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  <header name="The Creek" id="1" walk="20-45" sun="Afternoon" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="Some good potential on water polished boulders. During summer the landings are mostly dry unless there has been significant rainfall the day previous." history="" access="Can head into the creek line from the anywhere on the ridgeline. It is easiest to move down the creek once in it." camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <text id="3" class="heading2">Red River</text>
  <text id="4" class="text">A slab boulder with a crack up the middle. Pretty much directly below FAFDM.</text>
  <image id="8" src="Red River.PNG" height="564" legend="true">
      <path id="97681" points="203.0,465.0, 203.0,450.0, 203.0,357.0, 187.0,238.0, 174.0,123.0, 159.0,57.0," d="M203.0,465.0C203.0,459.0 203.0,456.0 203.0,450.0C203.0,444.0 205.8,394.1 203.0,357.0C200.2">The first bit of text</text>
</,319.9 192.7,283.9 187.0,238.0C181.3,192.1 178.1,149.8 174.0,123.0C169.9,96.2 165.0,83.4 159.0,57.0" linkedTo="6" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="69038" points="301.0,462.0, 256.0,193.0, 207.0,67.0," d="M301.0,462.0C283.0,354.4 268.5,245.6 256.0,193.0C243.5,140.4 226.6,117.4 207.0,67.0" linkedTo="7"/>
      <path id="5239" points="172.0,447.0, 168.0,372.0, 80.0,263.0, 26.0,177.0, 26.0,95.0, 25.0,80.0," d="M172.0,447.0C170.4,417.0 181.4,398.9 168.0,372.0C154.6,345.1 103.9,295.8 80.0,263.0C56.1,230.2 36.0,208.2 26.0,177.0C16.0,145.8 26.1,101.0 26.0,95.0C25.9,89.0 25.1,86.0 25.0,80.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="5"/>
  <problem id="5" stars="" extra="" number="1." name="Dunson" length="" grade="VB" fa="Liam W 09.01.2022">Straight up the shallow crack.</problem>
  <problem id="6" stars="" extra="" number="2." name="Cattle Ranch " length="" grade="VE" fa="Liam W 09.01.2022">Slab line right of the crack.</problem>
  <problem id="7" stars="" extra="" number="3." name="Stampede " length="" grade="VE" fa="Liam W 09.01.2022">Start at the base of Dunson and head up the left side of the boulder.</problem>