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  1. Good move writing them up Dave, there were one or two TUMC trips on the ridges  I remember in the early 70s, before the Uni climbing club started up, though cannot recall where they went, probably took the easiest lines and < gr.12.

    And well-done CW/PP. 

    Such a pity the once lovely area was burned in 2019.

  2. Thanks Phil. It's amazing up there eh? Close to the road and loads of potential on great rock (on the whole). 

  3. Hardest route on the Thimble!  Great job, Paul and Conrad!!

  4. Looking at the map today it appears the former Western Slab on the Thimble actually faces north so it has been renamed the Northern Slab as has the steep face on the Thimble which faces west.

    1. Good job Phil. We were just looking at those climbs too.(smile)