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<guide guidestars="**">
  <header id="271" access="Coles Bay (on the Freycinet peninsula) is located midway down Tasmania&apos;s east coast. The township of Coles Bay is about 2-3 hours drive from Launceston or Hobart. The fastest way to get there from Hobart is to travel on the Tasman Highway through Sorell, then drive to a clearly marked turn off to Coles Bay about 20 minutes past Swansea.  Most of the bouldering has been done in the Whitewater Wall area, which is inside the Coles Bay National Park. You are required to pay park entry fees, if you are planning on staying more than a few days, it is worth getting a year pass to the National Park, worth about $18.  " intro="The climbing at Coles Bay offers some of the best in the state, on pure white granite boulders and cliffs. It is the ideal place to head in the winters when the weather is too wet or cold everywhere else. In summer it can get quite greasy but with a little hold preparation this does not inhibit the climbing and there is the added bonus of the crystal clear sea water to swim in. At present there are three better developed bouldering areas, Harlequin Buttress, The Pharos and the Bain Marie. There are, however, numerous other smaller/undeveloped areas. " rock="Granite - Slab to Roof" sun="Mostly morning Sun" walk="5mins to 40mins" name="Coles Bay" camping="Free camping is available at the Whitewater Wall campsite, managed by Parks and Wildlife. Facilities include a long drop toilet and a patch of dirt, bring your own water (can be filled up in Coles Bay) To get the WWW campesite drive through Coles Bay and take a left turn along the Sleepy Bay road (toward Cape Tourville), follow this until you reach a dirt turn off to Bluestone Bay on the left (just before the Cape Tourville lighthouse comes into sight). This is a 4WD track and following the recently (2016) upgraded roads, 2WD/SUVs vehicles may find it impassable due to the deep drainage channels unless they have really high clearance: there has been more than one car that has had the guts ripped out of it in the past. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Alternatively if you&apos;ve got cash to spare pay campsites are available closer to town along with numerous holiday homes to rent in Coles Bay. There are a few shops, a bakery, a cafe, and a service station in Coles Bay. " acknowledgement="" history="" autonumber="false"/>
  <gps id="357">
    <point pid="2" description="Sleepy Bay Roof" latitude="-42.13453" longitude="148.31936" easting="609036" northing="5334444" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="3" description="Underworld boulders" latitude="-42.13727" longitude="148.32021" easting="609102" northing="5334139" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="4" description="Carp Bay Point (mainland boulders)" latitude="-42.13116" longitude="148.33621" easting="610435" northing="5334797" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="5" description="Carp Bay Point (point boulders)" latitude="-42.13230" longitude="148.33767" easting="610553" northing="5334668" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="6" description="Little Bluestone Bay boulders" latitude="-42.10989" longitude="148.34118" easting="610883" northing="5337152" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="7" description="The Pharos boulders" latitude="-42.10875" longitude="148.34231" easting="610978" northing="5337277" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="8" description="Bain Marie boulders" latitude="-42.10370" longitude="148.33198" easting="610133" northing="5337851" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="9" description="Emmy Lou boulders" latitude="-42.10143" longitude="148.32981" easting="609957" northing="5338106" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="10" description="Harlequin boulders" latitude="-42.10456" longitude="148.34073" easting="610855" northing="5337744" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="11" description="Friendly Point boulders" latitude="-42.05743" longitude="148.30943" easting="608347" northing="5343017" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="12" description="Forgotten but not lost" latitude="-42.10256" longitude="148.33100" easting="610054" northing="5337979" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="13" description="Porque no los dos" latitude="-42.10292" longitude="148.33983" easting="610783" northing="5337927" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="14" description="First Roadside boulder" latitude="-42.13739" longitude="148.30590" easting="607919" northing="5334144" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="15" description="Second Roadside boulder" latitude="-42.13587" longitude="148.30877" easting="608159" northing="5334309" zone="55G"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="385">The Lodge Boulders&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <text class="text" id="386">These boulders are on the left just before the Freycinet Lodge and include the obvious highball slab on the main road and the boulders directly behind it.</text>
  <problem id="387" name="Scrambler" stars="" number="1." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">On the boulder directly behind the roadside boulder, further from the road. Takes the easy step on the left. More like a scramble than a boulder.</problem>
  <problem id="388" name="Follow The Yellow Brick Road" stars="*" number="2." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="CW" length="">On the boulder directly behind the roadside boulder further from the road. SDS under the obvious rising groove right of the previous problem. Up groove, step up to right to gain rounded top with hands, move across face to exit left. Great climbing!</problem>
  <problem id="393" name="One Step Ahead" stars="**" number="3." grade="V2/3" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">Takes the line between Scrambler and Follow The Yellow Brick Road. Starts using wide double underclings, goes straight up. Uses good sidepull on FTYBR, pull to good hold high up in centre of face, top out. Short but sweet!</problem>
  <problem id="412" name="Facial Tumour Disease" stars="" number="4." grade="VE/0" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">Up slabby bulgey arete just right of FTYBR, via high tufa-like protrusion.</problem>
  <problem id="390" name="If Only The Poshies Knew" stars="" number="5." grade="V0/1" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">On the end of main roadside boulder furthest from road. Start on left, pull around 'arete' using obvious good side pull, high step up/rock over on right, easy to top.</problem>
  <problem id="391" name="The Christening" stars="*" number="6." grade="V1/2" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">Gil start just left of previous problem, up and left to obvious high sidepull, up. Rock is quite crystally. Short but good.</problem>
  <problem id="395" name="Project" stars="*" number="7." grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Super hard thin face just left of previous problem.</problem>
  <problem id="392" name="Calf Mussel " stars="***" number="8." grade="V4" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="CW" length="">Excellent thin highball slab up main roadside boulder, starting just right of centre.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="359">Two obvious boulders on Cape Tourville Road. Described as you approach them from Coles Bay.</text>
  <problem id="301" name="Sneak Peak" stars="" number="1." grade="V0/1" extra="(Stand)" fa="CW" length="">This problem is on the first obvious boulder on the left not long after turning off onto the Sleepy Bay road. Goes up the left side of the face. Mantle onto ledge (crux), follow easy rounded arete to top.&lt;br/&gt;</problem>
  <problem id="302" name="Project" stars="" number="2." grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Thin slabbing up the water streak just right if previous problem.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="8">Sleepy Bay boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="9">There has been some bouldering done on the coast at Sleepy Bay, but the rock is not the best. To get to Sleepy Bay drive into the National Park and take the first left. Drive for a couple of minutes over the hill and park at the Sleepy Bay car park.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="10">Sleepy Bay roof</text>
  <text class="text" id="11">From the car park follow the walking track for 50m until you get to a hand rail with a gulch down below. Scramble down into the gulch to find this roof just above sea level. There is potential for 4-5 more problems on this roof.</text>
  <image id="12" height="375" src="Coles BaySleepBayRoof.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Sleepy Bay Roof">
  <problem id="13" name="Hardcore Soft Porn" stars="*" number="1." grade="V3" extra="(SDS)">Sitstart on good holds under roof and climb out</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="14">Underworld Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="15">Keep going along the track down to the gravely beach. From here follow the coast around southwards for 200m to find some boulders and walls which are about 50m to the north of the Underworld. You need very low swell and tide to climb here.</text>
  <text class="text" id="16">This slab is about 50m before the main walls.</text>
  <image id="17" height="327" src="Coles Bayunderworld1.jpg" legend="true" legendx="9" legendy="238">
  <problem id="18" name="       " stars="*" number="1." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Traverse break L-R</problem>
  <problem id="19" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Jump to break and top out</problem>
  <problem id="20" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Flake</problem>
  <problem id="21" name="       " stars="*" number="4." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Flake</problem>
  <problem id="22" name="       " stars="*" number="5." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">From jug above bulge crank up and left</problem>
  <text class="text" id="23">These are the shorter walls to the right at the main area.</text>
  <image id="24" height="237" src="Coles Bayunderworld2.jpg" legend="true" legendx="331" legendy="9">
  <problem id="25" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)"/>
  <problem id="26" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)"/>
  <problem id="27" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V1" extra="(SDS)"/>
  <problem id="28" name="       " stars="       " number="4." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)"/>
  <image id="29" height="299" src="Coles Bayunderworld3.jpg" legend="true" legendx="336" legendy="4">
  <text class="text" id="30" number="null." new="false">This is the main wall. I don't know if any of these lines have been done - they are very high and hard.</text>
  <problem id="341" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="V?" extra="" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="31" name="Ground Control" stars="" number="2." grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" new="false"/>
  <problem id="342" name="" stars="" number="3" grade="V?" extra="" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="343" name="" stars="" number="4" grade="V?" extra="" fa="" length=""/>
  <text class="heading3" id="360">The Underworld Cave</text>
  <text id="191">This next problem is found in the Underworld proper (i.e. in the large cave where the routes are). Access by walking to the southern end of the small cliff line and then traversing back north at the waters edge.</text>
  <problem id="192" stars="**" grade="V4?" extra="(SDS)">The roof crack in the back right of the main cave. Sit start on a finger crack, to hands, to fists and jugs. It has been climbed up to the point where the crack peaters out (V4), but a harder and obvious finish/extension on face holds is still waiting to be climbed.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="32">The Sea Level Traverse</text>
  <text class="text" id="33">There are a lot of walls, caves and free standing boulders along the Sea Level Traverse. The Traverse goes for several kilometres south along the coastline from Sleepy Bay. There are parts of the traverse that are quite tricky, especially if there is a swell running. There is a reasonable amount of potential here, but only a small amount of development has been done so far.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="34">Stud City Limits Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="35">These square cut walls are found about 50m before the Horizontal Chimney, about 20-30 minutes along the traverse. The problems are good training for Hazards Main Wall, which looms menacingly above.</text>
  <image id="36" height="313" src="Coles Bayscl1.jpg" legend="true" legendx="333" legendy="7">
  <problem id="37" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V?" extra="(Highball, Stand)">Project</problem>
  <problem id="38" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Face using pocket</problem>
  <problem id="39" name="Stud City Limits" stars="*" number="3." grade="V4/5" extra="(SDS)">Awkward sitstart below bulgey arete</problem>
  <problem id="40" name="       " stars="*" number="4." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Leftwards flake</problem>
  <problem id="41" name="       " stars="       " number="5." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Black slab</problem>
  <image id="42" height="307" src="Coles Bayscl2.jpg" legend="true" legendx="632" legendy="6" width="800">
  <problem id="43" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Slab</problem>
  <problem id="44" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Slab</problem>
  <problem id="45" name="       " stars="*" number="3." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Seam to slab</problem>
  <problem id="46" name="       " stars="*" number="4." grade="V2/3" extra="(Stand)">Jugs to mantle</problem>
  <problem id="47" name="       " stars="       " number="5." grade="V3" extra="(SDS)">Sitstart on undercling to jugs</problem>
  <problem id="48" name="       " stars="       " number="6." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Dyno from break to top</problem>
  <problem id="49" name="       " stars="       " number="7." grade="VE" extra="(SDS)">Jugs</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="52">Carp Bay Point</text>
  <text class="text" id="53">There are some very nice white boulders at the end of Carp Bay Point. They have seen a minimal amount of development but have numerous quality problems.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="213">Mainland Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="214">These boulders can be found on the Cape Tourville side of the point. Access by scrambling down the fixed rope (purple) west of the midden. Boulders described from left to right. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;NOTE: please do not walk through the midden.</text>
  <image id="324" height="467" src="Vena 1.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Vera Wall" legendx="525" legendy="4" width="700">
      <path id="52673" points="62.0,373.0, 75.0,286.0, 81.0,270.0, 109.0,146.0, 121.0,84.0," d="M62.0,373.0C67.2,338.2 73.8,292.7 75.0,286.0C76.2,279.3 83.8,276.2 81.0,270.0C78.2,263.8 103.7,170.7 109.0,146.0C114.3,121.3 116.2,108.8 121.0,84.0" linkedTo="323"/>
      <path id="79141" points="201.0,327.0, 214.0,257.0, 221.0,169.0, 230.0,93.0, 231.0,70.0," d="M201.0,327.0C206.2,299.0 210.4,285.3 214.0,257.0C217.6,228.7 218.0,199.5 221.0,169.0C224.0,138.5 229.1,102.2 230.0,93.0C230.9,83.8 230.6,79.2 231.0,70.0" linkedTo="322"/>
      <path id="73555" points="553.0,227.0, 557.0,153.0, 475.0,55.0," d="M553.0,227.0C554.6,197.4 569.2,180.0 557.0,153.0C544.8,126.0 507.8,94.2 475.0,55.0" linkedTo="321"/>
      <path id="39712" points="686.0,283.0," d="M686.0,283.0" linkedTo="320"/>
      <path id="35035" points="168.0,71.0, 170.0,104.0, 174.0,165.0, 162.0,212.0, 91.0,271.0," d="M168.0,71.0C168.8,84.2 169.2,90.8 170.0,104.0C170.8,117.2 175.4,145.6 174.0,165.0C172.6,184.4 174.0,196.7 162.0,212.0C150.0,227.3 93.8,277.2 91.0,271.0" linkedTo="340"/>
  <problem id="323" name="Unclimbed" stars="" number="1" grade="" extra="" fa="" length="">High face and corner.</problem>
  <problem id="340" name="Piminer" stars="" number="1A" grade="VE" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">High corner.</problem>
  <problem id="322" name="Unclimbed" stars="" number="2" grade="" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="" length="">Highball hand/finger crack.</problem>
  <problem id="321" name="Vena" stars="" number="3" grade="V1" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Stand start with amazing undercling.</problem>
  <image id="327" height="467" src="Vena 23.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Vera Wall" width="700">
      <path id="1362" points="168.0,276.0, 190.0,208.0, 301.0,107.0," d="M168.0,276.0C176.8,248.8 172.3,230.5 190.0,208.0C207.7,185.5 256.6,147.4 301.0,107.0" linkedTo="320"/>
      <path id="57859" points="433.0,315.0, 377.0,210.0, 397.0,85.0," d="M433.0,315.0C410.6,273.0 384.4,257.0 377.0,210.0C369.6,163.0 389.0,135.0 397.0,85.0" linkedTo="325"/>
      <path id="51310" points="601.0,324.0, 589.0,219.0, 550.0,94.0, 547.0,56.0," d="M601.0,324.0C596.2,282.0 598.2,260.3 589.0,219.0C579.8,177.7 553.8,108.8 550.0,94.0C546.2,79.2 548.2,71.2 547.0,56.0" linkedTo="326"/>
  <problem id="320" name="Parnuen" stars="" number="4" grade="V1" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the front of the arete.</problem>
  <problem id="325" name="Tunna Sun" stars="" number="5" grade="V1" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Quartz dyke.</problem>
  <problem id="326" name="Unclimbed" stars="" number="6" grade="" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="" length="">High corner.</problem>
  <image id="349" height="267" src="Tales of light.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Tales of Light" width="400">
      <path id="14521" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="33320" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="13459" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="41915" points="370.0,168.0, 371.0,127.0, 350.0,96.0," d="M370.0,168.0C370.4,151.6 375.0,141.4 371.0,127.0C367.0,112.6 358.4,108.4 350.0,96.0" linkedTo="346"/>
      <path id="29993" points="190.0,157.0, 213.0,130.0, 213.0,92.0," d="M190.0,157.0C199.2,146.2 208.3,143.4 213.0,130.0C217.7,116.6 213.0,107.2 213.0,92.0" linkedTo="345"/>
      <path id="8882" points="54.0,141.0, 75.0,95.0, 93.0,74.0," d="M54.0,141.0C62.4,122.6 69.4,104.6 75.0,95.0C80.6,85.4 85.8,82.4 93.0,74.0" linkedTo="344"/>
  <problem id="344" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Short arete. Starting with LH side pull next to a RH crimp.</problem>
  <problem id="345" name="Unclimbed" stars="" number="2" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Hard pull off small holds. Decent feet though!</problem>
  <problem id="346" name="Tales of Light" stars="" number="3" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start the blunt arete with LH pinch and RH on high crimp.</problem>
  <problem id="347" name="" stars="" number="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">There is a hole between #6 on Vera Wall and #1 on Tales of light. Crawl in and start on the low horizontal. Pull to the lip and top out.</problem>
  <image id="350" height="333" src="The gump.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="The Gump" width="500">
      <path id="76276" points="141.0,221.0, 144.0,221.0, 153.0,171.0, 138.0,117.0, 148.0,65.0," d="M141.0,221.0C142.2,221.0 143.7,222.2 144.0,221.0C144.3,219.8 154.2,191.3 153.0,171.0C151.8,150.7 139.0,138.2 138.0,117.0C137.0,95.8 144.0,85.8 148.0,65.0" linkedTo="351"/>
      <path id="32014" points="251.0,204.0, 270.0,155.0, 268.0,89.0," d="M251.0,204.0C258.6,184.4 266.9,175.8 270.0,155.0C273.1,134.2 268.8,115.4 268.0,89.0" linkedTo="352"/>
      <path id="34937" points="400.0,199.0, 399.0,134.0, 398.0,87.0," d="M400.0,199.0C399.6,173.0 399.3,152.8 399.0,134.0C398.7,115.2 398.4,105.8 398.0,87.0" linkedTo="353"/>
  <problem id="351" name="Kraft" stars="" number="1" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with lowest horizontal.</problem>
  <problem id="352" name="Kraft Dyno" stars="" number="2" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start in low horizontal. Dyno up to jugs.</problem>
  <problem id="353" name="The Gump" stars="" number="3" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Start in horizontal. Big static move to top horizontal.</problem>
  <problem id="354" name="Gumpy cave crack" stars="" number="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">In the cave next to The Gump (climber's right). Sit start with both hands in the horizontal crack. Jam and layback up the vertical crack. topout by following the crack leftwards into The Gump.</problem>
  <problem id="355" name="Bizarro" stars="" number="" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start hugging the ticktack in the back of the cave.</problem>
  <image id="328" height="400" src="Bottom wall.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Unclimbed wall" width="600"/>
  <image id="332" height="400" src="Hidden wall.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Nook wall" width="600">
      <path id="19791" points="332.0,294.0, 335.0,294.0, 326.0,161.0, 345.0,57.0," d="M332.0,294.0C332.0,292.8 335.0,295.2 335.0,294.0C335.0,292.8 324.2,203.3 326.0,161.0C327.8,118.7 337.4,98.6 345.0,57.0" linkedTo="329"/>
      <path id="75564" points="450.0,303.0, 434.0,197.0, 408.0,77.0," d="M450.0,303.0C443.6,260.6 441.8,239.2 434.0,197.0C426.2,154.8 418.4,125.0 408.0,77.0" linkedTo="330"/>
      <path id="30054" points="540.0,309.0, 529.0,229.0, 495.0,116.0," d="M540.0,309.0C535.6,277.0 536.3,260.5 529.0,229.0C521.7,197.5 508.6,161.2 495.0,116.0" linkedTo="331"/>
  <problem id="329" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Crack and broken face.</problem>
  <problem id="330" name="" stars="" number="2" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Crack</problem>
  <problem id="331" name="Unclimbed" stars="" number="3" grade="" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Ledge to sparse holds on the face.</problem>
  <image id="339" height="400" src="Short wall.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Short stack" width="600">
      <path id="63834" points="231.0,234.0, 240.0,143.0, 268.0,81.0," d="M231.0,234.0C234.6,197.6 233.6,169.4 240.0,143.0C246.4,116.6 256.8,105.8 268.0,81.0" linkedTo="336"/>
      <path id="49021" points="325.0,269.0, 318.0,176.0, 311.0,70.0," d="M325.0,269.0C322.2,231.8 320.6,213.2 318.0,176.0C315.4,138.8 313.8,112.4 311.0,70.0" linkedTo="337"/>
      <path id="79173" points="447.0,268.0, 434.0,180.0, 381.0,63.0," d="M447.0,268.0C441.8,232.8 444.9,213.9 434.0,180.0C423.1,146.1 402.2,109.8 381.0,63.0" linkedTo="338"/>
  <problem id="336" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Sit start with quartz undercling</problem>
  <problem id="337" name="" stars="" number="2" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Sit start with good quartz hold.</problem>
  <problem id="338" name="" stars="" number="3" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Easy slab.</problem>
  <image id="334" height="400" src="Mantle .jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Back boulder" width="600">
      <path id="51220" points="157.0,273.0, 160.0,273.0, 196.0,186.0, 216.0,78.0," d="M157.0,273.0C157.5,271.9 159.5,274.1 160.0,273.0C160.5,271.9 185.6,222.2 196.0,186.0C206.4,149.8 208.0,121.2 216.0,78.0" linkedTo="318"/>
      <path id="99608" points="216.0,308.0, 278.0,176.0, 265.0,73.0," d="M216.0,308.0C240.8,255.2 269.5,216.7 278.0,176.0C286.5,135.3 270.2,114.2 265.0,73.0" linkedTo="333"/>
      <path id="28862" points="464.0,269.0, 522.0,204.0, 511.0,129.0, 462.0,93.0," d="M464.0,269.0C487.2,243.0 512.4,232.7 522.0,204.0C531.6,175.3 522.6,150.4 511.0,129.0C499.4,107.6 481.6,107.4 462.0,93.0" linkedTo="348" arrow="false"/>
  <problem id="318" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">On the boulder above and behind 'Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy'. Climb the featured face.</problem>
  <problem id="333" name="Acquired Fury" stars="*" number="2" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with double underclings. Challenging moves lead into an easier mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="348" name="Lunchbox Legend" stars="*" number="3" grade="V6" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with LH undercling and RH side pull on the arete.</problem>
  <image id="356" height="333" src="Joy slab.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Joy slab" width="500">
      <path id="92360" points="141.0,235.0, 144.0,184.0, 134.0,145.0," d="M141.0,235.0C142.2,214.6 145.2,200.1 144.0,184.0C142.8,167.9 138.0,160.6 134.0,145.0" linkedTo="215"/>
      <path id="91010" points="299.0,237.0, 301.0,190.0, 360.0,132.0," d="M299.0,237.0C299.8,218.2 291.5,206.3 301.0,190.0C310.5,173.7 336.4,155.2 360.0,132.0" linkedTo="216"/>
      <path id="43054" points="436.0,250.0, 426.0,182.0, 435.0,117.0," d="M436.0,250.0C432.0,222.8 426.2,208.2 426.0,182.0C425.8,155.8 431.4,143.0 435.0,117.0" linkedTo="217"/>
      <path id="58139" points="" d=""/>
  <problem id="215" name="Happy Happy, Joy Joy" stars="*" number="1" grade="V2" extra="(Stand)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Climb the Slab.</problem>
  <problem id="216" name="" stars="" number="2" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the Slab on the other side of the Last Chance boulder. Slab has been climbed along the full length. All about the same grade.</problem>
  <problem id="217" name="" stars="" number="3" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Face to Arete.</problem>
  <image id="204" height="333" src="Last chance.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Last Chance" legendx="5" legendy="20" width="500">
      <path id="98449" points="173.0,257.0, 159.0,151.0, 205.0,73.0," d="M173.0,257.0C167.4,214.6 152.8,186.7 159.0,151.0C165.2,115.3 186.6,104.2 205.0,73.0" linkedTo="217"/>
      <path id="74221" points="274.0,276.0, 284.0,213.0, 283.0,46.0," d="M274.0,276.0C278.0,250.8 283.0,238.5 284.0,213.0C285.0,187.5 283.4,112.8 283.0,46.0" linkedTo="219"/>
      <path id="66261" points="362.0,288.0, 389.0,246.0, 411.0,197.0, 400.0,145.0, 373.0,109.0," d="M362.0,288.0C372.8,271.2 379.5,263.6 389.0,246.0C398.5,228.4 408.7,218.1 411.0,197.0C413.3,175.9 407.1,161.5 400.0,145.0C392.9,128.5 383.8,123.4 373.0,109.0" linkedTo="220" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="219" name="Last Chance to See" stars="" number="4" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Up the large holds in the the middle of the boulder</problem>
  <problem id="220" name="Leaping lemurs" stars="*" number="5" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the right side of the arete.</problem>
  <problem id="396" name="Mazer Rackham Project" stars="***" number="6" grade="V10+" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start at the back/left of the cave. Follow a series of sloping rails to increasingly larger moves to a desperate throw for the top. UNCLIMBED PROJECT</problem>
  <image id="221" height="333" src="Sniff my fingers.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Dad&apos;s block" legendx="319" legendy="5" width="500">
      <path id="42789" points="508.0,240.0," d="M508.0,240.0" linkedTo="319"/>
      <path id="29522" points="27.0,190.0, 30.0,190.0, 53.0,139.0, 114.0,79.0," d="M27.0,190.0C28.2,190.0 29.5,191.1 30.0,190.0C30.5,188.9 39.5,156.8 53.0,139.0C66.5,121.2 89.6,103.0 114.0,79.0" linkedTo="223"/>
      <path id="54657" points="118.0,183.0, 175.0,184.0, 239.0,184.0, 257.0,157.0," d="M118.0,183.0C130.8,175.9 152.2,183.8 175.0,184.0C197.8,184.2 226.7,188.1 239.0,184.0C251.3,179.9 249.8,167.8 257.0,157.0" linkedTo="224" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="88042" points="118.0,194.0, 124.0,158.0," d="M118.0,194.0C130.8,186.9 121.6,172.4 124.0,158.0" linkedTo="315"/>
      <path id="73874" points="266.0,228.0, 278.0,192.0, 277.0,167.0," d="M266.0,228.0C270.8,213.6 276.2,201.8 278.0,192.0C279.8,182.2 277.4,177.0 277.0,167.0" linkedTo="225" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="3412" points="411.0,202.0, 401.0,170.0," d="M411.0,202.0C407.0,189.2 405.0,182.8 401.0,170.0" linkedTo="319" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="35078" points="469.0,229.0, 465.0,183.0, 462.0,148.0," d="M469.0,229.0C467.4,210.6 466.2,197.0 465.0,183.0C463.8,169.0 463.2,162.0 462.0,148.0" linkedTo="228"/>
  <problem id="223" name="" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the easy slab. Sit start has been done, but only for comic value. Sit start with LH pinch and RH in dish (goes around V1).</problem>
  <problem id="315" name="Mantle Asylum" stars="*" number="2A" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Mantle the jug into the slab.</problem>
  <problem id="224" name="Back from whence you came." stars="*" number="2" grade="V5" extra="(Hang)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Start of the jug and traverse right on slopes, finish on Chip off the old block</problem>
  <problem id="225" name="The whoop whoop" stars="**" number="3" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Creative thinking will help your sequence up this problem.</problem>
  <problem id="319" name="As Anything" stars="*" number="4a" grade="V3" extra="(Hang)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Mantle the blankness. Start with hands on the blank arete and feet underneath.</problem>
  <image id="222" height="267" src="Sniff my fingers 2.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Dad&apos;s block" legendx="2" legendy="2" width="400">
      <path id="20759" points="119.0,191.0, 122.0,191.0, 81.0,142.0, 107.0,86.0," d="M119.0,191.0C120.2,191.0 122.7,191.9 122.0,191.0C121.3,190.1 84.5,166.4 81.0,142.0C77.5,117.6 96.6,108.4 107.0,86.0" linkedTo="226" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="16126" points="192.0,182.0, 194.0,130.0, 187.0,55.0," d="M192.0,182.0C192.8,161.2 194.8,150.8 194.0,130.0C193.2,109.2 189.8,85.0 187.0,55.0" linkedTo="227" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="76819" points="306.0,226.0, 323.0,170.0, 327.0,80.0," d="M306.0,226.0C312.8,203.6 319.7,193.2 323.0,170.0C326.3,146.8 325.4,116.0 327.0,80.0" linkedTo="313" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="65096" points="259.0,214.0, 264.0,126.0, 271.0,70.0," d="M259.0,214.0C261.0,178.8 262.1,148.5 264.0,126.0C265.9,103.5 268.2,92.4 271.0,70.0" linkedTo="228" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="226" name="Beetroot Strains" stars="" number="4" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Starting on the low jug, head up and traverse the arete.</problem>
  <problem id="227" name="L&apos;Flake No More" stars="" number="5" grade="VE" extra="(Hang)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Starting on flake head upwards.</problem>
  <problem id="228" name="Foot Movements In The Ukraine" stars="" number="6" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Climb the cracks.</problem>
  <problem id="313" name="The World Seams Difficult" stars="" number="7" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the arete using opposing seams</problem>
  <problem id="314" name="Let&apos;s not get sentimantle" stars="" number="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Mantle on the low boulder just behind the arete of The World Seams Difficult</problem>
  <image id="335" height="400" src="Far right wall.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Unclimbed wall and cave" width="600"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="229">The Point Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="230">The next boulders are on the point that juts out to sea. The outmost area, which is actualy an island, has yet to see any development. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access by scrambling down the Wine Glass Bay side of the point and traversing out at sea level. Purple fixed line to start with, but then you'll have to time the waves and run. There are also some more problems to develop on the small walls between the island and point.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Best not to access this area when the swell is up.</text>
  <problem id="231" name="The Decent of the Dinosaurs" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2010" length="">On the inland side of the boulder is an easy ramp, this is the decent route.</problem>
  <problem id="232" name="Dinosaur Rider" stars="" number="2" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="X Zheng 2016" length="">Just right of 'The Decent of the Dinsosaurs', climb the slab.</problem>
  <image id="303" height="399" src="dino 1.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Dinosaur east-south side" width="600">
  <problem id="233" name="Underdactyl" stars="*" number="3" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Sit start with jugs, heading up through the double undercling and a reach finish.</problem>
  <problem id="234" name="Triceratops" stars="" number="4" grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the arete with some wide pinches.</problem>
  <image id="304" height="400" src="dino 2.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Dinosaur north side" width="600">
  <problem id="235" name="All aboard for oblivion!" stars="*" number="5" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the face just right of the arete on good holds.</problem>
  <problem id="236" name="Stegosaurus " stars="*" number="6" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="L Bussolini 2016" length="">Rightside of face on large moves between great holds.</problem>
  <problem id="306" name="Oogenera" stars="" number="7" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the arete starting with RH slope and LH crimp.</problem>
  <problem id="307" name="Lineartuberculate" stars="*" number="8" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb slightly right of the middle on small slopes.</problem>
  <problem id="308" name="Oviraptor" stars="" number="9" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the right side of the face on great holds.</problem>
  <text id="238">The following problems are on the next boulder out.</text>
  <image id="309" height="399" src="Oyster 3.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Oystercatcher east side" width="600">
  <problem id="239" name="I&apos;m a vegetarian" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Crack</problem>
  <problem id="240" name="Variable" stars="" number="2" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Climb the face. The shorter you are, the harder it is.</problem>
  <problem id="241" name="Sooty" stars="" number="3" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="L Bussolini 2016" length="">Climb the face with the diagonal crack. Pretty good!</problem>
  <image id="310" height="399" src="Oyster 2.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Oystercatcher north-east side" width="600">
  <problem id="242" name="Pied" stars="" number="4" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Corner crack</problem>
  <problem id="243" name="Lissomeness" stars="*" number="5" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock (using both cracks) and X Zheng (using only right crack) 2016" length="">Climb the crack using either both or the right crack. Either way is about the same difficulty.</problem>
  <image id="311" height="400" src="Oyster 1.png" legend="true" legendTitle="Oystercatcher north-west side" width="600">
  <problem id="244" name="Open Projec" stars="" number="6" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Slab.</problem>
  <problem id="245" name="Oyster Pie-eater" stars="**" number="7" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2016" length="">Dogleg crack.</problem>
  <problem id="312" name="Open project" stars="" number="8" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Climb the easy corner above a poor landing.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="56">Little Bluestone Bay</text>
  <text class="text" id="57">Little Bluestone Bay has some good bouldering on nice white granite. To get there take a right hand turn down the 4WD track just before Whitewater Wall and follow the track south to the coast.</text>
  <text class="text" id="58">The following blocks are immediately to the left from where the track meets the coast.</text>
  <image id="59" height="375" src="Coles Baylbb1.jpg" legend="true">
  <problem id="60" name="Überclinger  " stars="" number="1." grade="V8" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="61" name="Commander Pugwash    " stars="" number="2." grade="V3/4" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="62" name="Captain Pugwash" stars="*" number="3." grade="V4/5" extra="(SDS)"/>
  <text id="274">These lines are on the backside of the block with the V8</text>
  <image id="275" height="334" src="Little Bluestone new.jpg" legend="true" legendx="332" legendy="8" width="500">
  <problem id="276" name=" " stars="" number="1" grade="V3/4" extra="(SDS)" fa="T. Krauss, 2012" length="">Start in the ditch with opposing slopers. Up via pinch and slopes to mantle. Quite shouldery.</problem>
  <problem id="277" name=" " stars="*" number="2" grade="V4/5" extra="(SDS)" fa="C. Johns, 2012" length="">Start on the good hold and move up through slopes and the good nose to tricky mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="278" name=" " stars="" number="3" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Start on the good flake and mantle. Don't use the crack on the left.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="63">The Pharos</text>
  <text class="text" id="64">From Little Bluestone Bay follow the coast leftwards (east/north) for 200m until you see the prominent pinnacle of the Sentinel. The Pharos is a group of edges just to the south of the Sentinel.</text>
  <text class="text" id="397">The following face is on the way to The Pharos. Soon after passing travel land (roped area), you'll find the delightful face up on the left. Somewhat hidden as it faces north and away from you.</text>
  <image id="399" height="600" src="77101_10150114324860329_7089557_n.jpg" legend="true" legendx="14" legendy="127" width="400">
      <path id="23318" points="245.0,337.0, 251.0,287.0, 174.0,225.0, 209.0,113.0, 238.0,39.0," d="M245.0,337.0C247.4,317.0 261.8,304.0 251.0,287.0C240.2,270.0 183.3,263.4 174.0,225.0C164.7,186.6 198.7,143.1 209.0,113.0C219.3,82.9 226.4,68.6 238.0,39.0" linkedTo="398" arrow="true" lineStyle="dashed"/>
  <problem id="398" name="So Long and Thanks for All the MemoriesBlank Topic" stars="**" number="" grade="V8+V7" extra="(SDS)" fa="R. Sklenica " length="">Sit>Start startlow on somefurthest crimpersright crimps. MakeDo somea shoulderycouple moves upon andsharp leftcrimps to again verythe high arete and follow the jugs to top out. UNCLIMBED PROJECT<Be careful topping out, the rock can be crumbly and a fall from the top wouldn’t be ideal.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="65">The following block is 40m to the left of the Pharos proper.</text>
  <image id="66" height="375" src="Coles Baypharos1.jpg" legend="true">
  <problem id="67" name="       " stars="***" number="1." grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Starting in the crack, move to the undercling and leap to the finishing jug.</problem>
  <problem id="68" name="       " stars="" number="2." grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Climb the arete from a sit start. Despite the two other problems on the boulder having good rock, this one seems to be a bit gravelly.</problem>
  <problem id="69" name="       " stars="**" number="3." grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Large moves between very good holds leads you into some slabby moves near the top.</problem>
  <text id="189">This next problem is above the far left Pharos. Clearly identifiable with the triangular top of the boulder.</text>
  <image id="255" height="622" src="Pharo&apos;s headstone2.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Pharo&apos;s Headstone" legendx="250" legendy="90">
  <problem id="190" name="The Pharo&apos;s Headstone" stars="**" number="" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Start on the jug in the middle of the face, go right following the seam and then left up the arete to topout on top of the triangle.</problem>
  <problem id="256" name="Barefoot" stars="" number="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">The short arete to the right of Pharo's Headstone.</problem>
  <problem id="415" stars="*" extra="" number="" name="Pharos arete" length="" grade="V6" fa="R. Sklenica ">The right arete of Pharos headstone, start with left hand on low side pull and right on sloping arete.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="70">This is the far left of the Pharos.</text>
  <image id="71" height="375" src="Coles Baypharos2.jpg" legend="true">
  <problem id="72" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)">Steepish face from jug</problem>
  <problem id="73" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V3" extra="(SDS)">Face L of arete</problem>
  <problem id="74" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Easy corner</problem>
  <text class="text" id="75">This is the left hand side of the Pharos.</text>
  <image id="76" height="518" src="Coles Baypharos3.jpg" legend="true" legendx="9" legendy="404" width="900">
  <problem id="77" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V4" extra="(SDS)"/>
  <problem id="78" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V?" extra="(SDS)">Hard and thin start climbing up the corner and around the roof. The stand start goes around V4.</problem>
  <problem id="79" name="Pinch of      Spice" stars="***" number="3." grade="V10?V11" extra="(SDS)" length="" fa="R. Sklenica ">Steep>Start thinwith crackobvious right crimp and rooflow (whyleft has no-one climbed me I am an awesome line...hand slot, a few hard moves to reach the break, follow this to top out right. (A direct will be possible)</problem>
  <problem id="80" name="       " stars="       " number="4." grade="V1" extra="(SDS)">Up on jugs</problem>
  <problem id="81" name="       " stars="       " number="5." grade="V0" extra="(SDS)">Cracks L of corner</problem>
  <problem id="82" name="       " stars="       " number="6." grade="V?" extra="(SDS)">Face L of arete</problem>
  <problem id="83" name="       " stars="*" number="7." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)">Jugs up arete</problem>
  <problem id="252" name="Illegal Fishing" stars="*" number="7a" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="Y. Hattori 2010" length="">Start as for #7 (V2) but traverse right, keeping low. After three distinct cruxs finish up the corner (past #2 V6?)</problem>
  <problem id="84" name="       " stars="       " number="8." grade="V0" extra="(SDS)">Flake in corner to R</problem>
  <problem id="85" name="       " stars="       " number="9." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">2m right of corner</problem>
  <problem id="86" name="       " stars="       " number="10." grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">There are 3 different cracks up the slab to the right</problem>
  <image id="87" height="304" src="Coles Baypharos4.jpg" legend="true" legendx="334" legendy="7">
  <problem id="88" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Crack and bulge</problem>
  <problem id="89" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V6?" extra="(SDS)">Awkward sitstart in steep corner to flake system. Stand start is V2/3</problem>
  <problem id="90" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Thin crack</problem>
  <problem id="91" name="       " stars="**" number="4." grade="V4" extra="(Stand)">Face using right arete</problem>
  <text class="text" id="92">Directly above the right hand end of the Pharos is a slabby block.</text>
  <image id="93" height="297" src="Coles Baypharos5.jpg" legend="true" legendx="1" legendy="5" width="700">
  <problem id="201" grade="V?">The crack just to the left of Rosetta traverse. Not the best landing.</problem>
  <problem id="94" name="The Rosetta Stone Traverse" stars="" number="1." grade="V4/5" extra="(Stand)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010" length="">Thin L-R traverse</problem>
  <problem id="95" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V?" extra="(Stand)"/>
  <problem id="96" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Arete</problem>
  <problem id="272" name=" " stars="*" number="3a" grade="V6" extra="(Stand)">Face just right of arete without using holds from the V2's on either side. Start with lay away and tiny crimp, high step to gain slightly larger crimp then big moves through decent holds to top out jug. Avoid the small footer out to your right.</problem>
  <problem id="97" name="       " stars="       " number="4." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Crack without using holds over right</problem>
  <problem id="98" name="       " stars="       " number="5." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Slab</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="198">Areas South of Little Bluestone Bay</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="194">Second Ramp</text>
  <text id="195">There is potential for a half dozen or so moderate problems at the southern end of the Second ramp. Landings are good but don't roll too far or you'll end up in the drink.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="367">Lego buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="366">There is potential for about two dozen problems, most less than vertical, between Lego and Hammer Buttresses.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="199">Rubix Cube Buttress</text>
  <image id="287" height="750" src="RubixCubeTopLeft.jpg" legend="true" width="1000">
      <path id="84252" points="351.0,427.0, 322.0,246.0, 314.0,120.0," d="M351.0,427.0C339.4,354.6 328.0,296.1 322.0,246.0C316.0,195.9 317.2,170.4 314.0,120.0" linkedTo="288" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="24650" points="387.0,445.0, 421.0,349.0, 450.0,216.0, 481.0,150.0," d="M387.0,445.0C400.6,406.6 410.2,388.3 421.0,349.0C431.8,309.7 441.6,243.9 450.0,216.0C458.4,188.1 468.6,176.4 481.0,150.0" linkedTo="289" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="4567" points="601.0,480.0, 628.0,333.0, 657.0,156.0," d="M601.0,480.0C611.8,421.2 617.8,391.9 628.0,333.0C638.2,274.1 645.4,226.8 657.0,156.0" linkedTo="290" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="46710" points="775.0,461.0, 779.0,226.0, 794.0,196.0," d="M775.0,461.0C776.6,367.0 778.0,239.4 779.0,226.0C780.0,212.6 788.0,208.0 794.0,196.0" linkedTo="291" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="288" name="VE" stars="" number="1" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit Start just left of corner, pull up and top out straight via mantle</problem>
  <problem id="289" name="VE " stars="" number="2" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit Start in corner and climb up using corner and slopers on right</problem>
  <problem id="290" name="V1" stars="*" number="3" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start using sidepull on the left and shallow crack on the right, do a move or two gaining a higher hold on the left and top out via slopey mantle. Try to stay on the right as much as possible.</problem>
  <problem id="291" name="V0" stars="*" number="4" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start on juggy shelf, mantle and mantle to top</problem>
  <image id="292" height="499" src="RubixCubeTopCorner.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="8095" points="214.0,318.0, 183.0,200.0, 196.0,58.0," d="M214.0,318.0C201.6,270.8 186.4,248.7 183.0,200.0C179.6,151.3 190.8,114.8 196.0,58.0" linkedTo="293"/>
      <path id="7761" points="359.0,324.0, 347.0,218.0, 335.0,137.0, 333.0,67.0, 326.0,26.0, 324.0,16.0," d="M359.0,324.0C354.2,281.6 351.2,250.5 347.0,218.0C342.8,185.5 337.6,164.9 335.0,137.0C332.4,109.1 334.3,83.6 333.0,67.0C331.7,50.4 326.7,30.0 326.0,26.0C325.3,22.0 324.7,20.0 324.0,16.0" linkedTo="294"/>
      <path id="17905" points="384.0,331.0, 407.0,256.0, 446.0,195.0, 496.0,163.0, 518.0,120.0, 512.0,50.0," d="M384.0,331.0C393.2,301.0 395.0,282.4 407.0,256.0C419.0,229.6 429.6,212.2 446.0,195.0C462.4,177.8 482.6,176.9 496.0,163.0C509.4,149.1 515.3,139.1 518.0,120.0C520.7,100.9 514.4,78.0 512.0,50.0" linkedTo="295"/>
      <path id="78860" points="585.0,310.0, 568.0,215.0, 547.0,130.0, 528.0,52.0," d="M585.0,310.0C578.2,272.0 575.2,249.3 568.0,215.0C560.8,180.7 554.7,161.2 547.0,130.0C539.3,98.8 535.6,83.2 528.0,52.0" linkedTo="296"/>
      <path id="54295" points="877.0,396.0, 860.0,235.0, 857.0,125.0, 854.0,100.0," d="M877.0,396.0C870.2,331.6 863.2,278.9 860.0,235.0C856.8,191.1 857.4,135.1 857.0,125.0C856.6,114.9 855.2,110.0 854.0,100.0" linkedTo="297"/>
      <path id="52550" points="977.0,402.0, 981.0,308.0, 969.0,221.0, 964.0,168.0, 964.0,130.0," d="M977.0,402.0C978.6,364.4 982.6,343.1 981.0,308.0C979.4,272.9 971.6,242.1 969.0,221.0C966.4,199.9 964.8,183.2 964.0,168.0C963.2,152.8 964.0,145.2 964.0,130.0" linkedTo="298"/>
      <path id="7500" points="1085.0,403.0, 1078.0,333.0, 1074.0,240.0, 1059.0,180.0, 1054.0,150.0," d="M1085.0,403.0C1082.2,375.0 1079.9,361.1 1078.0,333.0C1076.1,304.9 1077.0,264.6 1074.0,240.0C1071.0,215.4 1061.6,191.9 1059.0,180.0C1056.4,168.1 1056.0,162.0 1054.0,150.0" linkedTo="299"/>
  <problem id="293" name="VE  " stars="" number="5" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start at the side pull/crack, mantle onto ledge on the left and top out as for #4</problem>
  <problem id="294" name="Goodbye fingerprint" stars="**" number="6" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start and climb the slightly left trending diagonal cracks with slightly dicey top mantle</problem>
  <problem id="295" name="Vein Fracture" stars="**" number="7" grade="V3?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start as for Goodbye Fingerprint, climb the right trending diagonal cracks with underclings, crimps and pockets to topout over highest point above crack on the right.</problem>
  <problem id="296" name="Blade" stars="**" number="8" grade="V3?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Stand start with blade-like feature and crack, move up the crack to same topout as Vein Fracture. Don't use feet on the right.</problem>
  <problem id="297" name="V1" stars="" number="9" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start on flakey feature and move up to top-out straight above</problem>
  <problem id="298" name="Spotter for Sale" stars="*" number="10" grade="V2?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start in the crack and move up to dicey mantle, better bring a spotter.</problem>
  <problem id="299" name="1-800-Rent-A-Spotter" stars="*" number="11" grade="V1?" extra="" fa="" length="">Sit start in the crack and climb straight up to top either via stepping onto the right or staying on the left.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="100">The Bain Marie</text>
  <text class="access" id="101">From Bluestone Bay walk northwards along the shoreline for about 200m and you will come to a rocky platform with several boulders and small cliffs on it. This is the Bain Marie.</text>
  <image id="102" height="440" src="Coles Baybone.JPG"/>
  <problem id="103" name="Left hand Slab" stars="       " number="1." grade="V0" extra="       ">Up slab.</problem>
  <problem id="104" name="Right hand Slab" stars="       " number="2." grade="V0" extra="       ">Up slab.</problem>
  <image id="105" height="169" src="Coles Baybtwo.JPG"/>
  <problem id="106" name="Mykonos" stars="       " number="3." grade="V8" extra="       ">Start on crimp and undercling, pull on and bump up to top of boulder.</problem>
  <image id="107" height="202" src="Coles Baybthree.JPG"/>
  <problem id="108" name="Roof Problem" stars="       " number="4." grade="V3" extra="       ">Start at back of roof on jugs, pull out through roof on jugs and around lip to top out.</problem>
  <problem id="109" name="" stars="       " number="5." grade="V4" extra="       ">Sit start up into undercling and top out.</problem>
  <image id="110" height="198" src="Coles Baybfour.JPG"/>
  <problem id="111" name="Slab" stars="       " number="6." grade="V0" extra="       ">Up easy angled slab on side of boulder.</problem>
  <problem id="112" name="Traverse" stars="*" number="7." grade="V4" extra="       ">Start on left and traverse across on edges and then up.</problem>
  <image id="113" height="244" src="Coles Baybfive.JPG"/>
  <problem id="114" name="Undercut" stars="       " number="8." grade="V4" extra="       ">Start on underclings then into side pull and up over top.</problem>
  <problem id="115" name="White men can" stars="*" number="9." grade="V8" extra="(Stand)">Start on undercling sidepull jump to high sidepull up flake. (interesting foot stab helps) Sit start will go much harder V11?</problem>
  <problem id="116" name="Akasha" stars="**" number="10." grade="V3" extra="(SDS)">Start under roof, up to thin seam, big moves to top. Mantle or traverse. V5 start by not using the bad rock for feet. Both ways are fun.</problem>
  <image id="117" height="285" src="Coles Baybsix.JPG"/>
  <problem id="118" name="Seven Nation Army" stars="**" number="11." grade="V4" extra="       ">Sit start on crimps and up.</problem>
  <problem id="119" name="       " stars="       " number="11a." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)">Start on flake right of 11. Be careful on the mantle not to fall into the ocean.</problem>
  <image id="120" height="255" src="Coles Baybseven.JPG"/>
  <problem id="121" name="Clockwork Orange" stars="       " number="12." grade="V5" extra="       ">Very easy if your very tall, very hard if your very short. Start on break, up into undercling then up to top.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="368">Forgotten, But Not Lost</text>
  <text class="text" id="369">About 100-150m further north of Bain Marie. Approach either along the coastal boulders or head up into the Sheoaks and drop down the gully just south of the boulders.</text>
  <image id="370" height="337" src="Forgotten but not lost.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Rockpool wall" legendx="-2" legendy="1" width="600">
      <path id="51837" points="167.0,282.0, 159.0,223.0, 164.0,132.0, 168.0,74.0," d="M167.0,282.0C163.8,258.4 159.5,246.8 159.0,223.0C158.5,199.2 162.6,155.2 164.0,132.0C165.4,108.8 166.4,97.2 168.0,74.0" linkedTo="375" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="84723" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="89714" points="254.0,301.0, 241.0,243.0, 256.0,186.0, 270.0,122.0, 264.0,59.0," d="M254.0,301.0C248.8,277.8 240.6,266.6 241.0,243.0C241.4,219.4 250.5,208.9 256.0,186.0C261.5,163.1 268.4,147.3 270.0,122.0C271.6,96.7 266.4,84.2 264.0,59.0" linkedTo="374" arrow="true" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="40604" points="323.0,278.0, 311.0,245.0, 312.0,196.0, 319.0,150.0, 316.0,72.0," d="M323.0,278.0C318.2,264.8 312.9,258.9 311.0,245.0C309.1,231.1 310.4,214.5 312.0,196.0C313.6,177.5 318.4,168.6 319.0,150.0C319.6,131.4 317.2,103.2 316.0,72.0" linkedTo="376" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="81563" points="398.0,262.0, 395.0,227.0, 398.0,172.0, 402.0,113.0, 395.0,72.0," d="M398.0,262.0C396.8,248.0 395.0,241.1 395.0,227.0C395.0,212.9 396.6,194.0 398.0,172.0C399.4,150.0 402.5,129.6 402.0,113.0C401.5,96.4 397.8,88.4 395.0,72.0" linkedTo="377" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="29196" points="485.0,284.0, 497.0,235.0, 490.0,168.0, 479.0,72.0," d="M485.0,284.0C489.8,264.4 496.1,255.2 497.0,235.0C497.9,214.8 493.0,194.8 490.0,168.0C487.0,141.2 483.4,110.4 479.0,72.0" linkedTo="378" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="375" name="Unnamed" stars="**" number="1" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with double undercling jug. Biggest moves between really quite amazing holds.</problem>
  <problem id="374" name="Rockpool" stars="*" number="2" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with RH pinch and LH side pull. Head slightly left and up.</problem>
  <problem id="376" name="Caramel Cheesecake" stars="***" number="3" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start with large jug. Great moves lead upwards through solid holds.</problem>
  <problem id="377" name="Open project" stars="" number="4" grade="V6?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start just right of Caramel Cheesecake. LH crimp and RH pocket.</problem>
  <problem id="378" name="Open project " stars="" number="5" grade="V3?" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start the arete.</problem>
  <image id="371" height="267" src="Forgotten but not lost-2.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Forgotten but not lost" width="400">
      <path id="95487" points="258.0,159.0, 261.0,93.0, 247.0,38.0," d="M258.0,159.0C259.2,132.6 263.1,115.6 261.0,93.0C258.9,70.4 252.6,60.0 247.0,38.0" linkedTo="372" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="68084" points="107.0,165.0, 111.0,128.0, 114.0,97.0," d="M107.0,165.0C108.6,150.2 109.7,140.4 111.0,128.0C112.3,115.6 112.8,109.4 114.0,97.0" linkedTo="373" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="373" name="Open project" stars="" number="1" grade="V2?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Up the wall from crap feet and good hands.</problem>
  <problem id="372" name="Open project" stars="" number="2" grade="V9?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Thin face.</problem>
  <image id="122" height="502" src="Coles Baycolesbay.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="51560" points="123.0,306.0, 211.0,181.0, 248.0,36.0," d="M123.0,306.0C158.2,256.0 185.9,235.3 211.0,181.0C236.1,126.7 233.2,94.0 248.0,36.0" linkedTo="379" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="379" name="Nerm&apos;s climb" stars="" number="1" grade="V7" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Opposite "Forgotten...". Climb the overhanging face just left of the arete. Start with LH on horn in horizontal and RH on horizontal. Either top out to the right or jump off at the jug.</problem>
  <text class="pagebreak" id="124"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="380">South Bluestone Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="381">On the southern edge of bluestone bay there are quite a few scattered problems. Approach either via a long scramble from Bluestone Bay or drop down the edge from the top of White Water Wall.</text>
  <image id="382" height="600" src="Forgotten but not lost-3.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Confianza Boulder" width="400">
      <path id="57337" points="197.0,556.0, 200.0,556.0, 233.0,434.0, 249.0,321.0, 241.0,172.0, 197.0,68.0," d="M197.0,556.0C198.2,556.0 199.7,557.2 200.0,556.0C200.3,554.8 223.7,478.7 233.0,434.0C242.3,389.3 247.6,366.6 249.0,321.0C250.4,275.4 250.1,216.2 241.0,172.0C231.9,127.8 214.6,109.6 197.0,68.0" linkedTo="383" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="383" name="Confianza del cuerpo" stars="**" number="1" grade="V6" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2018" length="">Sit start with opposing aretes (tall climbers) or on the right arete (less tall climbers). Tension and compression your way up. Not as high as you feel, but the landing makes up for it.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="411">Whitewater Scramble Boulders</text>
  <image id="401" height="533" src="bouldering-2.jpg" legend="true" width="800">
      <path id="36572" points="344.0,401.0, 351.0,205.0," d="M344.0,401.0C346.8,322.6 348.2,283.4 351.0,205.0" linkedTo="409"/>
      <path id="89346" points="435.0,387.0, 422.0,176.0," d="M435.0,387.0C429.8,302.6 427.2,260.4 422.0,176.0" linkedTo="410"/>
      <path id="3267" points="686.0,385.0, 603.0,121.0," d="M686.0,385.0C652.8,279.4 636.2,226.6 603.0,121.0" linkedTo="406"/>
  <problem id="409" name="Left" stars="" number="1" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="Kim Walls, Johanna Hæstrup" length=""/>
  <problem id="410" name="Right" stars="" number="2" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="Kim Walls, Johanna Hæstrup" length=""/>
  <image id="402" height="533" src="bouldering-1.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Haiku Wall" legendx="11" legendy="10" width="800">
      <path id="25997" points="197.0,418.0, 208.0,261.0, 267.0,213.0, 276.0,109.0," d="M197.0,418.0C201.4,355.2 198.2,289.8 208.0,261.0C217.8,232.2 254.6,240.8 267.0,213.0C279.4,185.2 272.4,150.6 276.0,109.0" linkedTo="404" lineStyle="solid"/>
      <path id="10668" points="" d="" linkedTo="404"/>
      <path id="95185" points="105.0,433.0, 43.0,243.0, 1.0,123.0," d="M105.0,433.0C80.2,357.0 59.2,291.2 43.0,243.0C26.8,194.8 17.8,171.0 1.0,123.0" linkedTo="406"/>
      <path id="14507" points="446.0,389.0, 420.0,184.0," d="M446.0,389.0C435.6,307.0 430.4,266.0 420.0,184.0" linkedTo="405"/>
  <problem id="406" name="A Small Constriction" stars="*" number="1" grade="?" extra="(Stand)" fa="Kim Walls, Johanna Hæstrup " length="">Through the small squeeze in the corner.</problem>
  <problem id="404" name="Hand Jams to Crimps, Dream Problem" stars="**" number="2" grade="V3" extra="(Stand)" fa="Kim Walls" length="">Up the hand jam crack, move up and right to crimps avoiding the undercling, then up to topout.</problem>
  <problem id="405" name="Sit, Crimp, Pull, Latch, Flash" stars="*" number="3" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="Kim Walls, Johanna Hæstrup " length="">Sit start on the positive crimps then straight up.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="126">Harlequin Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="127">At Harlequin Buttress there are a number of boulders with quite a few good problems ranging from easy to very hard. From the turning circle at the end of the road walk straight ahead to the cliff top, follow it rightwards for about 50m until you reach the top of some steps. Follow them down on to a ramp and to the boulders.</text>
  <image id="128" height="167" src="Coles Bayone.JPG"/>
  <problem id="129" name="Traverse" stars="       " number="1." grade="V3" extra="       ">Start in corner and traverse left to jugs, can be done the opposite way at a similar grade.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="130">There are various sit start problems which can be done along the traverse that have not been recorded.</text>
  <image id="131" height="221" src="Coles Baytwo.JPG"/>
  <problem id="132" name="Orange" stars="       " number="1." grade="V5" extra="       ">Hang start on lip with feet on block, pull up to ledge and top out.</problem>
  <problem id="133" name="Traverse" stars="       " number="2." grade="V0" extra="       ">Traverse wall.</problem>
  <problem id="134" name="Slab" stars="       " number="3." grade="V4" extra="       ">Up Slab</problem>
  <problem id="135" name="Mantel" stars="       " number="4." grade="V5" extra="       ">Hang start on lip and mantel over, desperate for some easy for others.</problem>
  <problem id="136" name="Arete" stars="       " number="5." grade="V1" extra="       ">Hang start on arete, up right trending to top out.</problem>
  <problem id="137" name="Project" stars="       " number="6." grade="V8" extra="       ">Start on crimps, hard pull to top.</problem>
  <image id="283" height="667" src="Bolted Boulder.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Bolted Boulder" width="500">
      <path id="50281" points="228.0,446.0, 185.0,272.0, 167.0,203.0, 199.0,136.0, 205.0,119.0," d="M228.0,446.0C210.8,376.4 191.9,299.7 185.0,272.0C178.1,244.3 164.1,231.4 167.0,203.0C169.9,174.6 196.0,142.6 199.0,136.0C202.0,129.4 202.6,125.8 205.0,119.0" linkedTo="284" arrow="true"/>
      <path id="89436" points="2.0,463.0, 2.0,195.0," d="M2.0,463.0C2.0,355.8 2.0,302.2 2.0,195.0" linkedTo="286" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="284" name="Better Be Safe" stars="***" number="1" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="E. Robson, 2012" length="">Sit start with left hand on sidepull/jug and right hand on sidepull or jug. Move up via left hand sidepull crimp and move straight up to top out over the middle of the face.</problem>
  <problem id="286" name="Triple Circumcision" stars="" number="2" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2013" length="">This problem is located on the face to the left of "Better Be Safe"&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Stand start via balancing on the sharp blade-like feature, be careful to, when falling, not impale yourself on said feature!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Step onto the wall and make some delicate moves to top out via the highest point of the face.</problem>
  <image id="138" height="153" src="Coles Baythree.JPG"/>
  <problem id="139" name="Traverse" stars="" number="1." grade="V5" extra="" fa="" length="">*Only here for historic reference, unclimbable since rockfall in 2012*&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start on jug traverse left for 5m to top out.</problem>
  <problem id="140" name="Finger Power" stars="**" number="2." grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Up Slab.</problem>
  <problem id="141" name="Balance" stars="" number="3." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Up slab near arete without using arete.</problem>
  <problem id="142" name="Harelquin Arete" stars="" number="4." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Sit start, up arete.</problem>
  <problem id="143" name="Bowling Alone" stars="**" number="5." grade="V3" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Step up onto the left side of the slab and then carefully move diagonally across. Landing not so good.</problem>
  <image id="144" height="215" src="Coles Bayfour.JPG"/>
  <problem id="145" name="Roof Project" stars="" number="1." grade="V12?" extra="" fa="" length="">*Only here for historic reference, unclimbable since rockfall in 2012*&lt;br/&gt;*Maybe still possible with use of chockstone?*&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start on break, into undercling, out to crimps to top.</problem>
  <problem id="146" name="Campus" stars="" number="2." grade="V7" extra="" fa="" length="">*Only here for historic reference, unclimbable since rockfall in 2012*&lt;br/&gt;Hang start on crimps, campus to edge and top out.</problem>
  <problem id="147" name="Campuseis" stars="" number="3." grade="V5" extra="" fa="" length="">*Only here for historic reference, unclimbable since rockfall in 2012*&lt;br/&gt;Hang of opposing side pulls, pop to jug and top out.</problem>
  <problem id="148" name="Top Out" stars="" number="4." grade="V0" extra="" fa="" length="">*Only here for historic reference, unclimbable since rockfall in 2012*&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start on jug and top out.</problem>
  <problem id="149" name="Topped Out" stars="       " number="5." grade="V0" extra="       ">Step onto lip and top out.</problem>
  <image id="150" height="146" src="Coles Bayfive.JPG"/>
  <problem id="151" name="Traverse" stars="       " number="1." grade="V1" extra="       ">Start on jugs and traverse leftwards.</problem>
  <problem id="152" name="Slopeout" stars="       " number="2." grade="V4" extra="       ">Stand Start to top out.</problem>
  <problem id="153" name="Groovy" stars="       " number="3." grade="V1" extra="       ">Up groove, harder if your short.</problem>
  <text class="access" id="154">These problems are under the large "Jumping Block"</text>
  <image id="155" height="182" src="Coles Baysix.JPG"/>
  <problem id="156" name="Traverty" stars="       " number="1." grade="V3" extra="       ">Traverse whole break to end and top out.</problem>
  <problem id="157" name="Flaked" stars="       " number="2." grade="V5" extra="       ">Start near end of flake, traverse out then long throw to slope, finish in break.</problem>
  <problem id="158" name="Campuseis" stars="**" number="3." grade="V6" extra="(Hang)" fa="" length="">Hang start on slopes and campus to break.</problem>
  <problem id="281" name="Flakey" stars="***" number="3a" grade="V8" extra="(Hang)" fa="" length="">Hang start under roof as for "Flaked", make a big move and finish as for Campuseis</problem>
  <problem id="159" name="Flake Out" stars="       " number="4." grade="V9" extra="       ">Start on undercling, out to slopes and up Camuseis.</problem>
  <problem id="160" name="" stars="" number="4a." grade="V?" extra="(Highball, Stand)" new="false">There is a steep crack line heading out to the arete from the horizontal break at the end of Flake Out. This has probably been top roped in the past, but it would make a great highball finish to Flake Out.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="161">There are a variety of dead hangs on the dimples right of Campuseis. There are also various hang problems in the offwidth, including a foot hang and a chest hang.</text>
  <problem id="162" name="Pull" stars="       " number="5." grade="V5" extra="       ">Hang start on edge and throw to break.</problem>
  <image id="163" height="443" src="Coles Bayseven.JPG"/>
  <problem id="164" name="Highball" stars="       " number="1." grade="V3" extra="       ">Up slab.</problem>
  <problem id="165" name="Highball2" stars="       " number="2." grade="V2" extra="       ">Out to arete and up.</problem>
  <problem id="166" name="Crash Pad" stars="       " number="3." grade="V2" extra="       ">Up face.</problem>
  <problem id="167" name="Sitter" stars="       " number="4." grade="V4" extra="       ">Sit start and up.</problem>
  <problem id="168" name="Lope" stars="       " number="5." grade="V3" extra="       ">Sit start, dyno up to jug.</problem>
  <image id="169" height="184" src="Coles Bayeight.JPG"/>
  <text class="text" id="170">This is the face underneath the main block, there have been many problems done on this piece of rock, all of them within the grade range from V0 to V3, so take your shoes and chalk bag and go exploring.</text>
  <text class="text" id="171">A full traverse has been done right the way around the zawn to the platform opposite, the blank wall past the platform awaits a traverse. Keep an eye on the sea - it is hard to get out of the water if there is any swell around</text>
  <text class="pagebreak" id="172"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="257">Lassie's Wall</text>
  <text id="259">The next boulder is on the ramp above Lassie's Wall</text>
  <image id="270" height="414" src="Lassie block2.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Lassie&apos;s Block" legendx="450">
  <problem id="261" number="1" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)">On the uphill side, climb the large underclings. Not sure who orignially climbed this.</problem>
  <problem id="262" number="2" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" stars="" name="Tape Is Aid" length="" fa="Fraser L-R 2021">Two hands on low flake, climb straight up using sharps crimps and side pulls.</problem>
  <problem id="263" number="3" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)">Arete</problem>
  <problem id="264" number="4" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)">Face.</problem>
  <text id="265">The following problems are on the far righthand side of Lassie's Wall cliffs.</text>
  <image id="266" height="622" src="Lassies Nose 2.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Lassie&apos;s Snout" legendx="255">
  <problem id="267" number="1" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)">Climb the lefthand crack.</problem>
  <climb id="413" stars="*" extra="" number="2a" name="Lassies Nose" length="5m" grade="V3" fa="Fraser L-R 2021">Climb the overhanging arete easier way from the the left side, starting on block and finishing with airy campus moves</climb>
  <problem id="268" number="2b" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" stars="" name="" length="" fa="">Climb the overhanging arete from the right (harder).</problem>
  <problem id="269" name="" stars="" number="3" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010, but previous ascents likely." length="">Climb the righthand crack.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="173">Friendly Point Road</text>
  <text class="text" id="174">The boulders below can be found on the Coles Bay Dam Road leading out to Friendly Point. Only a couple of problems have been done, but potential exists for quite a few more although extensive cleaning is required.</text>
  <text class="text" id="176">This boulder is the third boulder on the left and is about 5m off the side of the road. The problems marked below have been cleaned.</text>
  <image id="177" height="400" src="Coles Bay - Friendly Pointtamogochi_a.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Tamogochi Boulder" width="300">
  <problem id="178" name="Kate+Jules Prob" stars="*" number="1." grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Up the face right of the arete.</problem>
  <problem id="179" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V2?" extra="       "/>
  <problem id="180" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V6" extra="       "/>
  <text class="heading2" id="181">Friendly Point</text>
  <text class="access" id="182">These problems are at the Friendly Point crag. From the end of the road to the southern end of Friendly Beaches, walk south around the coast for 20-30 minutes until you turn a corner and come across a substantial crag with several sport routes. You'll come out on the top of the sport routes, with the boulders down below. To get down follow the stepped flake that separates the two tiers on the right (While looking south).</text>
  <text id="202">There is also a small boulder on top of the cliffs, with some easy problems.</text>
  <image id="183" height="360" src="Coles Bayfp.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Friendly Point Boulder" legendx="311" legendy="257">
  <problem id="184" name="       " stars="       " number="1." grade="V?" extra="       ">Mini Person project.</problem>
  <problem id="185" name="       " stars="       " number="2." grade="V7?" extra="(Stand)">Straight up seam, sitdown potential also exists.</problem>
  <problem id="186" name="       " stars="       " number="3." grade="V5?" extra="(SDS)">Start under the rooflet.</problem>
  <problem id="187" name="       " stars="       " number="4." grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Up crack and arete.</problem>
  <problem id="188" name="       " stars="       " number="5." grade="V2" extra="(SDS)">Sit start under the rooflet. Its a bit tricky coming around corner and nicer to do as a stand start, starting where Bisso is climbing.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="362">Mt Amos</text>
  <text class="text" id="361">There are hundreds of boulders scattered around the flanks of Mt Amos. Unfortunately there are very few decent problems on them. There are some nice ones on the very summit that have good problems.</text>
  <text class="heading2" id="364">Honeymoon Bay</text>
  <text class="text" id="365">There is some bouldering here on the large granite boulders on the beach. Easy problems can be done up the slabby side and a slightly harder problem exists (about V3) which can be done up the slightly overhanging face. Rock quality is what lets the place down, with most of it being quite gravely and crap.</text>