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  <header access="From the Ferry terminus (timetable published daily in the Mercury) drive south on the B66 past the Neck to the road junction where the C630 turns off left to Adventure Bay. &lt;br/&gt;For the Lighthouse Cliffs, continue south to  Lunawanna, and turn right on the C629 to the Lighthouse. Parking is available close by (approximately 2hr from Hobart if coordinated with the car ferry). NB The gate to the lighthouse area is closed from 4.30pm till 9.30 am. &lt;br/&gt;For Fluted Cape and the Bruny Stacks, turn left on the C630 and drive to the south end of Adventure Bay Beach and boat ramp. &lt;br/&gt;Park entry fees apply and passes are available from the D&apos;Entrcasteaux Visitors Centre at Kettering, or at registration booths at the Neck and the Lighthouse Road (Mable Bay)." acknowledgement="By Tony McKenny, Ben Maddison, Phil Robinson, Ian Snape and Bill Baxter." history="" intro="South Bruny Island has a number of stunning sea cliffs that are relatively easily accessible from Hobart. The rock is dolerite, ranging from the off-vertical cliffs of the Lighthouse area, to the soaring, faces,zawns and stacks on the east side centred on Cloudy Bay.  Like all coastal cliffs, routes may need some cleaning before use but generally the rock is good. However, the top of most cliffs is loose and unconsolidated and needs particular care. As great a danger is probably wave action, particularly when a southerly is blowing, although most cliffs explored so far have at least some climbs accessible at any state of the tide. There are still many lines and crags to be explored but the drive from Hobart, and the cost of the ferry fare, may deter the masses." name="Bruny Island" rock="Vertica,overhanging and  slabby dolerite" sun="Mixed sun and shade" walk="10-75 min" id="1" camping="" autonumber="false"/>
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