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  <header name="Township Creek" id="1" walk="" sun="Mostly Sunny" rock="Dolerite Crags" acknowledgement="By Gerry Narkowicz" intro="The crags of Township Creek lie in a deep gorge in the valley immediately to the east of Bare Rock at Fingal. The cliffs were discovered by Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz in September 1984, and several trips were made resulting in 25 trad routes on 3 different crags. For descriptions of all the routes from the 80’s, see  the Climb Northern Tasmania guide by McMahon and Narkowicz. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Thirty years later in September of 2014, Gerry Narkowicz along with Ingvar Lidman and Andrew Martin, made another trip to the area and cast a fresh eye over the cliffs for sport climbing potential. The result has been 22 additional routes, mostly superb bolted faces and aretes. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The landscape in the area is breathtaking with the crags situated on the summit of the hill above a gorge with a lovely creek and its wide aprons of smooth water washed rock, swimming holes and waterfalls. Access is a 15 minute flat walk from the carpark. The gravel road is accessible to all vehicles, however care should be taken over the last 3km as the road becomes a bit rockier. As a guide, Ingvar’s matchbox car, a Hyundai Getz, makes it all the way, with some careful nursing over a small ditch at a creek crossing near the cliff. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;" history="" access="You need a gate key to access from Avoca, as the area is used by forestry. If the gates are unlocked on the way in, there is no guarantee that they will be open on the way out and several people have been locked in. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;From Avoca it is 51km, allow 55 mins to drive. Turn right at Avoca and go 18km to Royal George.&lt;br/&gt;From Royal George, keep going 3km to Merrywood Rd turnoff on the left. From here it is 30 km to the cliff. Turn left into Merrywood rd and after 3.3km turn left onto road signposted T.P.F.H private road, St Pauls Rd. This road eventually goes up the hill, follow what appears to be the main road at intersections (2 sharp right turns). There is a locked gate after 6km (open and shut it after – we have permission to access) then another locked gate after 1km. After the 2nd gate follow the main rd (Mt Foster Rd) for 14.5km along the top of the range. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;After 14.5km, turn left up a hill at a Y intersection (tag on tree and cairn) and follow this for 4.6 km to a clear felled logging coupe where a large cairn and tags on the left hand side mark where to park the car. There is the remains of an old campfire just off the road at this spot. 800m before the car park is a concrete ford over a creek, and just before the creek is a good campsite on the right. Drive slowly across the ford being wary of a ditch on the other side. From the car park, you can see a forest at the northern end of the coupe which has been spared by the Gunns arseholes. Walk in a northerly direction through the coupe on a vague vehicle track to locate tags marking the path to the crag. &lt;br/&gt;" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <text id="2" class="heading2">Waterfall Buttress</text>
  <text id="3">An adventurous day out with a great climb in a glorious landscape. Access via a 40 minute rock hop down the creek from the campsite. Straightforward approach, though depending on water levels in the creek, you may have to wade a few shallow pools. On the left of the creek beside a waterfall is a magnificent large buttress.</text>
  <climb name="My Back Pages " length="30m" grade="21" stars="***" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Andrew Martin. 6/11/16" id="4" number="1." extra="">The prominent corner of the buttress with a terrific finger crack. Lovely fingerlocking on smooth rock with some footholds for respite. Belay on ledge, then scramble (stay roped up) across flake to the right and downclimb small pinnacle. Abseil from tree near the edge.</climb>
  <text id="5" class="heading2">The Necropolis</text>
  <text id="6">About 10 minutes into the approach walk from the road are some cairns which head off to the left. These lead to a large buttress on the rim of the gorge. A small tree with a pink tag on it marks the top of the cliff. Abseil to the routes from 2 bolts near the edge. Another bolt exists just over the edge if you want to short fix the rope to avoid rubbing on the edge. Fix the line as there is no way out from this cliff other than to climb.</text>
  <climb name="The Golden Necropolis " length="30m" grade="26" stars="**" fa="Ingvar Lidman. October 2014" id="7" number="2." extra="Þ">The line of bolts up the face to the R of the big jam crack. Sustained, technical and superb face climbing to some chains on a ledge about 5m from the top. Exit via an easy crack.</climb>
  <climb name="Dildowitch " length="35m" grade="20" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and John Fischer. 22/11/14" id="8" number="3." extra="">The big jam crack up the middle of the buttress. A fine climb. Sustained jamming varying from fingers to fists, with a definite crux about half way up where the crack fuses, forcing the climber onto the face for a couple of moves.</climb>
  <climb name="Gods and Kings " length="35m" grade="24" stars="***" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 22/1/15" id="9" number="4." extra="Þ">The bolted line up the face and arête right of the central crack. A superb and varied climb with 3 distinct sections; technical face climbing (crux), a substantial roof and a spectacular knife edge arête to finish. 16 bolts.</climb>
  <text id="10" class="heading2">Township Crag</text>
  <text id="11">About 15 minutes walk on the pink tagged track takes you close to an open cliff edge and spectacular views down the gorge towards Fingal. Below is the neat main amphitheatre of Township Crag, first climbed on in 1984 by Narkowicz and McMahon. Rap to the climbs from bolts on the edge.</text>
  <image id="76" src="Township_Creek_guide_1.jpg" height="565" width="800"/>
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  <image id="89" src="Township_Creek_guide_14.jpg" height="554" width="1200"/>
  <climb name="Don’t Lose Your Head " length="10m" grade="19" stars="" fa="Roxanne Wells and Robert McMahon, Bruce Cameron. 25/2/89" id="12" number="5." extra="">On the far L of the crag on the lower end of the L wall of the amphitheatre is a nice jam crack of various widths.</climb>
  <image id="91" src="Township_Creek_guide_16.jpg" height="565" width="800"/>
  <climb name="Pedder St " length="18m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 13/10/84" id="13" number="6." extra="">On the L of the amphitheatre. A superb jamming corner with a tight crux section, a high reach over a thin bulge hanging off a finger lock to reach a good hand jam.</climb>
  <climb name="Black Ice " length="15m" grade="25" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 1/3/15" id="14" number="7." extra="">The black open book corner with 3 bolts low down, leading to a neat finger crack. An extreme bridging boulder problem which then eases back to about grade 20 up to the anchors. Take cams from #0.3 to #1 for the crack. May seep after rain and stays in shade all day in July.</climb>
  <image id="90" src="Township_Creek_guide_15.jpg" height="705" width="1000"/>
  <climb name="Nicaragua No Paseran " length="20m" grade="21" stars="*" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. 13/10/84" id="15" number="8." extra="">The first of the trilogy of difficult superb routes on the main wall of the amphitheatre. A classic bridging climb on the L of the face. The crux is the first 5m with some hard technical bridging to gain a finger slot, then sustained slightly easier bridging all the way to the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Sport And Recreation" length="18m" grade="23" stars="*" fa="Nick Hancock. 26/10/14" id="16" number="9." extra="">This is the line of bolts up the main face left of Holocaust Descending. Nice grade 21 type moves up to the horizontal break. Move left for a tricky sequence of several moves to gain the big pinch hold on the roof, then move right up the final headwall for some tough moves all the way to the anchors 8B.</climb>
  <climb name="Holocaust Descending " length="20m" grade="23" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 13/10/84" id="17" number="10." extra="">The central line. A desperate boulder problem start. Pull up on the overhanging face on a peculiar flared knuckle jam bunched into space between two flanges. Bridge out L on the slanting edge and gain the poor finger lock, then crank for a long way to reach for a side pull and then a hand jam. Two overhanging scoops follow which have small faceholds on the sides. Finish up the finger crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Verdun " length="20m" grade="22" stars="**" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. 13/10/84" id="18" number="11." extra="">The R hand route on the main face is a very thin crack. The crux section is the first 5m. Lean into the R edge, smear feet out L until a good handhold is reached. Continue steeply on good handholds to the ledge. A thin section follows chinning up on a poor finger lock going for holds on the R arête. From the ledge climb the steep finger crack to the top.</climb>
  <image id="92" src="Township_Creek_guide_17.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="The Mincer " length="20m" grade="23" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 13/10/84" id="19" number="12." extra="">Just R of the arête is an intimidating thin finger crack snaking up the face to a horizontal break at just over half height. From there a wider crack leads to the top. Climb with caution onto the block near the bottom then a desperate stretch of finger jamming follows with nothing for the feet and the jams are sufficiently off finger to make them very insecure. From the break the jamming varies from hand to offwidth. There are two bulges in the offwidth making it technical and strenuous.</climb>
  <climb name="Thiepval " length="13m" grade="17" stars="" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. 13/10/84" id="20" number="13." extra="">On the other side of the steep gully is a neat corner. Jam up the sharp edged flake and layback over the roof.</climb>
  <climb name="Effigy " length="13m" grade="21" stars="**" fa="Robert McMahon and Bruce Cameron. 25/2/89" id="21" number="14." extra="">Opposite the Mincer and a short distance R of Thiepval is a lovely arête with a thin seam. A bouldery start into excellent sustained face and arête climbing with good protection.</climb>
  <image id="93" src="Township_Creek_guide_18.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Lonely Roads " length="20m" grade="18" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 13/10/84" id="22" number="15." extra="">A further 15m to the R is a prominent hand crack. Straightforward hand jamming into an offwidth niche which continues for 3m. Pull out of this into the thin crack with evenly spaced hand jam pockets to the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Miles From Nowhere " length="20m" grade="22" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 1/4/17" id="23" number="16." extra="">The bolted arête to the right of Lonely Roads. Very worthwhile climb.</climb>
  <text id="24" class="heading3">Fireball Pinnacle Area</text>
  <text id="25">About 100m further along the escarpment is a magnificent amphitheatre of tall, neat buttresses where most of the recent new route development took place. Keep following the pink tags to a large cairn which marks the start of the descent gully. The broad gully brings you down a scree slope with small clifflines on both sides. At the bottom turn left to meet the first major buttress about 30m away. Alternatively there is a rap station from chains on the far right of the crag near a big eucalypt tree. Two abseils with a 60m rope.</text>
  <image id="78" src="Township_Creek_guide_3.jpg" height="705" width="1000"/>
  <climb name="Gerryatrix Crack " length="10m" grade="20" stars="" fa="Helen Gibson. 20/2/15" id="26" number="17." extra="">The appealing crack halfway down the descent gully on the right hand side. A well protected and burly experience. Cams 0.3 to #3. DBB.</climb>
  <image id="80" src="Township_Creek_guide_5.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Boob Cheese " length="15m" grade="15" stars="" fa="Andrew Martin, Gerry Narkowicz and Ingvar Lidman. 14th September 2014" id="27" number="18." extra="">Probably the best route Andrew has put up in recent years. This succulent crack just oozes class (and boob cheese). Just left of the arête of the first buttress is a neat, steep hand crack going to the top of the pinnacle. Scramble up to the ledge to start.</climb>
  <climb name="PJ Arete " length="15m" grade="26" stars="*" fa="Ingvar Lidman 25/1/15" id="28" number="19." extra="">Scramble to the ledge as for Boob Cheese, then step right onto the steep bolted arête. A difficult bouldery start then fine moves up the arête.</climb>
  <climb name="Charlie’s Noodle " length="20m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Isaac Lethborg. 4/11/17" id="29" number="20." extra="">The flake up the wall left of Anubis, with a small tree in it. At the top traverse right to the anchors of Anubis.</climb>
  <image id="81" src="Township_Creek_guide_6.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <image id="82" src="Township_Creek_guide_7.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Anubis " length="15m" grade="22" stars="**" fa="Andrew Martin. 29th November 2014" id="30" number="21." extra="">On the next buttress to the right is an attractive black and white streaked face with several bolts, leading to an incipient finger crack. Take some micro-cams for the crack and a nut for the top (or run it out on easy ground). Excellent climbing.</climb>
  <climb name="Colon Cancer " length="25m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 22/8/15" id="31" number="22." extra="">The horrible wide crack in the corner. A bowel rupturing experience.</climb>
  <climb name="Locked In The Coal Mine " length="25m" grade="24" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 18/10/14" id="32" number="23." extra="Þ">On the LH wall of the prominent pinnacle is an excellent fully bolted face climb. Start on the block in the chimney and pull round right onto the arête. The technical crux follows for the next 4 bolts. The difficulty then eases up to the horizontal break, then an exciting conclusion on the upper headwall. 12B.</climb>
  <image id="79" src="Township_Creek_guide_4.jpg" height="705" width="1000"/>
  <image id="83" src="Township_Creek_guide_8.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Fireball " length="25m" grade="26" stars="***" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 1/2/15" id="33" number="24." extra="Þ">The outstanding line of the crag. The precise orange arête of the pinnacle.</climb>
  <climb name="Waiting For The Sun " length="17m" grade="26" stars="**" fa="Ingvar Lidman. September 2014" id="34" number="25." extra="Þ">Climbs straight up the front face of the pinnacle. A bouldery, thin start provides the crux, then consistent challenging face climbing to the anchors just below the roof. First class route.</climb>
  <image id="84" src="Township_Creek_guide_9.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Dark Art " length="20m" grade="28" stars="***" fa="Ingvar Lidman. 22/10/14" id="35" number="26." extra="Þ">One of the most outstanding arête climbs in Tasmania. Climbs the RH arête of the pinnacle next to the big chasm, using imaginary holds. Improbable and brilliant.</climb>
  <climb name="Ptah " length="20m" grade="18" stars="*" fa="Steve Greig and Ingvar Lidman. 22/10/14" id="36" number="27." extra="">Deep in the chasm is a neat crack of various widths, starting with fingers and ending in fists. A very worthwhile trad route. The name refers to the Egyptian god of darkness.</climb>
  <image id="85" src="Township_Creek_guide_10.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Shadow Of The Wind " length="18m" grade="24" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 3/11/14" id="37" number="28." extra="Þ">The blunt arête bordering the RH side of the chasm. Interesting, sustained and challenging moves. 10 bolts.</climb>
  <climb name="The Climb Ingvar Rejects " length="18m" grade="22" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. September 2014" id="38" number="29." extra="">The prominent trad line of the crag is the black open book corner with a thin crack, in the centre of the cliff. Sustained, gnarly jamming and some nice technical bridging to ease the pain. Bolts for lower off.</climb>
  <image id="86" src="Township_Creek_guide_11.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <image id="87" src="Township_Creek_guide_12.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Mr Slippy " length="18m" grade="25" stars="**" fa="Ingvar Lidman. 19th January 2015" id="39" number="30." extra="Þ">Next right is a line of bolts up a blunt arête with attractive orange and black rock. Great climbing. Near the top the line trends left across some huge rock scars from the cleaning process. Most probably another sandbag by the broccoli fuelled stick man.</climb>
  <climb name="Edelweiss " length="20m" grade="20" stars="**" fa="Jemimah Narkowicz 3/11/14" id="40" number="31." extra="">About 10m to the R is a neat corner system broken by a ledge, in the recess of the cliff. Climb the thin handcrack on the R to the ledge, then step left and continue up the thin black corner to the anchors. Some tricky fingerlocking, jamming and bridging involved. The best trad route in the area.</climb>
  <climb name="Fat Old Alcoholic Slapper " length="35m" grade="24" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 9/11/14" id="41" number="32." extra="">A mixed trad/sport route. Climb the thin handcrack as for the previous route, then from the ledge step right onto the face with a bolt for protection. Continue up the excellent handcrack splitting the face to another ledge and a DBB. Then tackle the overhanging arête with some unlikely gymnastic moves up to the chains. 8 bolts.</climb>
  <climb name="Gerry’s Blow Up Doll " length="20m" grade="20" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 22/8/15" id="42" number="33." extra="">The ghastly wide gash. Every bit as horrible as it looks. Big bros required.</climb>
  <climb name="FC Cranks " length="20m" grade="24" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 2/11/14" id="43" number="34." extra="Þ">Next R is a sport climb up a neat orange face to a ledge followed by the arête on the left of the buttress. The crux is probably climbing past the first 3 bolts to the ledge and thenbut the lovely, lessarete difficultabove movesis upquite sustained to the arêtetop. Good climb. 10B.</climb>
  <image id="88" src="Township_Creek_guide_13.jpg" height="846" width="600"/>
  <climb name="Horus " length="18m" grade="23" stars="***" fa="Andrew Martin, October 25th 2014" id="44" number="35." extra="Þ">Next bolted route to the R is a steep orange arête. Fantastic climb. Two easy starts to the route, either up the wide crack directly under the arete, or around the R of the ledge using the first bolt of Thoth. Both starts will gain the picnic ledge at 3m. A very technical move, straight off the deck follows. It is recommended to use a single screw-gate crab to protect the move. From there, technical, classy and sustained climbing continues to the anchors, with a little spice saved for the very last move. Steeper than it looks! 6B.</climb>
  <climb name="Thoth " length="15m" grade="24" stars="*" fa="Andrew Martin 20th January 2015" id="45" number="36." extra="Þ">Named after the Egyptian god of reading and writing. You need to read the moves well or life becomes a lot tougher. The black face route right of Horus, starting off the same ledge at 3m. From the ledge, a reachy move leads to a sustained, technical and challenging 4 bolts worth of climbing (crux). After that, the route eases off a little before a final sting in the tail. 8 bolts to DBB.</climb>
  <text id="46" class="heading3">Upper Tier</text>
  <text id="47">Above the Fireball Pinnacle area is a narrow terrace with a 15m cliff above it. The terrace is directly above the central amphitheatre to the right of the pinnacle. Access by scrambling up the narrow gully 10m left of Anubis. Alternatively, climb one of the routes such as Edelweiss (20) to gain the terrace. Rap station at top of Edelweiss to descend from the terrace.</text>
  <climb name="Koster Zoo " length="15m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Jemimah Narkowicz, Levi Koster. 2/5/15" id="48" number="37." extra="">At the far right of the terrace is a fist crack in a corner. A bit of a shit fight. To descend, climb 5m left to a DBB.</climb>
  <text id="49" class="heading2">Telopea Ridge</text>
  <text id="50">A short distance to the north of the Fireball Pinnacle area is a terrific little escarpment facing Telopea Creek. The rock is excellent and provides some quality, small climbs in a sunny location. From the top of the main descent gully, follow cairns for another 50m across the hill which lead out to a ridge of pinnacles. A large cairn marks the descent gully.</text>
  <climb name="Call Me Andy " length="6m" grade="19" stars="" fa="Isaac Lethborg and Gerry Narkowicz. 11/3/17" id="51" number="38." extra="">The neat little thin handcrack on the left side of the descent gully (right as you go facing down the hill). Packs a punch.</climb>
  <climb name="Too Small To Ignore " length="8m" grade="18" stars="**" fa="Jemimah Narkowicz and Gerry Narkowicz. 9/4/15" id="52" number="39." extra="">The first neat crack on the cliff is a finger crack in a corner up to a single bolt belay. A lot of climbing for a little route.</climb>
  <climb name="Sweet Sixteen " length="10m" grade="16" stars="*" fa="Jemimah Narkowicz and Gerry Narkowicz. 9/4/15" id="53" number="40." extra="">About 10m right of the previous climb is a splitter hand crack close to a chimney. Good climb. Single bolt belay.</climb>
  <climb name="Black Dog Barking " length="10m" grade="21" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 8/4/15" id="54" number="41." extra="">A 6 bolt sport route on a precise arête at the RH end of the cliff. Great Moves.</climb>
  <climb name="Mr Juicy " length="20m" grade="24" stars="***" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 9/4/15" id="55" number="42." extra="">The best of the 24’s at Township Creek; it’s orange and juicy. From the base of the cliff at Telopea Ridge, follow cairns to the east for about 50m across and slightly down the hillside to the second big buttress (the first is worthless). Scramble up to the ledge on the front of the buttress. A fantastic face climb on gorgeous orange rock leading to an exciting, balancy and unlikely conclusion up the arête. Start in the easy hand crack to the left and traverse across at the first bolt. 8 bolts, #2 BD camalot for crack.</climb>
  <text id="56" class="heading2">Appetite Hill</text>
  <text id="57">On the south facing hillside to the north of Township Creek crags is a handsome line of dark cliffs about 30m high. These quality buttresses were first climbed on in 1984 by Narkowicz and McMahon. The cliff is characterised by powerful crack lines with some excellent new and difficult sport routes on the faces and aretes in between.</text>
  <text id="58">Access: Follow directions as described for Township Creek crags. From the cairn marking the start of the Township Creek track, go north on the road for another 950m to a 2nd creek crossing. Shortly after this (about 100m), turn left and after another 250m is a junction where you turn right up a hill. Follow this road (a few muddy sections) for about 700m to where a rough track turns left into a logging coupe. After about 200m the track becomes impassable and park here. Locate pink tags which lead through open bush in a southerly direction for about 500m to the cliff. Some cairns mark the descent gully.</text>
  <text id="59" class="heading3">Far Left</text>
  <text id="60">As far left as you can go on the escarpment, about 100m left of the main crag. There is a prominent leaning tower on the buttress.</text>
  <climb name="Soap On A Rope " length="18m" grade="17" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Andrew Martin. 5/11/16" id="61" number="43." extra="">At the far left of the buttress is a neat thin jam crack. Pleasant enough and worth the walk over if you wanted something more moderate in grade. Still a little dirty.</climb>
  <text id="62" class="heading3">Upper Left Tier</text>
  <climb name="From The Eye Of An Eagle " length="25m" grade="20" stars="**" fa="Mick Ling and Gerry Narkowicz, Robert McMahon. 30/9/84" id="63" number="44." extra="">A classic on the far L-hand end of the cliff. The first part climbs a groove recessed into the arête with a couple of finger pockets and well spaced hand holds providing exquisite climbing. Lower off from bolts.</climb>
  <climb name="In Evil Hour " length="25m" grade="19" stars="**" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. 16/9/84" id="64" number="45." extra="">On the upper section on the L of the scarp. It is the best looking crack about two or three lines R of the arête of the upper amphitheatre. The climb is a very sustained off-hand to fist crack but thins towards the top. Superb jamming.</climb>
  <climb name="Pity The Fool " length="16m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 14/10/84" id="65" number="46." extra="">On the R (shorter end) of the L section is a superb thin corner that looks desperate. In fact it offers exquisite bridging with good faceholds and a neat finger crack.</climb>
  <text id="66" class="heading3">Lower Right Tier</text>
  <climb name="Hunger Games " length="28m" grade="25" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 17/4/15" id="67" number="47." extra="">Towards the LH side of the lower tier is a bolted arête about 10m L of a gigantic chimney. A series of tricky boulder problems on small holds to the half way point, then some balancy moves on the upper slab. Excellent and thought provoking route.</climb>
  <climb name="Farewell Companions " length="28m" grade="21" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon, Mick Ling. 30/9/84" id="68" number="48." extra="">One of the most striking corner cracks you’ll ever clap eyes on, easily recognisable by the initials FC scratched on the rock near the bottom. Jam the corner until the crack narrows. Bridge around the fused section. This is the crux and is desperate as much for the thinness of the bridging as for the mobility of the surface of the rock which is coated with a dusty fine red lichen. The hard climbing soon eases into a hand crack to a little roof. Pull over the roof into a strenuous offwidth. Pull easily around the roof at the top. A masterpiece of variety and strenuosity.</climb>
  <climb name="Spaz Attack " length="23m" grade="19" stars="" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Robert McMahon. 14/10/84" id="69" number="49." extra="">The next best line to the R is a lovely big corner which is a bit mossy these days. Strong varied jamming all the way.</climb>
  <climb name="Eating The Cannibals " length="15m" grade="24" stars="**" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 18/4/15" id="70" number="50." extra="">The bolted arête L of a big chimney and finishing at a ledge half way up the cliff. Superb technical climbing.</climb>
  <climb name="Troubles " length="15m" grade="17" stars="" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz, Mick Ling. 30/9/84" id="71" number="51." extra="">A short distance to the L of Amundsen. A wide crack up a face leaning back a little off the vertical. At the half way point you can go either up the L or R crack. On the first ascent Bob wrote: I take the right, a hand crack. With only a couple of moves to go to the top the whole left edge of the crack in the form of an 8ft long tooth of rock begins to detach itself with me attached to it. It is the most fearful moment of my climbing in the last 10 years. I keep the detached tooth in place and at the same time back climb removing the 3.5 friend in the crack. Everything just hangs together. Both Gerry and I would have gone. I switch to the L-hand variant and tremble to the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Dirt Track " length="16m" grade="18" stars="" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz. 14/10/84" id="72" number="52." extra="">Immediately L of Amundsen. An uninspiring corner with a large tooth of rock for the first half. The jamming at the top is awkward.</climb>
  <climb id="73" number="53." stars="" extra="" name="Ingvars Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Line of bolts up the blank wall with intermittent seams just left of Amundsen.</climb>
  <climb name="Amundsen " length="15m" grade="18" stars="***" fa="Robert McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz, Mick Ling. 29/9/84" id="74" number="54." extra="">On the R-hand end of the scarp is a terrific leftwards trending jam crack. Overhanging thin jams to start and the occasional hand jam as the crack widens. A rather beautiful route. DBB at the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Calabrisella " length="25m" grade="19" stars="*" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 18/4/15" id="75" number="55." extra="">The big corner crack R of Amundsen. A neat jamming experience and not at all grovelly. Climbed on the 2nd anniversary of Bob McMahon’s death.</climb>