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  • Grammar: Please use correct English grammar and punctuation in climb descriptions, including correct use of capitals and proper sentences. Avoid txt style abbreviations. Remember it will be published in a book. 
  • Keep sentences short and punchy. Hemingway style. If in doubt, break sentences with multiple clauses into their own sentences.
  • Capitalisation: Headings and climb names should be capitalised in Title Case.
  • Punctuation: always place a space after fullstop, comma, colon or semi-colon, but never before. An ellipsis has 3 dots only. There should be a space bother before and after a dash.
  • Spacing: only ever a single space. No blank lines.
  • No space between the number and "m" or "km" where its a length eg "123m" not "123 m"
  • Try to keep line breaks to a minimum, as they chew up space. But line breaks in a multi pitch climb are OK, they make it much more readable.
  • For multipitch, the format is:
    1. 30m 18. Blah.
    2. 25m 26. Blah blah.
    • Note - no brackets at all, use a dot after the pitch number and a dot after the grade.
    • Put each pitch on a new line.
  • For climbs, include the first ascent in the FA box. For boulders, no FA is recorded.
  • No "FA" text is needed, just the name and date of the first ascensionist. FFA is ok in that case. Full names are preferred if available, otherwise like "J. Nermut" with a space after the full stop.
  • Dates: Standard format is the 3 letter abbreviated month (with no full stop) with the full year. e.g. Jun 1974 or Dec 2007. Full stop at the end of the FA info.
  • Abbreviations: Abbreviations for L and R are ok but not mandatory. BR, FH & DBB are also ok.
  • Arête has a circumflex on the e.
  • Guides should read left to right, with very few exceptions. However, keep in mind the direction the reader will be walking along the cliff line.
  • Break climbs into sections based on buttresses or crags wherever possible. Use a heading2 or heading3 style text block to start the section.

Here is an example climb in the correct style: