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<guide version="3">
  <header name="Marrawah" id="1" walk="A few minutes" sun="Late Afternoon" rock="Coastal quartzite up to 20m high" intro="These climbs are closed pending Aboriginal Heritage Assessment. Do not climb here. " history="" acknowledgement="by Nick Hancock" access="From Marrawah head 4 km south west, first on the C213 then the C214, Turn right onto West Point Road. Follow this another 4 km, until you reach the first substantial piece of rock a hundred meters off to the right (about 1 km before you reach Lighthouse Beach) Head through a thin band of moderate scrub by the side of the road, and then easily to the orange streaked south west face. The slightly overhanging cliff is composed of perfect quartzite, reminiscent of the Arapiles" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="65">
    <point pid="2" latitude="-40.93945459" longitude="144.630718014" description="Marrawah - Park Here" easting="300549" northing="5465260" zone="55H"/>
    <point pid="3" latitude="-40.93879" longitude="144.63275" description="Marrawah - Track Start" easting="300718" northing="5465339" zone="55H"/>
    <point pid="4" latitude="-40.93783" longitude="144.63177" description="Marrawah - The Cliff" easting="300632" northing="5465443" zone="55H"/>
    <polyline pid="5" description="Marrawah - Track to cliff">-40.937784,144.631776 -40.937837,144.631879 -40.937922,144.631929 -40.937956,144.632041 -40.938014,144.632135 -40.938078,144.632221 -40.938165,144.632262 -40.938215,144.632382 -40.938244,144.632503 -40.938333,144.632536 -40.938422,144.632566 -40.938552,144.632651 -40.938603,144.63275 -40.938688,144.632731 -40.938755,144.632756 -40.938787,144.632748</polyline>
  <image id="64" src="Marrawah.jpg" height="800" width="1200" legend="true" legendTitle="Marrawah">
      <path id="15646" points="52.0,530.0, 87.0,417.0," d="M52.0,530.0C66.0,484.8 73.0,462.2 87.0,417.0" linkedTo="63"/>
      <path id="34875" points="304.0,636.0, 334.0,531.0, 365.0,456.0, 375.0,355.0,belay" d="M304.0,636.0C316.0,594.0 323.6,561.7 334.0,531.0C344.4,500.3 357.6,487.6 365.0,456.0C372.4,424.4 371.0,395.4 375.0,355.0" linkedTo="61"/>
      <path id="61541" points="600.0,672.0, 616.0,229.0,lower" d="M600.0,672.0C606.4,494.8 609.6,406.2 616.0,229.0" linkedTo="4"/>
      <path id="6056" points="741.0,676.0, 743.0,204.0,lower" d="M741.0,676.0C741.8,487.2 742.2,392.8 743.0,204.0" linkedTo="5"/>
      <path id="93263" points="1073.0,601.0, 1032.0,407.0, 1054.0,342.0, 1045.0,294.0, 999.0,224.0, 988.0,148.0,belay" d="M1073.0,601.0C1056.6,523.4 1034.0,434.4 1032.0,407.0C1030.0,379.6 1051.8,361.4 1054.0,342.0C1056.2,322.6 1053.3,311.7 1045.0,294.0C1036.7,276.3 1010.2,252.6 999.0,224.0C987.8,195.4 992.4,178.4 988.0,148.0" linkedTo="62"/>
      <path id="1681" points="1006.0,632.0, 978.0,528.0, 929.0,467.0, 891.0,439.0, 851.0,400.0, 816.0,351.0, 795.0,269.0, 770.0,235.0, 744.0,203.0," d="M1006.0,632.0C994.8,590.4 991.2,556.4 978.0,528.0C964.8,499.6 942.2,480.5 929.0,467.0C915.8,453.5 905.3,451.3 891.0,439.0C876.7,426.7 865.5,417.0 851.0,400.0C836.5,383.0 825.5,373.1 816.0,351.0C806.5,328.9 801.2,284.7 795.0,269.0C788.8,253.3 780.1,248.1 770.0,235.0C759.9,221.9 754.4,215.8 744.0,203.0" linkedTo="68"/>
      <path id="801" points="171.0,533.0, 169.0,486.0, 172.0,447.0, 177.0,422.0, 179.0,367.0," d="M171.0,533.0C170.2,514.2 168.8,501.6 169.0,486.0C169.2,470.4 170.7,457.1 172.0,447.0C173.3,436.9 176.1,432.2 177.0,422.0C177.9,411.8 178.2,389.0 179.0,367.0" linkedTo="69"/>
      <rect id="82139" x="70" y="429" width="853" height="23" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text=".......................................................These climbs are closed pending Aboriginal Heritage Assessment..................................................................................."/>
  <text id="72" class="text">The first three climbs described are on the shorter secondary wall located around to the left of the main face. Beware of loose rock.</text>
  <climb name="The Ugly Duckling" id="63" fa="N Morgan &amp; E Budarick, Oct 2015" grade="14" length="12m" number="1." extra="" stars="">Locate secondary wall around to the left of the main face. Climb the blunt end arête directly above low ledge at its right most extremity. Take a large sling for belay.</climb>
  <climb id="69" stars="" extra="" number="2." name="El Pato" length="8m" grade="16" fa="Ben French &amp; Nicole Ee, Jan 2021">About 6m right of the Ugly Duckling, cracks midway up the cliff form an obvious &lt; shape. Climb directly over this feature towards its left end.</climb>
  <climb id="70" stars="*" extra="" number="3." name="Physical Distancing" length="12m" grade="17" fa="Ben French &amp; Nicole Ee">Start 5m right of El Pato under the lowest point of the roof. Climb to the roof, place some small gear and follow the line diagonally left and up. Surprisingly good.</climb>
  <text id="76" class="text">The following climbs are located on the main face.</text>
  <climb name="Pepileptic Cat" id="61" fa="Roger &amp; James Parkyn," grade="18" length="15m" number="4." extra="" stars="*">Going leftwards from FotC is an orange wall that is somewhat bald of grips. This route starts left of that where the rock is grey and more holds are present (about 10m left of FotC; directly below a point where the cracks mid-way up the cliff form a ^-shape). Climb up for 5m then rightwards a meter or two then up through the bulge and headwall above (where the rock is whitest). Steep but on big holds, solid jams, and good gear; especially cams in the horizontals.</climb>
  <climb name="Flight of the Conchords" id="4" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock." grade="24" length="16m" number="5." extra="" stars="***">Follow an orange streak on the left side of the face .</climb>
  <climb name="The Distant Future" id="5" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock" grade="25" length="16m" number="6." extra="" stars="***">More towards the centre of the crag, boulder up to a good horizontal break then steeper blank section above.</climb>
  <climb id="68" stars="*" extra="" number="7." name="Bowie&apos;s in Space" length="20m" grade="17" fa="Ben French &amp; Gian Luca Vanzetta,">RIP Bowie. Start about 8m right of The Distant Future, below the small grassy ledge. Follow diagonal cracks and slab to reach the left side of the orange scoop. Some steep moves up and left lead to the DBB of The Distant Future.</climb>
  <climb name="Part Time Model" id="62" fa="Roger &amp; James Parkyn" grade="16" length="18m" number="8." extra="" stars="*">Start about 10m right of TDF and take a direct line that goes to the right of the grassy ledge at 7m and to the left of the scrubby ledge at 10m. Reasonable gear using a standard rack (esp. cams in horizontals).</climb>
  <climb id="73" stars="" extra="" number="9." name="Hurt Feelings" length="15m" grade="15" fa="Ben French &amp; Nicole Ee">Pretty worthless. Start about 5m right of Part Time Model at a banksia bush. Climb the slab above on thin gear, trending slightly left to gain the vegetated ledge. Continue up weakness above.</climb>