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  <header autonumber="true" camping="" access="From the Granville Harbour Road travel 21.7 km along Climes Track, untilpark justnear pastwhere theit shackscrosses at the Tasman River, where it gets too rough for most vehicles. Walk along theClimes main track for 353km minutes,to untilwhere justa past rough track branches off right toward the secondcoast, creek.turn Turn right here (GPS: VU000). down to the coast and the The crag is visible to the south, set back 50 m from the coast and above a pond. (GPS: VU010)" history="" intro="The Velvet Underground is a granite crag south of Granville Harbour." acknowledgement="By Nick Hancock" rock="" sun="" walk="" name="The Velvet Underground" id="61"/>
  <gps id="62">
    <point description="Right turn on way to Velvet Underground" height="0" code="VU000" zone="55G" northing="53652805364584" easting="340042340709" longitude="145.07316081014" latitude="-41.84821854622" pid="1"/>
    <point description="The Velvet Underground" height="0" code="VU010" zone="55G" northing="5363905" easting="340709" longitude="145.08082" latitude="-41.86073" pid="3"/>
  <image id="8" height="466" noPrint="false" src="VelvetUg.jpg" width="600">null</image>
  <climb name="Lonesome Cowboy Bill" id="44" number="1." length="20m" grade="16" fa="Heather &amp; Nick Hancock Mar 2008.">On the far left of the crag climb a flake crack then up right to finish.</climb>
  <climb name="Sweet Jane" id="9" number="2." length="25m" grade="24" fa="Nick Hancock, Feb 2006." stars="***" extra="6Þ">Climbs the pillar with a wide horizontal break at half height, on the left side of the cliff. Technical moves past six glued carrots. Optional Friend 5 on a long sling in the break.</climb>
  <climb name="Heroin" id="10" number="3." length="25m" grade="26" fa="Nick and Heather Hancock, Feb 2006." stars="**" extra="">1. 10m 26. Climb the very thin seam past two glued carrots and small cams to a belay on the right. 2. 15m 17. Follow the corner above trending left onto the arête to finish.</climb>
  <climb name="Heroin Overdose" id="46" number="4." length="15m" grade="24" fa="Nick Hancock Jan 2011." stars="**">From the belay above the first pitch of Heroin, battle up the overhanging fist crack, to an easier, very wide crack above, Friends 2-6.</climb>
  <climb name="I’ll Be Your Mirror" id="12" number="5." length="25m" grade="20" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Sarah Hedges Jan 2004." stars=" *** " extra="">Start below a round hole. Thin cracks on good wires then carefully up the easy slab above.</climb>
  <climb name="Sunday Morning" id="13" number="6." length="25m" grade="22" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Sarah Hedges Jan 2004." stars=" ** " extra="">Follow the right trending diagonal off blocks to the flared vertical cracks. Follow these to a glued carrot and a thin move over a bulge. Climb up to a deep flared crack (4 Camalot) and another bolt on the final slab.</climb>
  <climb name="Bananas" id="45" number="7." length="25m" grade="24" fa="Nick Hancock  Feb 2007" stars="**" extra="">Climb the overhanging groove, then trend right up the diagonal break. Climb the groove above, then up over the bulge past glued carrots and medium cams.</climb>
  <climb name="Venus In Furs" id="14" number="8." length="25m" grade="23" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Sarah Hedges Jan 2004." stars=" * " extra="">Climb the fist crack to shrubbery. Go left to another crack then back right to a black groove through the final tier. 4, 5, &amp; 6 friend-sized cams essential.</climb>
  <climb name="Waiting For The Man" id="15" number="9." length="25m" grade="26" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Sarah Hedges Jan 2004." stars=" *** " extra="5Þ">Climb a very thin crack up a prow past 4 glued carrots, to another glued carrot, on the pocketed wall above.</climb>
  <climb name="I’m Beginning to See the Light" id="16" number="10." length="25m" grade="18" fa="Sarah Hedges &amp; Nick Hancock Jan 2004." stars=" ** " extra="">Climb a right trending ramp (4 &amp; 5 Camalot) to open grooves (4 glued carrots).</climb>
  <climb name="Black Angels Death Song" id="17" number="11." length="15m" grade="19" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Sarah Hedges Jan 2004." stars=" * " extra="">Near the top of the rocky gully on the right side of the crag climb a left trending crack to an easy finish.</climb>
  <text id="58" class="heading3">Velvet Teens</text>
  <climb name="Rubicon" id="59" number="12." length="15m" grade="23" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Jan 2011." stars="**">Ten minutes north along the coast from the Velvet Underground is a collection of large boulders by the ocean. On the west face of the largest boulder climb a desperate flaring runnel to a ledge, then the lovely seam and diagonal crack above. Simultaneous abseil off the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Grit Your Teeth" id="60" number="13." length="7m" grade="22" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Jan 2011." stars="**">Fifty metres south and facing inland is a nice golden wall above a zawn, with a perfect flake crack. Climb this with conviction past good wires and cams.</climb>
  <climb name="The Flakes of Wrath" id="63" number="14." length="10m" grade="17" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Dec 2018" stars="*" extra="">Only one kilometre from the shacks at Granite Creek and approached along the coast from them is a nice cliff with a R facing flake line on the landward side. GDA 55G 0339782 53653454. Climb steeply up the flakes with good medium cams. Sling belay on top. Scramble off to the South.</climb>
  <text id="73" class="heading2">St Clair Falls</text>
  <text id="65" class="text">Further south along the Climies Track, about 4km from the shacks, is another climbing area with a hand crack up the gorge away from the coast and a large block near the sea. If you see the crag you have gone too far. Go back a few hundred metres north on the Climies Track and descend a sandy 4 wheeler track.</text>
  <climb name="Bums of Yesterday" id="66" number="15." length="15m" grade="18" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Jan 2016" stars="*" extra="">Climb the thin line on the R side of the blank North face of the main block. Double U bolt anchor on South side.</climb>
  <climb name="Flake &amp; Chips" id="67" number="16." length="10m" grade="16" fa="Niels Holthof &amp; Flavia Wipplinger  Jan 2016" stars="" extra="">Climb the line on the next bock R.</climb>
  <climb name="Serendipity Crack" id="68" number="17." length="15m" grade="20" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Jan 2016" stars="**" extra="">On the R side of the seaward face climb the impossibly thin crack. Luckily a pocket makes it possible. Step L then up.</climb>
  <climb name="The Hancock Slot" id="69" number="18." length="15m" grade="22" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  Jan 2016" stars="**" extra="">Around to the R facing South, climb the ominous body chimney. Reminiscent of the Harding Slot on Astro Man, and not in a good way. Nick's knees left the sidewalls red after the first ascent. Cams to 6.</climb>
  <climb name="Belvedere" id="70" number="19." length="15m" grade="22" fa="Heather &amp; Nick Hancock  Jan 2018" stars="**" extra="">On the south face, climb the very thin slab to the R via 5 glued carrots to a double U bolt anchor.</climb>
  <climb name="The Fish Arete" id="71" number="20." length="15m" grade="17" fa="Niels Holthof &amp; Flavia Wipplinger Jan 2016" stars="*" extra="">On a separate cliff just south, climb the sharp arête facing out to sea. Trad gear inc. a good small wire just before 2 glued carrots.</climb>
  <climb name="The Poisoned Gift" id="72" number="21." length="15m" grade="20" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock, Niels Holthof &amp; Flavia Wipplinger Jan 2016" stars="**" extra="">So named because Nick graciously gave this classic looking hand crack to his Swiss friends for the first ascent. It turned out to be harder than it looked! The obvious crack over a small roof near the start, a hundred metres up the R side of the river. Very sustained!</climb>