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<guide version="2">
  <header access="Cleverly positioned so you can fit in at least two or three nightmare epics after work. The Quarry is on Waterworks Road (surprise) between Lynton Ave and Romilly Street in Dynyrne. Travel south along Davey Street (B64) heading for Ferntree (Mt Wellington), over the lights at the end of the Southern Outlet, and turn L at the first roundabout on Huon Road down Lynton Avenue. Turn R at the bottom of the steep hill into Waterworks Road, the cliff is about a km further on the LH side. After some debate as to whether they would close the cliff to climbers due to safety issues, the Hobart Council in their wisdom decided instead to clear the old quarry floor for parking, erect a fence along the cliff line, and even install a child-proof gate - plus of course the usual warning notices etc. We are in their debt!" acknowledgement="by John Domeney, originally published in Craglets. Updated by Tony McKenny, Dec 2007" guide.action="submit""0""0" guide.type="header" history="" intro="WARNING. A massive rock fall has occurred above and over Justin&apos;s Crack and Spiderman&apos;s Arsehole (18/11/2010). The cliff there is now extremely dangerous and unstable and more rock falls over these climbs are likely.        A rock is a rock they say, but if you think bolted routes take the adventure out of climbing then it’s time you paid a visit to the birthplace of the world’s next fad: choss climbing! Take one tottering pile of exfoliating rubble, add wide-eyed climbers with psychotic hammer drills and shares in Ramset. The result: a multitude of good routes carefully engineered so that every ascent is a first ascent i.e. all the holds break all the time. The procedure for doing new routes is as follows. Put on a blindfold, rap down, drilling at random. Carry a sack of rocks to place on holds so that every ascentionist gets a “unique” experience and every belayer gets a discount lobotomy. Remember, leading is the way to go here as the only other access to the chains is by jumping off the top and grabbing them on the way past. &lt;br/&gt;If you haven&apos;t got the message, the rock here is loose, and small and large chunks can and do come off - be warned. Oh, and take the stars with a grain of salt too (or perhaps some crumbly dolerite flakes instead?)." name="Waterworks Quarry" rock="Slabby, chossy, quarried dolerite" sun="Afternoon sun" walk="30 seconds" id="1" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="38">
    <point pid="0" latitude="-42.90333" longitude="147.31081" easting="525373" northing="5249873" zone="55G" code="" description="Waterworks Quarry"/>
  <image id="37" width="700" height="394" src="LHS.png" legend="true" legendx="3" legendy="6" legendTitle="Twilight Groping Area">
      <path id="7067" points="317,270, 322,212, 324,154, 320,134,lower" d="M317,270C319,246.8 320.60171152378433,235.1716376058595 322,212C323.39828847621567,188.8283623941405 324.20912181060055,162.15575061342187 324,154C323.79087818939945,145.84424938657813 321.6,142 320,134" linkedTo="7"/>
      <path id="56501" points="336,270, 345,220, 344,169, 336,144, 344,123,lower" d="M336,270C339.6,250 343.39540843920935,240.25796845498184 345,220C346.60459156079065,199.74203154501816 345.2347371061724,179.42666889656715 344,169C342.7652628938276,158.57333110343285 336,152.9888820216977 336,144C336,135.0111179783023 340.8,131.4 344,123" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="39109" points="564,275, 529,193, 501,127,lower" d="M564,275C550,242.2 540.2320416709251,219.38638360788764 529,193C517.7679583290749,166.61361639211236 512.2,153.4 501,127" linkedTo="10"/>
      <path id="74467" points="243,263, 252,191, 261,164, 262,148, 271,135,lower" d="M243,263C246.6,234.2 249.96353247018274,202.2005714139949 252,191C254.03646752981726,179.7994285860051 259.5474849751609,170.24581460680804 261,164C262.4525150248391,157.75418539319196 259.3932215058339,153.7623524607883 262,148C264.6067784941661,142.2376475392117 268.3932215058339,140.7623524607883 271,135" linkedTo="5"/>
      <path id="21308" points="284,269, 282,201, 283,163, 276,147," d="M284,269C283.2,241.8 282.1434394873651,216.20458566069672 282,201C281.8565605126349,185.79541433930328 283.7714414762116,169.9429732859043 283,163C282.2285585237884,156.0570267140957 278.8,153.4 276,147" linkedTo="6"/>
      <path id="93715" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="48543" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="88598" points="118,273, 134,223, 140,195," d="M118,273C124.39999999999999,253 130.89062554512824,234.02414579454532 134,223C137.10937445487176,211.97585420545468 137.6,206.2 140,195" linkedTo="4"/>
      <path id="87413" points="75,276, 85,253, 93,225, 106,216, 111,199," d="M75,276C79,266.8 81.66116556495902,262.46003089928274 85,253C88.33883443504098,243.53996910071723 89.87816458576191,230.50037668222902 93,225C96.12183541423809,219.49962331777098 102.4,221.2 106,216C109.6,210.8 109,205.8 111,199" linkedTo="3"/>
      <path id="85174" points="" d=""/>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="7m" name="Justin’s Crack" number="1." stars="*" id="3" fa=" Justin Kennedy.">Warning - extremely dangerous loose rock above. Description included here for historical record only. Trad climbing at the Waterworks! The thin line to the S-shaped crack 20m L of Twilight Groping. Take some small cams for the crack. Walk off at far L of cliff.</climb>
  <climb extra="2Þ" grade="21" guide.action="submit""2""0" guide.type="climb" length="7m" name="Spiderman’s Arsehole" number="2." stars="" id="4" fa="Jon Tiller, Nov 1991.">Warning - extremely dangerous loose rock above. Description included here for historical record only. Start just R of Justin’s Crack. Follow thin face on tweaky holds, clipping the carrot bolt near Justin’s Crack. The crux starts at the second bolt (again, no bracket).</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="17" length="10m" name="Don&apos;t Buy a Cheap Ryobi" number="3." stars="" id="5" fa="A. Lewis and T. Helleman, June, 2009.">Start just left of Twilight Groping at a tree. Climb the face past 4 U's to a chain. Stays left of Twilight Groping the whole way, and avoids the easier (and chossier) left arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="17" length="10m" name="Twilight Groping" number="4." stars="" id="6" fa="Richard Marshall, May 1989.">4 U bolts up the slab to the L of The Eye-Bolt Route with crux at the crux. Use lower-off on DBACR.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="12" guide.action="submit""3""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Eye Bolt Route" number="5." stars="*" id="7" fa="">Classic face climbing. 5 glue-ins plus a lower-off. Probably the best beginner's lead in Hobart.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="15" length="11m" name="Weetbix" number="6." stars="*" id="8" fa="E Jones, T Gilbert and G Abell, 14 Nov 2009.">2-3m right of the Eye Bolt Route. Up dark slabby rock past 4 U-bolts. Lower off has now been moved L, the route finishes straight up and is quite fun at the grade.</climb>
  <image id="35" src="MainWall.png" height="563" width="1000" legend="true" legendTitle="Waterworks LHS" legendx="6" legendy="7">
      <path id="34197" points="540,264, 522,247, 507,241, 488,230,label 473,151, 441,112, 420,89," d="M540,264C532.8,257.2 527.3015752026329,250.6950372624411 522,247C516.6984247973671,243.3049627375589 512.7799653978203,243.88998269891016 507,241C501.2200346021797,238.11001730108984 491.1034928882106,238.21512823349863 488,230C484.8965071117894,221.78487176650137 480.46696603225803,169.7468508894989 473,151C465.53303396774197,132.2531491105011 449.0949275535238,121.4695378928014 441,112C432.9050724464762,102.5304621071986 428.4,98.2 420,89" linkedTo="17"/>
      <path id="57401" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="18195" points="601,496, 577,416, 555,305, 529,233, 523,148, 513,82,lower" d="M601,496C591.4,464 584.8224768042552,448.4802841220161 577,416C569.1775231957448,383.5197158779839 562.7687471470857,334.6183484982645 555,305C547.2312528529143,275.3816515017355 535.1153380195383,263.00337715835985 529,233C522.8846619804617,202.99662284164015 525.8135275057537,174.5526658355497 523,148C520.1864724942463,121.44733416445031 517,108.4 513,82" linkedTo="18"/>
      <path id="15863" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="14585" points="666,482, 631,349, 605,303, 588,251, 590,153, 576,106, 579,78, 573,44,lower" d="M666,482C652,428.8 637.8176803282262,369.00597997954907 631,349C624.1823196717738,328.99402002045093 613.4923233833912,322.35459747842634 605,303C596.5076766166088,283.64540252157366 590.1774724197137,272.77472419713706 588,251C585.8225275802863,229.22527580286294 591.6178885679199,172.5494868623653 590,153C588.3821114320801,133.4505131376347 577.6345810483484,117.14487078419396 576,106C574.3654189516516,94.85512921580604 579.5444002741071,89.25093899821486 579,78C578.4555997258929,66.74906100178514 575.4,57.6 573,44" linkedTo="32"/>
      <path id="4261" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="51691" points="440,451, 430,395, 434,344, 452,306, 438,172, 418,90,lower" d="M440,451C436,428.6 431.14563850865443,415.43055340433756 430,395C428.85436149134557,374.56944659566244 429.9639648153296,360.32759688343947 434,344C438.0360351846704,327.67240311656053 451.60896533643665,322.8144905332244 452,306C452.39103466356335,289.1855094667756 443.24967488724957,205.3508757542914 438,172C432.75032511275043,138.6491242457086 426,122.8 418,90" linkedTo="16"/>
      <path id="11226" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="89357" points="394,447, 378,377, 391,318, 402,278, 386,199, 392,139, 418,86," d="M394,447C387.6,419 378.56185022530536,401.1595596881302 378,377C377.43814977469464,352.8404403118698 387.0904591095653,334.1268561730431 391,318C394.9095408904347,301.8731438269569 402.69661120060647,294.57934657443377 402,278C401.30338879939353,261.42065342556623 387.73075715022736,223.0575243881605 386,199C384.26924284977264,174.9424756118395 385.5659861304153,161.72011147697106 392,139C398.4340138695847,116.27988852302894 407.6,107.2 418,86" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="6672" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="56997" points="259,456, 249,361, 265,329, 277,270, 280,228, 281,179, 297,143,lower" d="M259,456C255,418 248.32465082750159,375.29489081788336 249,361C249.67534917249841,346.70510918211664 260.7913859249829,342.67799574380575 265,329C269.2086140750171,315.32200425619425 274.52573188890256,286.6600719480561 277,270C279.47426811109744,253.3399280519439 279.2603712138973,244.82655488383668 280,228C280.7396287861027,211.17344511616332 277.90956811581793,194.45215942091042 281,179C284.09043188418207,163.54784057908958 290.6,157.4 297,143" linkedTo="13"/>
      <path id="49571" points="301,457, 310,299, 325,211, 345,141,lower" d="M301,457C304.6,393.8 306.5327833867759,334.53897028554684 310,299C313.4672166132241,263.46102971445316 318.70194407617987,239.4312238846736 325,211C331.29805592382013,182.5687761153264 337,169 345,141" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="1388" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="68292" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="26538" points="165,464, 181,355, 190,331, 200,265, 193,224," d="M165,464C171.4,420.4 179.10595156859122,365.0763376550946 181,355C182.89404843140878,344.9236623449054 187.88219763217518,341.0316954265386 190,331C192.11780236782482,320.9683045734614 199.53371667075538,281.63077207639105 200,265C200.46628332924462,248.36922792360895 195.8,240.4 193,224" linkedTo="12"/>
      <path id="96608" points="109,406, 141,353, 153,311, 165,261, 191,225,lower" d="M109,406C121.8,384.8 133.65694528731694,368.8543226751111 141,353C148.34305471268306,337.1456773248889 148.58961804074198,327.9064641771558 153,311C157.41038195925802,294.0935358228442 157.8208849913313,277.24747080909236 165,261C172.1791150086687,244.75252919090767 180.6,239.4 191,225" linkedTo="11"/>
      <path id="52270" points="737,480, 693,303, 703,281, 677,246, 671,227, 677,175,lower" d="M737,480C719.4,409.2 694.627961864623,312.5283650311758 693,303C691.372038135377,293.4716349688242 705.6124163092616,290.3067331017444 703,281C700.3875836907384,271.6932668982556 681.0630962662772,252.85647494934273 677,246C672.9369037337228,239.14352505065727 671,234.96994353806852 671,227C671,219.03005646193148 674.6,195.8 677,175" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="53193" points="828,468, 777,275, 762,220, 737,147,lower" d="M828,468C807.6,390.8 782.8645506863276,297.0364934880188 777,275C771.1354493136724,252.9635065119812 768.8017163419045,241.76549229409412 762,220C755.1982836580955,198.23450770590588 747,176.2 737,147" linkedTo="22" lineStyle="solid"/>
      <path id="74822" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="93944" points="996,364, 942,318, 882,186, 849,119,lower" d="M996,364C974.4,345.6 957.3030704170698,341.8942678441966 942,318C926.6969295829302,294.1057321558034 894.6483401356276,213.06472781709567 882,186C869.3516598643724,158.93527218290433 862.2,145.8 849,119" linkedTo="24"/>
      <path id="66732" points="890,204, 823,185,label 805,136,lower" d="M890,204C863.2,196.4 839.3050194276666,198.04401554213328 823,185C806.6949805723334,171.95598445786672 812.2,155.6 805,136" linkedTo="23"/>
      <path id="56552" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="54953" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="73200" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="44858" points="487,224," d="M487,224"/>
      <path id="81932" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="72860" points="703,283, 737,268,label 771,259," d="M703,283C716.6,277 723.7336307210242,272.682247980815 737,268C750.2663692789758,263.317752019185 757.4,262.6 771,259" linkedTo="36"/>
  <climb extra="3Þ" grade="12" guide.action="submit""4""0" guide.type="climb" length="8m" name="Five Four" number="7." stars="" id="10" fa=" Jon Tiller, Aug 1993.">Start 10m L of Bastard Cancer. Up slab into corner past 3 bolts to lower-off. Good for beginners!</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="18" guide.action="submit""5""0" guide.type="climb" length="15m" name="Death Unto Racists" number="8." stars="" id="11" fa="Jon Tiller, Aug 1993.">Start 2m L of Bastard Cancer. Up left side of face. 4 bolts plus lower off.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="19" length="15m" name="Bastard Cancer" number="9." stars="*" id="12" fa="Richard Marshall, Feb 1987.">The arête left of the big slab. Starts on face, stay out of corner on R as very loose. 5 bolts led up right side of face to shared lower off.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="18" guide.action="submit""7""0" guide.type="climb" length="20m" name="Phantom Stone Thrower" number="10." stars="*" id="13" fa="Jon Tiller, Sep 1993.">Start 3m R of Bastard Cancer. Tricky slab climbing, moving L into the groove at the very top. 5 BRs plus lower off.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="19" length="15m" name="Ruddiocracy" number="11." stars="*" id="14" fa="Guy Abell &amp; Emlyn Jones, Mar 2010">Start immediately R of PST, climbing just to the L of the bolts. Exciting climbing with some thin moves. May still shed a little rock so belayer beware!. 5 U-bolts plus lower off.</climb>
  <climb extra="7Þ" grade="24" guide.action="submit""8""0" guide.type="climb" length="20m" name="Les Grands Ensembles" number="12." stars="**" id="15" fa="Richard Cockerill, May 2000.">Starts 5m to the R of Phantom Stone Thrower (under L end of roof) and follows a line of bolts up to the chain at the top of TdF (the last bolt is not visible from the ground). Thin slabbing.</climb>
  <climb extra="7Þ" grade="26" guide.action="submit""9""0" guide.type="climb" length="20m" name="Tour de France" number="13." stars="*" id="16" fa="Hamish Jackson, Sep 1994.">The line of bolts up the big slab 2m R of LGE. A well known test piece, originally bolted by Justin Kennedy and Richard Marshall circa 1987 but not climbed free until 1994. More good thin slabbing, but it's a bit contrived in spots. Difficult last clip, and the hanger is missing off the first bolt.</climb>
  <climb extra="9Þ" grade="20" guide.action="submit""11""0" guide.type="climb" length="20m" name="Serial Driller" number="14." stars="***" id="17" fa="John Domeney, Dec 1993.">Magic climbing. Follow the steel to the R of Tour. Start at the layback crack (blue spray paint arrow) and trend L at the top to the chain in the middle of the face.</climb>
  <climb extra="9Þ" grade="20" guide.action="submit""12""0" guide.type="climb" length="20m" name="Open Festering Wounds" number="15." stars="**" id="18" fa="John Domeney, Jan 1994.">Start as for Serial Driller. Move R at the third bolt and up past six more to a chain.</climb>
  <climb id="32" name="Totally Awesome" length="21m" grade="21" fa="Dave Humphries Feb 2012" extra="8Þ" stars="" number="16.">Name says it all... Start a metre to the right of OFW. Climb past the bolts until you're at the anchors (you clip a couple of OFW bolts). All the obvious loose stuff has been removed, but I guess it will 'shed' for a little while.</climb>
  <image id="34" src="RHS.jpg" height="525" width="700" legend="true" legendx="535" legendy="6" legendTitle="Warerworks RHS">
      <path id="80974" points="436,480, 429,362, 403,217, 374,64,lower" d="M436,480C433.2,432.8 434.8866859794797,408.9151034122168 429,362C423.1133140205203,315.0848965877832 413.69479900114516,274.94636549711385 403,217C392.30520099885484,159.05363450288615 385.6,125.2 374,64" linkedTo="25"/>
      <path id="62569" points="404,210, 424,165,label 424,108, 434,70,lower" d="M404,210C412,192 420.20987467469894,184.3296391590353 424,165C427.79012532530106,145.6703608409647 422.3546162541119,123.6311455859373 424,108C425.6453837458881,92.3688544140627 430432.16354697120715,85.260985074473928 434,70" linkedTo="26"/>
      <path id="78258" points="565,460, 524,302, 518,220, 488,103," d="M565,460C548.6,396.8 530.3204489321943,334.2746328452474 524,302C517.6795510678057,269.7253671547526 523.8545040978008,252.36239765173207 518,220C512.1454959021992,187.63760234826793 500,149.8 488,103" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="83605" points="519,244, 465,214,label 434,114, 434,67," d="M519,244C497.4,232 478.522264886785652226488678554,234.6811110033191 465,214C451.477735113214447773511321446,193.3188889966809 437.87930354734016,132.39540714383875 434,114C430.12069645265984,95.60459285616123 432.16354697120715,82.60985074473928 434,67" linkedTo="27"/>
      <path id="73914" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="68169" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="9203" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="1000" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="2793" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="18075" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="32779" points="656,454, 592,267, 567,249, 578,212, 506,91,lower" d="M656,454C630.4,379.2 596.9071885779659,278.3030748144158 592,267C587.0928114220341,255.69692518558418 570.039665335588,260.9415423898098 567,249C563.960334664412,237.05845761019017 583.5610337834306,226.40398914396783 578,212C572.4389662165694,197.59601085603217 534.8,139.399999999999984 506,91" linkedTo="29"/>
      <path id="42472" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="99720" points="375,471, 338,290, 337,136, 335,52,lower" d="M375,471C360.2,398.6 344.94308440823386,351.20877044100905 338,290C331.05691559176614,228.79122955899098 337.4236157905729,169.60685271878307 337,136C336.5763842094271,102.39314728121693 335.8,85.6 335,52" linkedTo="24"/>
      <path id="22840" points="336,155, 292,116,label 282,52,lower" d="M336,155C318.4,139.4 302.9203059005315,136.8294723658286 292,116C281.0796940994685,95.1705276341714 286,77.6 282,52" linkedTo="23"/>
      <path id="66787" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="40489" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="96951" points="86,468, 122,203, 110,94, 143,64,lower" d="M86,468C100.4,362 119.1910124672928638248998843237,246218.7733890513528499589451513555 122,203C124.8089875327071461751001156763,159187.2266109486471600410548486445 107.33509807744139,111.639112725507 110,94C112.66490192255861,76.360887274493 129.8,76 143,64" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="85462" points="" d="" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="25933" points="198,466, 201,225, 204,56,lower" d="M198,466C199.2,369.6 200.01068178259925,292.6034115223834 201,225C201.98931821740075,157.3965884776166 202.8,123.6 204,56" linkedTo="22"/>
      <path id="90262" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="38055" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="31713" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="1338" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="89550" points="123,211, 162,200,label 202,194," d="M123,211C125.61751001156763,195.00410548486445 146.18307185555636,203.40364276526003 162,200C177.81692814444364,196.59635723473997 186,196.4 202,194" linkedTo="36"/>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="23" guide.action="submit""13""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Sequels of the Light" number="17." stars="*" id="20" fa="Evan Peacock, Dec 1992.">At the R end of the crag is a short buttress. Start at the corner at the L end of this. Up the corner then continue with some tricky moves past the overlap. Lower-off is over on the back (best to abseil off this to clean the route, as the top is quite loose).</climb>
  <climb id="36" stars="" extra="5Þ" number="18." name="Sequels of Nongs" length="12" grade="22" fa="">Start up Sequels and move R at the overlap into Pathetic Nongs, finishing as for that route.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="21" guide.action="submit""14""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Pathetic Nongs Steal Hangers, Yes I’m Talking to You Arsehole" number="19." stars="**" id="22" fa="A. Rosa, Oct 1992.">Very nice, balancey, climbing up the groove just R of SOTL.</climb>
  <text id="33">The rock to the R of PNSH etc is in the process of "stablisation" - most of the loose rock has been removed but CAUTION if you are round that area! There is probably still some more to come down....</text>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="20" guide.action="submit""14""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Oh Joyous Lobotomy" number="20." stars="*" id="23" fa="">"A route in the classic tradition of Waterworks Quarry. A route that will warm the hearts and minds of repeat ascentionists, chill them to the bone and make them sick to their stomachs. This route epitomises its creators hedonistic and sociopathic style and is a textbook case of man against rock, rock against gravity and gravity against the combined forces of Ramset and Ryobi. The first bolt, with its stark placement and uncompromising height off the deck, deftly describes mans inhumanity to man. It is also a vivid phallic symbol graphically outlining the first ascentionists subconscious insecurity about the size of his bit. The moves up the wall above form an abstract modern dance that brings to mind images of East European conflict especially the side-pull which is the key to reaching the third bolt and a new round of Geneva peace talks. A man will always return to old stomping grounds and search for his roots; pulling up on the crucial razor sharp undercut one can almost feel them. The heady aroma of vast African plains drifts tantalisingly through ones nostrils and momentarily the mists of time part, you run, then walk, then crawl back down the evolutionary chain until an apelike heave sends you scurrying up and over the crux. You pause to appreciate the moment and the true symbolism of the metaphor, but a glance at the vacant expanse looming high to the left tells you the best is still to come". John Domeney, Sep 1993. Many have puzzled over this eclectic description, but most have scratched their heads and abandoned their search for the elusive climb, believing it to be a complete figment of John's fertile imagination. The best bet is you traverse L after the 3rd bolt on TWMD, and surmount the overlap via another (hidden) bolt over the lip to the lower-off. Enjoy! NB The final moves over the overlap may have altered as a commonly used foothold fell off during the recent stabilisation of the rock to the L. Maybe a tad harder now.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="18" guide.action="submit""16""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Trad Wankers Must Die" number="21." stars="**" id="24" fa="J.Domeney, S.Stojanovski, Oct 1992.">Looks like a pile of choss, particularly in the region near the overlap. In fact, it is quite safe. Climb up the loose pedestal and through shattered rock to a move R at the third bolt, then on to more solid ground to the lower-off.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="23" guide.action="submit""17""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Urban Renewal" number="22." stars="**" id="25" fa="Evan Peacock, Dec 1992.">Harder than it looks and prone to spitting climbers off like flies. Start immediately to the R of TWMD. Straight up the corner diagonally L, finishing up Trad Wankers.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="20" guide.action="submit""18""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Drilling in the Name of" number="23." stars="*" id="26" fa="John Domeney, Dec 1993.">Start up Urban Renewal to the third BR, move R past 2 more to finish at the Jesus chain.</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ" grade="15" guide.action="submit""19""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Resurrection" number="24." stars="*" id="27" fa="OCCG (Old Codgers Climbing Group) 2005.">Takes a line between DITNO and Jesus, covering the line of another route that fell down... Climb to the 3rd bolt of Jesus and trend L past 2 more to finish as for DITNO.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ" grade="17" guide.action="submit""19""0" guide.type="climb" length="10m" name="Jesus Built My Hammer Drill" number="25." stars="**" id="28" fa="John Domeney, Oct 1992.">The cliff classic - a chameleon of a route, changing all the time. The grade is anything from 14 to 20, presently about 17-18. At the RH end of the climbable rock are 4 bolts plus a lower off, with actually some decent moves in between.</climb>
  <text id="30"/>
  <climb id="31" name=" The Process of Elimination         " length="10m" grade="20" extra="4Þ" fa="D. Gray, Jan 2012." stars="" number="26.">Takes the old top rope line between JBMHD and BLC, using the existing bolts. A little discipline is needed to eschew the holds on the other two climbs but it gives an independent and surprisingly solid climb. Finish at the BLC rap chains.</climb>
  <climb id="29" name="The Blind Leading The Crippled " length="10m" grade="16" fa="Duncan Meerding, Paul Pritchard, Nov 2010." extra="4Þ" stars="" number="27.">The soaring line R of Jesus Built My Hammer Drill. 4 bolts to chain.</climb>
  <climb id="39" stars="***" extra="" number="28." name="Lateral Entry" length="60m" grade="25/v5" fa="B. Thorp">A full traverse of the base of the cliff - Start at the The Blind Leading the Crippled then keep going all the way left. A few cruxy sections mid-way requiring some fancy footwork and delicate matching. Go highball to get around the tree against the cliff at one point. Great fun and quite the concentration test with 30 or 40 minutes of climbing on the onsight.</climb>