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  <header name="The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Area " id="1" walk="10-20 min" sun="Afternoon" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="This is the closest area to the road and the start of the boulder field. There is an obvious cave at the lake end and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly boulder is obvious towards the mine." history="" access="From the creek crossing head up and slightly in the direction of the mine until you reach GBU, the rest of this area is then heading towards the lake." camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <image id="336" width="1200" height="540" src="Low Area Topo.jpg"/>
  <text id="44" class="heading2">Back to the Future Part 3</text>
  <text id="48" class="text">This is the first decent boulder you come to heading up the hill towards GBU. It has a couple of OK warm up problem's.</text>
  <image id="42" width="600" height="548" src="1.1.jpg" printLayout="Rotate" legend="true" legendTitle="Back to the Future Part 3 Boulder" legendx="428" legendy="9">
      <path id="29762" points="299.0,535.0, 271.0,60.0," d="M299.0,535.0C287.8,345.0 282.2,250.0 271.0,60.0" linkedTo="45" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="2905" points="145.0,458.0, 115.0,143.0," d="M145.0,458.0C133.0,332.0 127.0,269.0 115.0,143.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="46"/>
      <path id="79531" points="59.0,183.0, 69.0,262.0, 101.0,297.0, 179.0,301.0, 240.0,310.0, 337.0,319.0, 425.0,319.0, 483.0,322.0, 529.0,293.0," d="M59.0,183.0C63.0,214.6 62.4,244.2 69.0,262.0C75.6,279.8 83.1,290.7 101.0,297.0C118.9,303.3 154.4,298.7 179.0,301.0C203.6,303.3 215.5,307.2 240.0,310.0C264.5,312.8 301.8,317.3 337.0,319.0C372.2,320.7 401.8,318.5 425.0,319.0C448.2,319.5 461.9,327.3 483.0,322.0C504.1,316.7 510.6,304.6 529.0,293.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="47"/>
  <problem id="45" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1." name="Marty" length="" grade="V0" fa="Moses Bassett 03.04.2021">Straight up the center.</problem>
  <problem id="46" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="2." name="Einstein" length="" grade="VE" fa="Moses Bassett 03.04.2021">Up the left arete.</problem>
  <problem id="47" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="3." name="Dr. Emmett" length="" grade="V1" fa="Moses Bassett 03.04.2021">Start on the far left of the boulder and traverse all the way round.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="7">The Good, the Bad and the Ugly</text>
  <text class="text" id="10">This boulder is the obvious overhang to the left of the field. From the creek crossing head up and slightly towards the mine. There is a few different tags and cairns to follow but not much of a track yet. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;A great boulder with a handful of quality routes and still more potential.</text>
  <image id="41" width="700" height="525" printLayout="FitToPage" src="20210402_153556.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Boulder" legendx="522" legendy="14">
      <path id="69968" points="137.0,243.0, 146.0,145.0, 159.0,112.0, 175.0,107.0, 177.0,101.0," d="M137.0,243.0C140.6,203.8 143.7,159.0 146.0,145.0C148.3,131.0 154.9,117.3 159.0,112.0C163.1,106.7 172.8,108.3 175.0,107.0C177.2,105.7 176.2,103.4 177.0,101.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="18812" points="352.0,328.0, 321.0,204.0, 309.0,185.0, 297.0,170.0, 297.0,144.0, 303.0,118.0, 303.0,100.0, 301.0,89.0, 299.0,75.0," d="M352.0,328.0C339.6,278.4 323.6,212.6 321.0,204.0C318.4,195.4 312.3,191.9 309.0,185.0C305.7,178.1 300.3,176.9 297.0,170.0C293.7,163.1 295.8,154.3 297.0,144.0C298.2,133.7 302.0,125.1 303.0,118.0C304.0,110.9 303.5,104.4 303.0,100.0C302.5,95.6 301.5,93.4 301.0,89.0C300.5,84.6 299.8,80.6 299.0,75.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="9"/>
      <path id="26766" points="518.0,355.0, 529.0,302.0, 533.0,291.0, 563.0,289.0, 581.0,272.0, 605.0,256.0, 611.0,241.0, 614.0,223.0, 605.0,215.0, 595.0,201.0, 568.0,171.0," d="M518.0,355.0C522.4,333.8 526.5,305.9 529.0,302.0C531.5,298.1 530.5,294.9 533.0,291.0C535.5,287.1 553.8,292.6 563.0,289.0C572.2,285.4 573.2,278.1 581.0,272.0C588.8,265.9 600.5,260.6 605.0,256.0C609.5,251.4 609.3,247.2 611.0,241.0C612.7,234.8 616.2,227.3 614.0,223.0C611.8,218.7 607.2,219.3 605.0,215.0C602.8,210.7 599.4,206.3 595.0,201.0C590.6,195.7 578.8,183.0 568.0,171.0" arrow="true" lineStyle="dashed" linkedTo="11"/>
      <path id="76135" points="499.0,354.0, 509.0,278.0, 515.0,254.0, 515.0,231.0, 516.0,204.0, 511.0,175.0, 501.0,161.0," d="M499.0,354.0C503.0,323.6 507.4,287.8 509.0,278.0C510.6,268.2 513.8,263.1 515.0,254.0C516.2,244.9 514.8,240.2 515.0,231.0C515.2,221.8 516.8,214.8 516.0,204.0C515.2,193.2 513.3,181.5 511.0,175.0C508.7,168.5 505.0,166.6 501.0,161.0" arrow="true" lineStyle="dashed" linkedTo="40"/>
  <problem id="9" name="The Good" fa="Moses Bassett 2014" grade="V1" length="" number="4." extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="*">Straight up obvious line with a good top out.</problem>
  <problem id="8" name=" The Bad" fa="Moses Bassett 2014" grade="V2" length="" number="5." extra="(SDS)" stars="">Start on two small crimps with poor feet, make a big move to another crimp and jugs to finish.</problem>
  <problem id="40" stars="" extra="(Highball, Stand)" number="6." name="Open Project" length="" grade="?" fa="">There is a great looking line starting low down under the overhang and coming up left without using the broken piece of rock. Could be hard.</problem>
  <problem id="11" name="The Ugly" fa="" grade="V3?" length="" number="7." extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="">Project.&lt;br/&gt;The overhanging part of this boulder has a seam all the way around it, unsure on stability/safety.</problem>
  <image id="30" width="700" height="523" src="Front of GBU biulder.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" legendx="523" legendy="13">
      <path id="41570" points="196.0,353.0, 165.0,250.0, 154.0,221.0, 156.0,191.0, 164.0,184.0, 172.0,176.0, 192.0,158.0," d="M196.0,353.0C183.6,311.8 168.8,261.8 165.0,250.0C161.2,238.2 155.8,232.9 154.0,221.0C152.2,209.1 153.8,194.6 156.0,191.0C158.2,187.4 160.9,186.9 164.0,184.0C167.1,181.1 169.8,179.6 172.0,176.0C174.2,172.4 184.0,165.2 192.0,158.0" arrow="true" lineStyle="solid" linkedTo="49"/>
      <path id="19061" points="249.0,331.0," linkedTo="31" d="M249.0,331.0"/>
      <path id="81644" points="325.0,300.0," linkedTo="32" d="M325.0,300.0"/>
      <path id="28246" points="420.0,296.0," linkedTo="33" d="M420.0,296.0"/>
  <problem id="49" stars="**" extra="(Stand)" number="8." name="The Man With No Name" length="" grade="V4" fa="Moses Bassett 23.05.2021">To the left of the Blondie Arete there is a nice dynamic line with an obvious pebble jug and a techy top out.</problem>
  <problem id="31" name="Blondie" fa="Ben Thorp 2015" grade="V5" length="" number="9." extra="(SDS)" stars="**">Start low on the arete and then up to top out on the slab.</problem>
  <problem id="32" name="Angel Eyes" fa="Ben Thorp 2015" grade="V0" length="" number="10." extra="(Stand)" stars="">Up on the jugs then the slab to topout.</problem>
  <problem id="33" name="Tuco" fa="Ben Thorp 2015" grade="V2" length="" number="11." extra="(Stand)" stars="*">Up on the small crimps to topout up the slab.</problem>
  <text id="64" class="heading2">Unforgiven</text>
  <text id="65" class="text">From GBU boulder leave the orange taped track, head towards Lake Burbury and slightly up hill. This boulder is the start of the main low area and has a nice face at a good angle.</text>
  <image id="62" width="800" height="309" src="5.5.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="12761" points="375.0,246.0, 374.0,246.0, 406.0,148.0, 417.0,122.0, 411.0,112.0," d="M375.0,246.0C375.1,245.6 373.9,246.4 374.0,246.0C374.1,245.6 402.3,158.7 406.0,148.0C409.7,137.3 416.4,126.6 417.0,122.0C417.6,117.4 413.4,116.0 411.0,112.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="66"/>
      <path id="47965" points="289.0,249.0, 256.0,220.0, 238.0,198.0, 210.0,165.0, 190.0,137.0, 185.0,122.0, 201.0,77.0, 212.0,62.0, 213.0,43.0," d="M289.0,249.0C286.9,244.1 264.0,228.0 256.0,220.0C248.0,212.0 245.3,206.7 238.0,198.0C230.7,189.3 218.5,175.8 210.0,165.0C201.5,154.2 193.2,142.5 190.0,137.0C186.8,131.5 183.9,128.2 185.0,122.0C186.1,115.8 198.1,83.9 201.0,77.0C203.9,70.1 209.1,68.9 212.0,62.0C214.9,55.1 212.6,50.6 213.0,43.0" linkedTo="337" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="24723" points="289.0,249.0, 273.0,196.0, 269.0,144.0, 287.0,105.0, 297.0,74.0, 296.0,59.0," d="M289.0,249.0C286.9,244.1 276.9,216.5 273.0,196.0C269.1,175.5 266.4,161.0 269.0,144.0C271.6,127.0 282.2,117.1 287.0,105.0C291.8,92.9 295.8,79.9 297.0,74.0C298.2,68.1 296.4,65.0 296.0,59.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="339"/>
      <path id="24281" points="288.0,250.0, 300.0,244.0, 311.0,229.0, 319.0,212.0, 331.0,188.0, 341.0,111.0, 343.0,83.0," d="M288.0,250.0C285.9,245.1 296.0,247.6 300.0,244.0C304.0,240.4 307.2,235.4 311.0,229.0C314.8,222.6 315.7,218.8 319.0,212.0C322.3,205.2 328.7,198.5 331.0,188.0C333.3,177.5 339.7,122.2 341.0,111.0C342.3,99.8 342.2,94.2 343.0,83.0" linkedTo="340" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="337" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="12." name="Big Whiskey" length="" grade="VE" fa="Mo Bassett 06.01.2023">Start just left of the arete for an easy rising traverse.</problem>
  <problem id="339" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="13." name="Skinny Dubois" length="" grade="VE" fa="Mo Bassett 05.01.2023">Same start but head up the seam feature.</problem>
  <problem id="340" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="14." name="Quick Mike" length="" grade="VE" fa="Mo Bassett 05.01.2023">Same start and straight up.</problem>
  <problem id="66" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="1215." name="Little Bill Daggett" length="" grade="V4" fa="Moses Bassett 04.04.2021">Straight up the blank left arete through some crimps.</problem>
  <text id="231" class="heading3">Easy Slab</text>
  <text id="232" class="text">A wide, flat top slab with four easy slabs and an easy traverse. &lt;br/&gt;This boulder is about 50m below Unforgiven and 100m towards the lake from TGBU.</text>
  <image id="233" src="Easy Slab.jpg" height="270" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="75449" points="131.0,174.0, 219.0,58.0," d="M131.0,174.0C166.2,127.6 183.8,104.4 219.0,58.0" linkedTo="234" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="35267" points="207.0,200.0, 266.0,73.0, 265.0,55.0," d="M207.0,200.0C230.6,149.2 263.3,79.7 266.0,73.0C268.7,66.3 265.4,62.2 265.0,55.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="235"/>
      <path id="81905" points="314.0,216.0, 337.0,99.0, 337.0,75.0, 333.0,66.0," d="M314.0,216.0C323.2,169.2 335.5,108.5 337.0,99.0C338.5,89.5 337.5,78.9 337.0,75.0C336.5,71.1 334.6,69.6 333.0,66.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="236"/>
      <path id="60705" points="464.0,230.0, 397.0,103.0," d="M464.0,230.0C437.2,179.2 423.8,153.8 397.0,103.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="237"/>
      <path id="21466" points="486.0,199.0, 419.0,194.0, 347.0,186.0, 291.0,173.0, 238.0,163.0, 186.0,151.0, 140.0,125.0, 109.0,95.0, 143.0,58.0," d="M486.0,199.0C459.2,197.0 445.8,196.5 419.0,194.0C392.2,191.5 369.7,189.7 347.0,186.0C324.3,182.3 312.1,177.5 291.0,173.0C269.9,168.5 258.9,167.4 238.0,163.0C217.1,158.6 205.7,158.6 186.0,151.0C166.3,143.4 154.0,135.1 140.0,125.0C126.0,114.9 108.2,112.2 109.0,95.0C109.8,77.8 129.4,72.8 143.0,58.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="238"/>
  <problem id="234" stars="" extra="" number="1316." name="Slab 1 " length="" grade="VE" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">Up the left end slab/feature.</problem>
  <problem id="235" stars="" extra="" number="1417." name="Slab 2 " length="" grade="VE" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">Up the blank area between the two features.</problem>
  <problem id="236" stars="" extra="" number="1518." name="Slab 3 " length="" grade="" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">Up the right feature.</problem>
  <problem id="237" stars="" extra="" number="1619." name="Slab 4 " length="" grade="" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">On the right end, slightly steeper with a bit of a bulge.</problem>
  <problem id="238" stars="" extra="" number="1720." name="Traverse " length="" grade="" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">Traverse from the low right end all the way round and up.</problem>
  <text id="239" class="heading3">Mushroom Top</text>
  <text id="240" class="text">Just downhill from the easy slab is a boulder with 1 OK problem on it.</text>
  <image id="242" src="Mushroom Top.PNG" height="514" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="67603" points="355.0,433.0, 354.0,433.0, 358.0,303.0, 354.0,161.0, 347.0,97.0," d="M355.0,433.0C355.0,432.6 354.0,433.4 354.0,433.0C354.0,432.6 358.0,355.0 358.0,303.0C358.0,251.0 355.4,186.7 354.0,161.0C352.6,135.3 349.8,122.6 347.0,97.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="241"/>
  <problem id="241" stars="" extra="" number="1821." name="Mushroom " length="" grade="V1" fa="Mo Bassett 02.01.2022">Up the arete on the downhill side.</problem>
  <text id="230" class="heading3">The Lone Ranger</text>
  <text class="text" id="19">This boulder is located in the middle of the low area-right of GBU. It's left of the cave that's obvious from the road. It has a nice flat landing and behind it are some fun VE highballs.</text>
  <image id="229" src="The Lone Ranger.jpg" height="405" width="900" legend="true">
      <path id="44428" points="338.0,304.0, 337.0,304.0, 341.0,175.0, 345.0,117.0, 386.0,76.0," d="M338.0,304.0C338.0,303.6 337.0,304.4 337.0,304.0C337.0,303.6 340.0,198.2 341.0,175.0C342.0,151.8 335.4,138.1 345.0,117.0C354.6,95.9 369.6,92.4 386.0,76.0" linkedTo="17" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="12133" points="432.0,309.0, 427.0,184.0, 436.0,115.0, 437.0,64.0," d="M432.0,309.0C430.0,259.0 426.4,211.8 427.0,184.0C427.6,156.2 434.3,135.3 436.0,115.0C437.7,94.7 436.6,84.4 437.0,64.0" linkedTo="18" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="17" name="Lone Ranger" fa="Moses Bassett 2014" grade="V2" length="" number="1922." extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="">Start standing under the highest point of the boulder, move straight up with good feet and two small left crimps before gaining the ledge and an easy top out.</problem>
  <problem id="18" name="Tonto" fa="Moses Bassett 2014" grade="V3" length="" number="2023." extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="*">The best line on this boulder. There are a few pockets that make obvious holds, start under these with big moves to link them and a good high jug to finish.</problem>