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Welcome to the home page of the new Climbers Club of Tasmania.

The objectives of the CCT are:

Include Page

Contacting the CCT

To contact the CCT email


Members Site

Click Here to access the CCT Member's site.


Membership of the CCT is free. However the CCT accepts donations to help it achieve its objectives. Click on the button below to donate:



Becoming a Member

Membership of the CCT is free. Membership is open to active members of the Tasmanian climbing community wishing to further the objectives above.

In joining the club you agree to abide by the clubs constitution available here: Constitution and to have your email address available to other members.

Membership applications will be assessed by the current members of the CCT.

To apply for membership:

  1. If you don't already have one, sign up for a login for and use your real name. Click here to create a username: Sign Up
  2. Use the form on this page to apply for club membership: Membership Application

If you have any trouble send an email to