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  <header access="On the north east coast of Flinders Island, which is in the middle of Bass Strait. There are flights from both Launceston and Melbourne that arrive in Whitemark on Flinders Island. You can hire a car on the Island (expensive) or try and get a ride up to Killiekrankie. There&apos;s a new road that comes into the north of the cliffs, and its about a half hours walk from the end of the road along the shore. TheA cliffferry isalso setruns backonce abouta 400mweek fromwhich the coast. takes vehicles and passengers. Best to book as far in advance as you can as space is limited. &lt;br/&gt;" acknowledgement="" history="" intro="Mt Killiekrankie is a large granite crag located on the Northern end of Flinders Island in Bass Strait that has more than 200 climbs on excellent rock. It has mainly been developed by Victorian climbers. The rock and climbing is superb. TheMore newadventurous guidebookclimbing shouldcan bringbe morefound visitorsin and development.the wonderful Strzelecki range. " name="Flinders Island" new="false" rock="Compact, fine grained granite up to about 100m high." sun="Afternoon sun" walk="About half and hour" id="1" camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <text class="indentedHeader" new="false" id="2">Guide: Climb Northern Tasmania by Bob McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz contains a comprehensive guide to the island, including both Killiekrankie and the other crags on the island.</text>