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Port Arthur is a bit over an hours drive from Hobart. The Candle Stick and the Totem Pole can be reached by an hour and a bit's walk to Cape Hauy from Fortescue Bay, which you turn off to a couple of kms before Port Arthur.

Mt Brown and Dauntless Point are half an hours walk south from the Remarkable Cave car park, just south of Port Arthur. (NB The track to Mt Brown and the main cliffs is closed as the track is being upgraded - the road to Remarkable Caves is closed as well. Work is due to be finished by 1 October 2019).  After walking along the track for 25 minutes you come to a sandy creek. From here follow the coast around, first passing Parrot Shelf Cliffs, and then coming to an amazingly steep and juggy (for dolerite) cliff covered with eye bolts - this is the Paradiso.


Dauntless (15), The Candlestick (16), Inferno (17), Aquaphobia (22), Pole Dancer (22), I've Heard It All Before (23), Talk is Cheap (24), Offender of the Faith (24), The Totem Pole (25), Déjà Vu (28).