swim" stars=" ** " id="14">Takes the higher line across the big buttress.</climb><textclimb>
  <text class="text" id="15">About 100m further north is the next zawn.  This is the zawn canoeists will probably arrive at as it has a ledge on its northern side suitable for boat landing.</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="70m" name="Walking on Sunshine" stars=" ** " id="16">Traverse the south wall of the main zawn right into the cave.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="26" length="20m" name="Abalone Diva" stars=" * " id="17">Continue left from the chimney on Danni's Pants.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="10m" name="Danni'&apos;s Pants" stars=" ** " id="18">Traverse left from the haulout, and climb the chimney.</climb><climb climb>
  <climb id="31" stars="*" extra="" number="" name="Pet Detective" length="5m" grade="22" fa="">Arete left of Acapulco, traverse in along Danni's Pants to access</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="5m" name="Acapulco" stars=" *** " id="19">The blank looking wall just inside the zawn, opposite the pinnacle.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="23" length="5m" name="Boatman'&apos;s Edge" number="" stars="**" id="20">The lovely arête at the northern entrance to the main zawn.</climb><textclimb>
  <text class="text" id="21">The isolated pinnacle has a route on each corner.</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="5m" name="NE Arête of the Pinnacle" number="" stars="*" id="22">The arête.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="5m" name="NW Arête of the Pinnacle" number="" stars="*" id="23">The arête.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="20" length="5m" name="SW Arête of the Pinnacle" number="" stars="" id="24">The arête.</climb><climbclimb>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="5m" name="SE Arête of the Pinnacle" number="" stars="" id="25">The arête.</climb><textclimb>
  <text class="text" id="26">There is a sub-zawn on the north side of the boat launch ledge.</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="20m" name="Northern Traverse" id="27">Traverse around the sub zawn from the boat haulout.</climb><climb climb>
  <climb id="32" stars="*" extra="" number="" name="Ace Ventura" length="5m" grade="20" fa="">Techy slab using sharp arete 6m left of Barefoot Contessa, access via Northern Traverse</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="5m" name="Barefoot Contessa" stars=" * " id="28">The arete across the sub zawn, north of the boat haulout.</climb><textclimb>
  <text class="heading2" id="29">Soldiers Rocks</text><climbtext>
  <climb extra="" grade="25" length="30m" name="Atomic Kitten" stars=" *** " id="30">Traverses the south facing wall 80 m south of the offshore island.  High tide and calm seas needed.</climb><climb>