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  <header id="54" name="St Helens" walk="Mostly short (&lt;5min)" sun="Mixed" rock="White granite" acknowledgement="" intro="There are plenty of granite boulders around St Helens, Binnalong Bay and the Bay of Fires. There are one or two problems scattered in most areas but not many have been developed. If you are in the area and have a car the best area found to date is at the end of Cosy Corner beach. Though, go exploring and you&apos;re likely to find some FAs for yourself. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Areas that have been looked at/worth looking at:&lt;br/&gt;- Binalong Bay - One possible area just out of Binalong Bay as you head to the coastal walking track. Only worth visiting if you are in the area&lt;br/&gt;- Jeanneret Beach heading towards Cosy Corner.&lt;br/&gt;- Skeleton Point - Six metere faces at the point with poor landings.&lt;br/&gt;- Beer Barrel Beach (not much worth visiting)&lt;br/&gt;- Eddystone Point &lt;br/&gt;- Humbug Point &lt;br/&gt;- In the hills behind Cosy Corner are a lot of boulders" history="" access="To get to Cosy CornerJeanneret Beach take the road to Binalong Bay from St Helens. Turn onto the Gardens Road (C248) a couple of kilometres before Binalong Bay. &lt;br/&gt;Jeaneret Beach is a couple of ks along the road just after a sharp bend, look for the sign.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Cosy Corner is further along the road past the road at the Northern end of Cosy Corner beach. Take the next road right, it is on a bend and unmarked, this will take you to the car park and the first boulder on the headland." camping="Camping available at Cosy Corner (North and South)." autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="55">
    <point pid="1" latitude="-41.21720" longitude="148.28443" easting="607668" northing="5436335" zone="55G" code="" description="Paddling Pool Boulders"/>
    <point pid="2" description="Car Park Boulders" latitude="-41.21740" longitude="148.28363" easting="607601" northing="5436314" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="3" description="Water Front Boulders" latitude="-41.21706" longitude="148.28447" easting="607672" northing="5436351" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="4" description="Sloop Reef Boulders" latitude="-41.20963" longitude="148.28535" easting="607757" northing="5437175" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="5" description="Heart Beat Blocks" latitude="-41.21517" longitude="148.28320" easting="607568" northing="5436562" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="6" description="Round Hill Point" latitude="-41.23603" longitude="148.29244" easting="608309" northing="5434235" zone="55G"/>
  <text id="128" class="heading2">Jeanneret Beach</text>
  <text id="129" class="text">Jeanneret Beach sits between two rocky points, the Northern point is Round Hill Point the Southern point is unnamed and has a range of inlets and boulders with most being either dangerous or eggs.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The area immediately South of the beach has a range of boulders most being easy.</text>
  <image id="130" src="South Jeanneret.jpg" height="536" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="75784" points="249.0,366.0, 248.0,366.0, 201.0,215.0, 207.0,133.0," d="M249.0,366.0C248.9,365.6 248.1,366.4 248.0,366.0C247.9,365.6 206.7,247.4 201.0,215.0C195.3,182.6 204.6,165.8 207.0,133.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="131"/>
      <path id="46767" points="122.0,314.0, 131.0,230.0, 139.0,200.0," d="M122.0,314.0C125.6,280.4 129.2,242.3 131.0,230.0C132.8,217.7 135.8,212.0 139.0,200.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="132"/>
  <problem id="131" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1." name="Seagull" length="" grade="V4" fa="">Start in the big slot and head over.</problem>
  <problem id="132" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="2." name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="">Lay back the flake.</problem>
  <text id="148" class="heading3">Tourism Boulder</text>
  <text id="149" class="text">A boulder with some nice lines but generally bad landings.</text>
  <image id="146" src="Big Wall Jeanneret.jpg" height="270" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="73737" points="260.0,236.0, 266.0,236.0, 293.0,43.0, 295.0,30.0," d="M260.0,236.0C262.4,236.0 265.6,238.4 266.0,236.0C266.4,233.6 292.3,48.2 293.0,43.0C293.7,37.8 294.2,35.2 295.0,30.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="147"/>
      <path id="53292" points="184.0,202.0, 196.0,37.0," d="M184.0,202.0C188.8,136.0 191.2,103.0 196.0,37.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="150"/>
  <problem id="147" stars="**" extra="(Stand)" number="3." name="Tourism" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Nice problem. The sit adds a little difficulty but probably detracts from the problem overall.</problem>
  <problem id="150" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="4." name="" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Start on the blocks and head up the slots to a waddy topout over the starting blocks.</problem>
  <text id="134" class="heading3">Enclave Boulders</text>
  <text id="135" class="text">Visible from the beach and about 50m scramble around the rocks or wander to the path then scramble down if the sea is running.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;There are a range of easier boulders in the area that have been done, feel free to write them up and name them.</text>
  <image id="133" src="South Jeanneret Enclave.jpg" height="462" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="64514" points="125.0,282.0, 124.0,282.0, 107.0,163.0, 107.0,136.0," d="M125.0,282.0C124.9,281.6 124.1,282.4 124.0,282.0C123.9,281.6 108.2,173.7 107.0,163.0C105.8,152.3 107.0,146.8 107.0,136.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="138"/>
      <path id="19337" points="254.0,236.0, 240.0,160.0, 235.0,97.0," d="M254.0,236.0C248.4,205.6 243.4,185.0 240.0,160.0C236.6,135.0 237.0,122.2 235.0,97.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="137"/>
      <path id="31439" points="358.0,267.0, 359.0,176.0, 363.0,73.0," d="M358.0,267.0C358.4,230.6 358.1,212.4 359.0,176.0C359.9,139.6 361.4,114.2 363.0,73.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="136"/>
  <problem id="136" stars="" extra="" number="35." name="Hard Project" length="" grade="V?" fa=""/>
  <problem id="137" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="46." name="Sugar and Salt" length="" grade="V4" fa="">Layback the offwidth.</problem>
  <problem id="138" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="57." name="" length="" grade="V4V3" fa="">Compress>Start andwith laywayboth thenfeet mantleon itthe outplinth.</problem>
  <text id="98" class="heading3">Round Hill Point</text>
  <text id="99" class="text">Round Hill Point is the point between Swimcart and Jeanneret beaches. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Drive to the Jeanneret beach carpark and head for the beach. Walk&lt;br/&gt;north around the shoreline till you come to an inlet with the&lt;br/&gt;boulders. Takes about 5 minutes from the car.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Many of the boulders in this area are in the tidal zone, generally&lt;br/&gt;meaning they will be climbable if the swell is under 1.5m and its not&lt;br/&gt;high tide. Seems the swell is the most important factor.</text>
  <text id="103" class="heading3">Vertical Bloc</text>
  <text id="104" class="text">Vertical Bloc is the first boulder, hidden in amongst some smaller boulders. &lt;br/&gt;The bloc has a thin diagonal crack with a couple of hard looking lines. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The landing is underwater at high tide.</text>
  <text id="101" class="heading3">Seaside Boulder</text>
  <text id="105" class="text">Five meters further around is the Seaside boulder. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;This boulder is partially submerged at high tide.</text>
  <image id="106" src="Seaside arete topo.jpg" height="338" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="39354" points="218.0,271.0, 244.0,114.0, 263.0,73.0," d="M218.0,271.0C228.4,208.2 240.0,131.6 244.0,114.0C248.0,96.4 255.4,89.4 263.0,73.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="107"/>
      <path id="43805" points="385.0,165.0, 385.0,60.0," d="M385.0,165.0C385.0,123.0 385.0,102.0 385.0,60.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="108"/>
  <problem id="100" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="68." name="Easy Slab" length="" grade="VE" fa=""/>
  <problem id="107" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="79." name="Arete" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Hard sit start.</problem>
  <problem id="108" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="810." name="" length="" grade="VE" fa=""/>
  <text id="109" class="text">Ten meters from Seaside are a couple of columns in amongst the boulders.</text>
  <problem id="110" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="911." name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Start in the hole.</problem>
  <problem id="111" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="1012." name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Start on the block.</problem>
  <text id="112" class="heading3">Big Block</text>
  <text id="113" class="text">Big Block is up from the water, Claire Barbara requires a quiet swell so the mats don't get to wet or wash away.</text>
  <image id="114" src="Claire Barbara topo.jpg" height="711" width="400" legend="true" legendx="12" legendy="14">
      <path id="63657" points="170.0,394.0, 145.0,228.0, 154.0,188.0," d="M170.0,394.0C160.0,327.6 146.3,244.4 145.0,228.0C143.7,211.6 150.4,204.0 154.0,188.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="115"/>
      <path id="51354" points="270.0,434.0, 239.0,266.0, 236.0,230.0," d="M270.0,434.0C257.6,366.8 241.4,280.3 239.0,266.0C236.6,251.7 237.2,244.4 236.0,230.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="116"/>
  <problem id="115" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="1113." name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Climb the right arete.</problem>
  <problem id="116" stars="***" extra="(SDS)" number="1214." name="Claire Barbara" length="" grade="V6" fa="">Classic compression and slope climbing.&lt;br/&gt;The stand is worthwhile and a couple of grades easier.</problem>
  <text id="117" class="heading3">Low Water Block</text>
  <text id="118" class="text">Low water block is partially submerged at high tide and wet if there is a swell running.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The boulder has a flake reminiscent of a shield on its southern side.</text>
  <problem id="119" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="1315." name="Right Shield" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Climb right of the shield.</problem>
  <problem id="120" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="1416." name="Left Shield" length="" grade="V0" fa=""/>
  <text id="121" class="heading3">Steep Boulder</text>
  <text id="123" class="text">Steep Boulder is higher than the other boulders and can be reached by walking around behind the previous boulders.&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <image id="124" src="Steep area topo.jpg" height="281" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="37822" points="163.0,172.0, 163.0,102.0, 206.0,34.0," d="M163.0,172.0C163.0,144.0 154.7,128.7 163.0,102.0C171.3,75.3 188.8,61.2 206.0,34.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="125"/>
      <path id="14093" points="305.0,193.0, 243.0,130.0, 240.0,49.0," d="M305.0,193.0C280.2,167.8 256.3,159.6 243.0,130.0C229.7,100.4 241.2,81.4 240.0,49.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="126"/>
  <problem id="125" stars="" extra="" number="1517." name="Hard Project" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Head through the left series of holds.</problem>
  <problem id="126" stars="**" extra="(SDS)" number="1618." name="Robert George" length="" grade="V3" fa="">Start with both hands in the right most crack.</problem>
  <text id="139" class="heading3">Round Hill Point North Wall</text>
  <text id="140" class="text">A series of small walls face north on Round Hill Point. The best approach to these boulders is to walk to the southern end of Jeanneret beach then over the marum grass to Swimcart the walls are to the East when you hit the rocks.</text>
  <image id="141" src="Roundhill Pt Nth Wall.jpg" height="270" width="600" legend="true" legendx="437" legendy="5">
      <path id="96480" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="11900" points="161.0,191.0, 132.0,99.0, 128.0,36.0," d="M161.0,191.0C149.4,154.2 137.3,123.7 132.0,99.0C126.7,74.3 129.6,61.2 128.0,36.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="142"/>
      <path id="83048" points="254.0,190.0, 261.0,80.0, 264.0,61.0," d="M254.0,190.0C256.8,146.0 260.4,87.7 261.0,80.0C261.6,72.3 262.8,68.6 264.0,61.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="143"/>
      <path id="6716" points="447.0,187.0, 437.0,114.0, 418.0,69.0," d="M447.0,187.0C443.0,157.8 441.7,133.0 437.0,114.0C432.3,95.0 425.6,87.0 418.0,69.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="145"/>
      <path id="66692" points="408.0,185.0, 412.0,136.0, 428.0,95.0," d="M408.0,185.0C409.6,165.4 408.2,153.2 412.0,136.0C415.8,118.8 421.6,111.4 428.0,95.0" linkedTo="145"/>
      <path id="91509" points="326.0,202.0, 304.0,134.0, 289.0,75.0," d="M326.0,202.0C317.2,174.8 310.8,157.4 304.0,134.0C297.2,110.6 295.0,98.6 289.0,75.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="144"/>
      <path id="92591" points="253.0,208.0," d="M253.0,208.0"/>
      <path id="45793" points="407.0,213.0," d="M407.0,213.0"/>
  <problem id="142" stars="" extra="(Hang)" number="1719." name="" length="" grade="V3" fa="">Up the arete. Sit needs doing.</problem>
  <problem id="143" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1820." name="" length="" grade="V3" fa="">Start with both cracks.</problem>
  <problem id="144" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1921." name="" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Crack and arete.</problem>
  <problem id="145" stars="*" extra="(SDS)" number="2022." name="Water Cracker" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Start on the blocks. &lt;br/&gt;The alternate start (under water at high tide) goes at about V4, tricky feet.</problem>
  <text id="127" class="heading2">Cosy Corner North</text>
  <text class="heading3" new="false" id="6">Car Park Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" new="false" id="7">These are the boulders next to the car park at the coastal side of Old Gardens Road.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="8">The Thumb</text>
  <image src="St Helensthumb.jpg" id="9" height="600" legend="true">
      <path id="25932" points="140.0,465.0," linkedTo="10" d="M140.0,465.0"/>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V6" name="Absolution" new="false" number="2123." stars="" id="10"/>
  <text id="78" class="heading3">The Belly</text>
  <text class="text" id="11">This boulder is the large slabby dome right next to the Thumb.</text>
  <image id="80" src="IMG_4789.JPG" height="667" width="500" legend="true" legendx="332" legendy="614">
      <path id="1566" points="456.0,403.0, 416.0,288.0, 391.0,185.0, 352.0,126.0," d="M456.0,403.0C440.0,357.0 428.1,328.6 416.0,288.0C403.9,247.4 401.4,211.3 391.0,185.0C380.6,158.7 367.6,149.6 352.0,126.0" linkedTo="83"/>
      <path id="6409" points="186.0,429.0, 225.0,311.0, 218.0,195.0, 233.0,98.0, 219.0,57.0," d="M186.0,429.0C201.6,381.8 218.7,357.1 225.0,311.0C231.3,264.9 216.5,234.2 218.0,195.0C219.5,155.8 232.9,115.3 233.0,98.0C233.1,80.7 224.6,73.4 219.0,57.0" linkedTo="84"/>
      <path id="85544" points="1.0,363.0, 63.0,278.0, 117.0,220.0, 134.0,117.0, 159.0,60.0," d="M1.0,363.0C25.8,329.0 43.0,302.6 63.0,278.0C83.0,253.4 104.2,249.0 117.0,220.0C129.8,191.0 127.7,141.1 134.0,117.0C140.3,92.9 149.0,82.8 159.0,60.0" linkedTo="85"/>
  <problem id="85" stars="" extra="" number="2224." name="Descent route aka Ripple Thief" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Small edges and good smears get you to the top of the boulder. Potentially easiest way up and down from the boulder.&lt;br/&gt;This is used as the way down if you don't want to down-climb any of the other climbs.</problem>
  <problem id="84" stars="" extra="" number="2325." name="Micro-roof" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Follow good holds and smears to top via the micro-roof and slabby topout</problem>
  <image id="79" src="IMG_4775.JPG" height="667" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="17393" points="275.0,354.0, 297.0,282.0, 313.0,203.0, 325.0,155.0, 321.0,127.0," linkedTo="81" d="M275.0,354.0C283.8,325.2 289.7,311.2 297.0,282.0C304.3,252.8 308.7,222.3 313.0,203.0C317.3,183.7 323.8,166.3 325.0,155.0C326.2,143.7 322.6,138.2 321.0,127.0"/>
      <path id="46229" points="181.0,333.0, 218.0,231.0, 221.0,157.0, 234.0,127.0," d="M181.0,333.0C195.8,292.2 211.4,259.9 218.0,231.0C224.6,202.1 219.0,169.9 221.0,157.0C223.0,144.1 228.8,139.0 234.0,127.0" linkedTo="82"/>
      <path id="13937" points="33.0,349.0, 66.0,284.0, 79.0,242.0, 83.0,206.0, 129.0,159.0, 148.0,147.0," d="M33.0,349.0C46.2,323.0 59.1,300.2 66.0,284.0C72.9,267.8 75.9,256.2 79.0,242.0C82.1,227.8 75.5,218.4 83.0,206.0C90.5,193.6 122.3,165.0 129.0,159.0C135.7,153.0 140.4,151.8 148.0,147.0" linkedTo="83"/>
      <path id="62217" points="" d=""/>
  <problem id="83" stars="*" extra="" number="2426." name="Sharpie Direct" length="" grade="V2" fa="">Start directly under the round flake, small edges and smears to juggy top right over the flake</problem>
  <problem id="82" stars="" extra="" number="2527." name="Palmerstone Bay" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Start 1.5m left of the ramp following up the steeper bulge. Top out straight up via mantle like move up high.</problem>
  <problem id="81" stars="*" extra="" number="2628." name="The Ramp" length="" grade="VE" fa="">Start on the lowest part of the slab and follow the good edges and smears right up the ramp to the top. Good fun!</problem>
  <text id="86" class="heading3">The Nose</text>
  <text id="88" class="text">This boulder is about 5 metres downhill from The Thumb and the only problem/project is on the downhill, ocean facing side. Bit sharp but good hard mantle if you're into that sort of thing!</text>
  <image id="90" width="500" height="667" src="IMG_4744.JPG">
      <path id="59625" points="166.0,277.0, 225.0,171.0, 315.0,67.0, 338.0,10.0," d="M166.0,277.0C189.6,234.6 196.9,210.6 225.0,171.0C253.1,131.4 300.9,87.1 315.0,67.0C329.1,46.9 328.8,32.8 338.0,10.0" linkedTo="87"/>
  <problem id="87" stars="*" extra="" number="2729." name="Debauchery Project" length="" grade="V6-8?" fa="">Open Project. Start matched hanging off the two crimps on the right of the slabby face. Don't use the other blocks for feet. Hang, heel up and mantle, sounds easy!</problem>
  <text id="97" class="text">The next problems are on a boulder 30m east of the Nose. A few lines can still be developed on these.</text>
  <image id="94" src="Aretnaphobia.jpg" height="533" width="400" legend="true">
      <path id="41328" points="166.0,221.0, 165.0,132.0, 195.0,69.0, 170.0,25.0," d="M166.0,221.0C165.6,185.4 159.8,159.4 165.0,132.0C170.2,104.6 194.1,89.2 195.0,69.0C195.9,48.8 180.0,42.6 170.0,25.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="91"/>
      <path id="22463" points="323.0,377.0, 315.0,266.0, 280.0,149.0, 197.0,25.0," d="M323.0,377.0C319.8,332.6 323.2,309.7 315.0,266.0C306.8,222.3 301.5,192.9 280.0,149.0C258.5,105.1 230.2,74.6 197.0,25.0" linkedTo="92" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="91" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="2830." name="Filler" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2017">Stand start with good rail. Up and over the top. Somewhat contrived if you miss the large LH feet, but about the same grade.</problem>
  <problem id="92" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="2931." name="Aretnaphobia" length="" grade="V1" fa="M Hitchcock 2017">Sit start on the aerate. Head up through some pinches and lay aways.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" new="false" id="12">Waterfront Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" new="false" id="13">Take the track from the Northern side of the car park and head down to a little inlet. head right and you will come to the first few problems.</text>
  <image new="false" noPrint="false" src="Cosy4Topo.jpg" width="" id="14" height="378" legend="true">
      <path id="22068" points="342.0,251.0," linkedTo="15" d="M342.0,251.0"/>
      <path id="79659" points="185.0,184.0," linkedTo="16" d="M185.0,184.0"/>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" name="" new="false" number="3032." stars="*" id="15">Grab the break then the jug.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" name="" new="false" number="3133." stars="" id="16">Use both cracks.</problem>
  <text class="text" new="false" id="17">A few metres further round is a short overhanging crack.</text>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" name="" new="false" number="3234." stars="" id="18">Climb the crack.</problem>
  <text class="text" new="false" id="19">Continue around the Waterline until you come to a series of walls. This is the main area and will be awash at high tide.</text>
  <text class="heading3" new="false" id="20">Paddling Pool Boulders</text>
  <image new="false" noPrint="false" src="Cosy3Topo.jpg" width="" id="21" height="378" legend="true">
      <path id="14940" points="227.0,192.0," d="M227.0,192.0" linkedTo="25"/>
      <path id="49548" points="255.0,204.0," linkedTo="24" d="M255.0,204.0"/>
      <path id="61561" points="297.0,210.0," linkedTo="23" d="M297.0,210.0"/>
      <path id="64643" points="338.0,233.0," linkedTo="22" d="M338.0,233.0"/>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" name="" new="false" number="3335." stars="" id="22">Follow the diagonal.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" name="" new="false" number="3436." stars="" id="23">Move up using crimps and diagonal. Sit should probably go.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" name="" new="false" number="3537." stars="" id="24">Crimp fest up face.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" name="Make a splash" new="false" number="3638." stars="**" id="25">Lay off the arete all the way to the top.</problem>
  <image new="false" noPrint="false" src="Cosy1Topo.jpg" width="" id="26" height="378" legend="true" legendx="333" legendy="267">
      <path id="98361" points="307.0,222.0," linkedTo="27" d="M307.0,222.0"/>
      <path id="74402" points="281.0,185.0," linkedTo="28" d="M281.0,185.0"/>
      <path id="59977" points="246.0,195.0," linkedTo="29" d="M246.0,195.0"/>
      <path id="42629" points="200.0,205.0," linkedTo="30" d="M200.0,205.0"/>
      <path id="96814" points="165.0,143.0," linkedTo="31" d="M165.0,143.0"/>
      <path id="94846" points="129.0,175.0," linkedTo="32" d="M129.0,175.0"/>
      <path id="66572" points="85.0,172.0," linkedTo="33" d="M85.0,172.0"/>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" name="" new="false" number="3739." stars="" id="27">The diagonal.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" name="" new="false" number="3840." stars="" id="28">Up the slab.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" name="" new="false" number="3941." stars="" id="29">Step up and grab the jug.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" name="" new="false" number="4042." stars="" id="30">Rock over your foot.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="VE" name="" new="false" number="4143." stars="" id="31">Layback the back arete.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" name="" new="false" number="4244." stars="" id="32">Too lazy for a sit. Start at the base of the crack.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" name="" new="false" number="4345." stars="" id="33">Smears and slopes. Hard sit possible.</problem>
  <image new="false" noPrint="false" src="Cosy2Topo.jpg" width="" id="34" height="378" legend="true">
      <path id="88117" points="284.0,195.0," linkedTo="35" d="M284.0,195.0"/>
  <problem extra="" grade="V?" name="" new="false" number="4446." stars="" id="35">This problem is steep, slopey with not so many holds. The wettest of these problems requires mid to low tide.</problem>
  <image id="96" src="Low brow.jpg" height="533" width="400" legend="true">
      <path id="33970" points="291.0,263.0, 286.0,154.0, 254.0,55.0," d="M291.0,263.0C289.0,219.4 293.3,195.0 286.0,154.0C278.7,113.0 266.8,94.6 254.0,55.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="95"/>
  <problem id="95" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4547." name="Low Brow (OPEN PROJECT)" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Stand start with the brow feature at waist height. Jump for the jug and mantle. Can get a little spoogy with the tide.</problem>
  <text id="56" class="heading2">Heart Beat Blocks</text>
  <text id="57" class="text">A collection of boulders and small cliffs just north of the waterfront boulders. Mostly easy but there are some harder lines that have yet to be climbed. Access via the same carpark.</text>
  <image id="71" src="south heart beat.png" height="525" width="700" legend="true" legendTitle="South Heart Beat">
      <path id="43715" points="232.0,254.0," linkedTo="58" d="M232.0,254.0"/>
      <path id="12343" points="346.0,300.0," linkedTo="59" d="M346.0,300.0"/>
  <problem id="58" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4648." name="Open project" length="" grade="V?" fa=""/>
  <problem id="59" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4749." name="Open project" length="" grade="V?" fa=""/>
  <image id="72" src="heartbeat.png" height="525" width="700" legendTitle="Heart Beat Block" legend="true">
      <path id="93024" points="43.0,330.0," linkedTo="61" d="M43.0,330.0"/>
      <path id="67924" points="178.0,331.0," linkedTo="62" d="M178.0,331.0"/>
      <path id="41412" points="306.0,279.0," linkedTo="63" d="M306.0,279.0"/>
      <path id="27406" points="345.0,316.0," linkedTo="64" d="M345.0,316.0"/>
      <path id="11193" points="583.0,401.0," linkedTo="65" d="M583.0,401.0"/>
  <problem id="60" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4850." name="104bpm Traverse" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Low slab traverse. Go between "133bpm Left" and "The Heart Beat" in either direction</problem>
  <problem id="61" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="4951." name="133bpm Left" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Climb the left side of the slab</problem>
  <problem id="62" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5052." name="13bpm Right" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Climb the centre of the slab.</problem>
  <problem id="63" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="5153." name="The Heart Beat" length="" grade="V0" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Balance up the pedestal to the flake, which is followed to a mantle and slab.</problem>
  <problem id="64" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5254." name="Open Project" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Start on pedestal and follow the undercling flake right. Looks desperate.</problem>
  <problem id="65" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="5355." name="149bpm" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Climb up cracks with opposing jugs.</problem>
  <image id="73" src="132bpm.png" height="525" width="700" legendTitle="132bpm Block" legend="true">
      <path id="80151" points="129.0,234.0," linkedTo="66" d="M129.0,234.0"/>
      <path id="35829" points="352.0,343.0," linkedTo="67" d="M352.0,343.0"/>
  <problem id="66" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="5456." name="132bpm Left" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Left arete</problem>
  <problem id="67" stars="" extra="(Hang)" number="5557." name="132bpm Right" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2016 (but previous ascents likely)">Right arete</problem>
  <image id="74" src="north heart beat.png" height="533" width="400" legend="true" legendTitle="North Heart beat block">
      <path id="39590" points="199.0,388.0," linkedTo="68" d="M199.0,388.0"/>
      <path id="40974" points="282.0,359.0," linkedTo="69" d="M282.0,359.0"/>
  <problem id="68" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5658." name="Open Project" length="" grade="V?" fa=""/>
  <problem id="69" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5759." name="Open Project" length="" grade="V?" fa=""/>
  <text id="38" class="heading2">Sloop Reef Point</text>
  <text id="39">Lovely day spot with mostly highballs with good landings, as well as the ultimate surprisingly deep natural rock pool just 20m away from the wall!! Can park at Sloop Reef Point and the wall is south about 20 meters along the shoreline. Climbs are from left to right btw.</text>
  <image id="40" src="slooop reef.bmp" height="717" legend="true" legendTitle="Sloop Reef Point">
      <path id="84034" points="43.0,536.0, 20.0,446.0, 26.0,403.0, 49.0,369.0, 109.0,273.0," linkedTo="42" d="M43.0,536.0C33.8,500.0 22.2,463.2 20.0,446.0C17.8,428.8 20.2,418.4 26.0,403.0C31.8,387.6 40.2,382.8 49.0,369.0C57.8,355.2 85.0,311.4 109.0,273.0"/>
      <path id="8294" points="161.0,555.0, 150.0,449.0, 158.0,359.0, 198.0,243.0," linkedTo="43" d="M161.0,555.0C156.6,512.6 150.6,485.1 150.0,449.0C149.4,412.9 149.8,394.2 158.0,359.0C166.2,323.8 182.0,289.4 198.0,243.0"/>
      <path id="93058" points="299.0,566.0, 245.0,450.0, 234.0,380.0, 246.0,311.0, 293.0,262.0, 348.0,214.0, 397.0,157.0," linkedTo="44" d="M299.0,566.0C277.4,519.6 254.4,476.8 245.0,450.0C235.6,423.2 233.8,408.0 234.0,380.0C234.2,352.0 233.9,335.3 246.0,311.0C258.1,286.7 273.3,280.7 293.0,262.0C312.7,243.3 327.5,234.7 348.0,214.0C368.5,193.3 377.4,179.8 397.0,157.0"/>
      <path id="4429" points="330.0,564.0, 308.0,475.0, 299.0,398.0, 314.0,343.0, 357.0,334.0, 418.0,318.0, 452.0,293.0, 457.0,238.0, 435.0,196.0, 415.0,156.0," linkedTo="45" d="M330.0,564.0C321.2,528.4 313.7,505.5 308.0,475.0C302.3,444.5 298.0,420.8 299.0,398.0C300.0,375.2 302.2,356.0 314.0,343.0C325.8,330.0 339.9,338.1 357.0,334.0C374.1,329.9 402.5,324.7 418.0,318.0C433.5,311.3 444.6,308.2 452.0,293.0C459.4,277.8 460.3,256.7 457.0,238.0C453.7,219.3 443.2,211.9 435.0,196.0C426.8,180.1 423.0,172.0 415.0,156.0"/>
      <path id="83059" points="546.0,557.0, 541.0,489.0, 536.0,430.0, 528.0,370.0, 512.0,303.0, 490.0,233.0, 471.0,172.0," linkedTo="46" d="M546.0,557.0C544.0,529.8 542.9,512.6 541.0,489.0C539.1,465.4 538.6,453.5 536.0,430.0C533.4,406.5 532.5,393.8 528.0,370.0C523.5,346.2 519.4,329.6 512.0,303.0C504.6,276.4 497.6,257.4 490.0,233.0C482.4,208.6 478.6,196.4 471.0,172.0"/>
      <path id="21120" points="785.0,580.0, 796.0,515.0, 801.0,445.0, 804.0,378.0, 794.0,315.0, 770.0,244.0," linkedTo="47" d="M785.0,580.0C789.4,554.0 792.9,541.2 796.0,515.0C799.1,488.8 799.4,471.8 801.0,445.0C802.6,418.2 805.4,403.5 804.0,378.0C802.6,352.5 800.3,339.7 794.0,315.0C787.7,290.3 779.6,272.4 770.0,244.0"/>
  <problem id="42" number="5860." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Left hand crack. nice enough</problem>
  <problem id="43" number="5961." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Face just right of corner. cool rock formation</problem>
  <problem id="44" number="6062." grade="VE" extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Crack between small and tall boulder, can bail early over small boulder to take out the highball, grade stays the same</problem>
  <problem id="45" number="6163." stars="*" grade="V1" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="Eli" name="" length="">Nice problem starting on arête. Head up then traverse right through obvious line to ledge then topout direct.</problem>
  <problem id="46" number="6264." grade="V0" extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="*" fa="Eli" name="" length="">Obvious crack</problem>
  <problem id="47" number="6365." grade="V6" extra="(Highball, Stand)" name="Afternoon Pleasantries " fa="Eli">In corner up right hand slab. Start on very small opposing crimps and directly up from there.</problem>
  <image id="48" src="sloop reef 2.bmp" height="717" legend="true">
      <path id="28795" points="254.0,635.0, 341.0,583.0, 386.0,547.0, 429.0,506.0, 439.0,442.0, 425.0,384.0, 397.0,325.0, 357.0,275.0, 319.0,223.0, 288.0,184.0, 260.0,146.0, 227.0,106.0, 214.0,81.0, 214.0,51.0," linkedTo="49" d="M254.0,635.0C288.8,614.2 321.8,595.8 341.0,583.0C360.2,570.2 368.7,562.2 386.0,547.0C403.3,531.8 418.3,527.2 429.0,506.0C439.7,484.8 439.8,465.9 439.0,442.0C438.2,418.1 433.1,406.5 425.0,384.0C416.9,361.5 410.6,346.7 397.0,325.0C383.4,303.3 372.6,295.3 357.0,275.0C341.4,254.7 331.0,238.9 319.0,223.0C307.0,207.1 299.5,199.0 288.0,184.0C276.5,169.0 271.6,160.9 260.0,146.0C248.4,131.1 233.5,115.2 227.0,106.0C220.5,96.8 216.6,92.0 214.0,81.0C211.4,70.0 214.0,63.0 214.0,51.0"/>
      <path id="511" points="559.0,614.0, 545.0,515.0, 538.0,409.0, 529.0,303.0, 515.0,164.0," linkedTo="51" d="M559.0,614.0C553.4,574.4 549.1,554.8 545.0,515.0C540.9,475.2 541.2,451.4 538.0,409.0C534.8,366.6 533.0,345.4 529.0,303.0C525.0,260.6 520.6,219.6 515.0,164.0"/>
      <path id="77160" points="570.0,393.0, 671.0,368.0, 746.0,324.0, 766.0,297.0, 767.0,258.0, 737.0,182.0," linkedTo="52" d="M570.0,393.0C610.4,383.0 638.6,380.7 671.0,368.0C703.4,355.3 735.2,332.0 746.0,324.0C756.8,316.0 761.9,309.8 766.0,297.0C770.1,284.2 770.8,273.1 767.0,258.0C763.2,242.9 749.0,212.4 737.0,182.0"/>
      <path id="78909" points="920.0,501.0, 899.0,390.0, 883.0,295.0, 849.0,215.0, 829.0,175.0," linkedTo="53" d="M920.0,501.0C911.6,456.6 905.8,427.9 899.0,390.0C892.2,352.1 892.6,328.4 883.0,295.0C873.4,261.6 856.3,231.3 849.0,215.0C841.7,198.7 837.0,191.0 829.0,175.0"/>
  <problem id="49" number="6466." grade="V6" extra="(Highball, SDS)" stars="**" name="Hey... That looks easy!" fa="Eli" length="">nice little problem, tricky pretty much all the way through :) Stand start still good at V4</problem>
  <problem id="51" number="6567." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Start in the corner, nice and easy</problem>
  <problem id="52" number="6668." grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Brilliant climb, start on jugs under overhang and traverse right then up on obvious easy line</problem>
  <problem id="53" number="6769." grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Another brilliant climb. Directly up orange wall on good holds</problem>
  <text id="75" class="heading2">Reserve Hillside&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <text id="76" class="text">Plenty of granite boulders on this hillside, position and some images are on Google maps. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;;hl=en&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=115989656407107465266.00046d738268eb40057a0&amp;ll=-41.211592,148.24625&amp;spn=0.054432,0.132093&amp;t=h&amp;z=14 f.&lt;br/&gt;</text>