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  <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" history="" acknowledgement="" access="Head up the valley track to the Colosseum. Where the track goes up a little rise, and then takes a hard right turn to head up the valley below the Colosseum, there is a tree with purple markers. Keep going straight ahead to pick up the track up the ridge marked with purple tape. The track zigzigzags zags up the ridge, then contours around left to the buttresses." intro="North Ridge is the ridge directly opposite the valley from Plebians Wall. It has patches of excellent rock, and morning shade." sun="West facing - sun after midday" walk="30-35 mins" rock="" name="North Ridge"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="2">Sunbeam Buttress</text>
  <text id="20" class="text">Follow the track 50m past Romance Buttress.</text>
  <image id="9" height="1067" src="Photo 7-10-18, 11 48 28 am.jpg" width="800" legend="true" legendy="20" legendx="269">
      <path id="53634" points="313.0,931.0, 403.0,515.0, 423.0,412.0, 444.0,316.0, 471.0,205.0, 471.0,107.0,lower" d="M313.0,931.0C349.0,764.6 394.3,556.1 403.0,515.0C411.7,473.9 415.1,450.5 423.0,412.0C430.9,373.5 435.1,354.3 444.0,316.0C452.9,277.7 466.0,243.9 471.0,205.0C476.0,166.1 469.1,121.7 471.0,107.0" linkedTo="6"/>
      <path id="20195" points="302.0,759.0, 370.0,530.0, 393.0,406.0, 420.0,319.0, 438.0,230.0, 452.0,139.0, 469.0,106.0," d="M302.0,759.0C329.2,667.4 357.4,578.8 370.0,530.0C382.6,481.2 384.6,441.5 393.0,406.0C401.4,370.5 411.0,354.2 420.0,319.0C429.0,283.8 431.6,265.8 438.0,230.0C444.4,194.2 448.4,153.4 452.0,139.0C455.6,124.6 467.1,120.7 469.0,106.0" linkedTo="5"/>
      <path id="86722" points="273.0,750.0, 332.0,585.0, 359.0,451.0, 375.0,376.0, 401.0,204.0,lower" d="M273.0,750.0C296.6,684.0 316.9,637.5 332.0,585.0C347.1,532.5 352.8,481.0 359.0,451.0C365.2,421.0 369.9,406.2 375.0,376.0C380.1,345.8 390.6,272.8 401.0,204.0" linkedTo="4"/>
      <path id="87039" points="249.0,736.0, 296.0,587.0, 319.0,482.0, 336.0,377.0, 348.0,249.0,lower" d="M249.0,736.0C267.8,676.4 284.6,628.5 296.0,587.0C307.4,545.5 311.0,523.8 319.0,482.0C327.0,440.2 330.7,419.2 336.0,377.0C341.3,334.8 343.2,300.2 348.0,249.0" linkedTo="3"/>
  <climb id="3" name="Stella&apos;s Climb" stars="***" number="1." grade="21" extra="8Þ" fa="Jon Nermut, Dave Humphries, Oct. 2018." length="15m">The orange streak. Glorious jug hauling leads to a harder finish.</climb>
  <climb id="4" name="Fake News" stars="*" number="2." grade="20" extra="8Þ" fa="Jon Nermut, Dave Humphries, Oct. 2018." length="15m">The wall to the right of Stella's Climb.</climb>
  <climb id="5" name="Modern Trad" stars="*" number="3." grade="19" extra="" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut Oct 2018" length="15">Nice to revisit techniques from the olden days. Climb the crack clipping the bolts on Sunbeam. When this becomes too difficult, run it out trad style or place one or more 1/2-2 cam units (also trad style). Clip the Sunbeam anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="6" name="Sunbeam" stars="**" number="4." grade="20" extra="Þ" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Sep 2018." length="15m">Interesting climbing on the left side of the turret.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="7">Romance Buttress</text>
  <text id="21" class="text">The big buttress you come to after the track crosses a big broad gully.</text>
  <image id="10" height="979" src="Photo 7-10-18, 1 24 50 pm.jpg" width="600" legend="true" legendy="17" legendx="414" legendTitle="Romance Buttress">
      <path id="75324" points="441.0,914.0, 441.0,699.0, 453.0,650.0, 471.0,589.0, 461.0,499.0, 449.0,430.0, 417.0,380.0, 384.0,304.0, 380.0,253.0, 352.0,134.0,lower" d="M441.0,914.0C441.0,828.0 440.1,719.2 441.0,699.0C441.9,678.8 447.7,669.5 453.0,650.0C458.3,630.5 469.7,614.4 471.0,589.0C472.3,563.6 464.8,526.7 461.0,499.0C457.2,471.3 457.2,452.3 449.0,430.0C440.8,407.7 427.9,401.1 417.0,380.0C406.1,358.9 389.7,323.6 384.0,304.0C378.3,284.4 383.8,273.1 380.0,253.0C376.2,232.9 363.2,181.6 352.0,134.0" linkedTo="8"/>
  <climb id="8" name="Romance is All in the Wrist" stars="***" number="5." grade="18" extra="Þ" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Oct 2018." length="25m">A great mix of styles up the right side of the prominent buttress. Holds appear when desired. Will improve with age.</climb>
  <climb id="22" stars="" extra="" number="6." name="Project" length="25m" grade="" fa="Bob and Neale">The stunning crack and overhang to right of Romance.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="11">Anxiety Buttress</text>
  <text id="19" class="text">This is the orange/yellow buttress at the top of the hill. Approach by scrambling up the gully before Romance Buttress, or traverse across the tops of the lower cliffs from the right.</text>
  <image id="14" src="anxiety2.jpg" height="780" width="600" legend="true" legendx="9" legendy="10" legendTitle="Anxiety LHS">
      <path id="8856" points="284.0,594.0, 279.0,428.0, 277.0,320.0, 286.0,230.0, 289.0,171.0, 317.0,136.0, 317.0,122.0, 317.0,26.0,lower" d="M284.0,594.0C282.0,527.6 280.1,471.2 279.0,428.0C277.9,384.8 275.7,356.2 277.0,320.0C278.3,283.8 284.1,253.6 286.0,230.0C287.9,206.4 283.4,188.0 289.0,171.0C294.6,154.0 316.0,141.5 317.0,136.0C318.0,130.5 316.0,127.5 317.0,122.0C318.0,116.5 317.0,64.4 317.0,26.0" linkedTo="12"/>
      <path id="93661" points="429.0,705.0, 406.0,457.0, 457.0,387.0, 442.0,296.0, 451.0,226.0, 434.0,171.0," d="M429.0,705.0C419.8,605.8 403.0,491.5 406.0,457.0C409.0,422.5 449.4,420.8 457.0,387.0C464.6,353.2 447.0,323.8 442.0,296.0C437.0,268.2 452.5,249.0 451.0,226.0C449.5,203.0 440.8,193.0 434.0,171.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="44673" points="439.0,295.0, 403.0,221.0,label 411.0,109.0, 399.0,16.0," d="M439.0,295.0C434.0,267.2 407.9,253.6 403.0,221.0C398.1,188.4 411.7,146.5 411.0,109.0C410.3,71.5 403.8,53.2 399.0,16.0" linkedTo="16"/>
  <climb id="12" name="Hysterical" stars="**" number="67." grade="20" extra="10Þ" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut Nov 2018" length="15m">Bring your psych! Great climbing that feels very exposed for such a short climb. Nice jugs to the main lip, turn this as gracefully as you can then up the superb headwall.</climb>
  <climb id="16" stars="" extra="Þ" number="78." name="Nose Project" length="15m" grade="" fa="">Project - Jon &amp; Dave - the steep nose of the buttress</climb>
  <image id="18" src="anxiety1.jpg" height="600" width="800" legend="true" legendx="617" legendy="19" legendTitle="Anxiety RHS">
      <path id="91375" points="354.0,497.0, 347.0,251.0, 394.0,160.0, 430.0,19.0," d="M354.0,497.0C351.2,398.6 342.2,291.7 347.0,251.0C351.8,210.3 380.2,198.6 394.0,160.0C407.8,121.4 415.6,75.4 430.0,19.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="16956" points="399.0,523.0, 410.0,309.0, 450.0,233.0, 460.0,208.0, 457.0,140.0,lower" d="M399.0,523.0C403.4,437.4 404.0,342.8 410.0,309.0C416.0,275.2 445.2,242.7 450.0,233.0C454.8,223.3 459.2,218.7 460.0,208.0C460.8,197.3 458.2,167.2 457.0,140.0" linkedTo="17"/>
      <path id="10983" points="509.0,562.0, 513.0,445.0, 538.0,415.0, 549.0,359.0, 561.0,272.0,lower" d="M509.0,562.0C510.6,515.2 510.0,460.3 513.0,445.0C516.0,429.7 532.0,429.4 538.0,415.0C544.0,400.6 545.4,381.5 549.0,359.0C552.6,336.5 556.2,306.8 561.0,272.0" linkedTo="13"/>
  <climb id="15" stars="*" extra="6Þ" number="89." name="Smokey Bear Mode" length="15m" grade="18" fa="Jon Nermut, Dave Humphries, Jan 2019.">Takes a line to the right of the nose. Steep, juggy and fun.</climb>
  <climb id="17" stars="" extra="" number="910." name="Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Project - Jon &amp; Dave - roof 3m right of Smokey Bear Mode.</climb>
  <climb id="13" name="Lactic Limit" stars="*" number="1011." grade="22" extra="6 Þ  " fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut Dec 2018" length="8m">Steep face to the right of the cave. Climb the steepening wall.</climb>
  <text id="27" class="heading3">Split Buttress</text>
  <text id="28" class="text">A shorter buttress at the right hand side of the gully, split by an overhanging yellow crack.</text>
  <climb id="29" stars="" extra="" number="12." name="Project" length="12m" grade="" fa="Tony and Bob">The overhanging crack.</climb>